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CoM's Portrait Information Thread
« on: August 25, 2007, 05:12:18 AM »
Welcome to the Chosen of Mystra portrait forum!

The portrait site will be a growing project, one which we would like your help with. If you would like to contribute a portrait set that is not on our site, feel free to do so. Follow one of these two steps:

1) Upload your portraits in a zip file in our Portrait Uploads thread.

2) Or you may upload the image itself or link it from your site.

Credit will be given to you on our updates page and your portrait will be added the next time the site is updated.


Error reporting. This site was a long process which I worked on for hours without a break (Obsessive/compulsive).  :-\  There very well may be errors in the links or whatever else may occur. If you find a problem report it in the Error thread and do be specific in details. What page it was on, race, sex, etc.

Enjoy our portraits!
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