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Mod Information
« on: May 13, 2007, 04:48:10 AM »
As in what does it do.

Item Fixes:
- Many of the items in the game have only one charge and after they are used, they are gone forever. The chess pieces or barrier amulet are among those. Now, they can be used once/day, similar to other items like Horn Valhalla. Even items with more charges (except for wands) remain after they are exhausted and they can be sold and recharged.
- Arrows of the hand were no different than the Arrows +2. I've changed this, so now Arrows of the hand offer +4 damage vs orcs
- Black Dragon Scale had an incorrect AC if you take in consideration its description. The armor can be used by thieves without restriction and yet it counts as a scale mail armor with AC 4. I set the AC to 2 making it more useful.
- Fang of Gloomfrost (dagger) has an incorrect restriction. The weapon should be usable by druids, but is not. This has been fixed.
- All the weapons made of ice in Gloomfrost are now +5. This was especially necessary since there are no +5 halberds, scimitars and two handed swords in the game.
- Hellpick, according to its description was used to kill drow wizards. It seems logical to me that the weapon should have bonus against mages. Therefore, +5 damage vs mages.
- Kaylessa's Gloves are now usable by anyone except for single class mages.
- Kinetic Spear according to its description should have been able to cast lance of disruption at 5% chances, but the item was a plain +2 Spear. This has been fixed.
- Mail of Life now counts as elven chainmail (no restrictions for thieving or arcane spellcasting). According to its description is an elven enchanted chainmail.
- Cradle of Mielliki has been changed. From a common +1 Scimitar, now its a +2 Scimitar with 50% chance of slaying orcs. It can only be used by druids and rangers.
- Pikeman's End is a weapon which was available in the original game, but by mistake removed by Grog when he made AB. The weapon is in Conlan's store and I've reduced it's price to fit into Grog's reduced prices tweak.
- Long Sword +3: Enforcer was usable only by fighter/mages in the original game. Now it can be also be used by bards and fighter/mage/thief.
- Valiant has been changed from a Scimitar +2 to a Scimitar +3.
- Giant's Sleep has been changed so that now provides +6 bonus to thac0 and damage against Giants and is only usable by rangers.
- Pale Justice. Now this is the most important fix. In the original non-HoW game, Pale justice made the paladins immune to fear, Dire Charm and Symbol of Hopelessness. With HoW, the weapon also protected them against Wail of the virgins. But with HoW, the paladins are immune to fear starting from level 2, therefore the immunities granted by the weapon are obsolete. So I've replaced the 2 entries for the immune to fear effects with immunity to curse and Disintegration. This should make it useful in Trials of the Luremaster where so far there's no defense against disintegration spells cast by beholders.
- Patriot Helm is now only usable by dwarves.
- Kaylessa's Ring now grants +1 Dexterity like her other items. In the original game you could find her armor or her bow or her gloves or her ring. Each of them granted +1 Dexterity, except for her ring which was a + 15% Stealth Ring.
- Long Sword of the Hand is now a Long Sword +4.
- Redemption Warhammer is now only usable by Clerics and Paladins.
- Serrated Bone Blade is now not usable by good characters.
- Spendelard's Protector is now a +3 Quarter Staff
- Stoutward grants +2 AC vs Missile Weapons, but can only be used by dwarves.
- Scimitar +3 Frostbrand now does double damage to demons. I've also removed the second one found in Tiernon's store and replaced it with Sanctified Hammer +3.
- Made a description for Warhammer +4: Defender. Such a great weapon deserved one. Also changed its name to Moradin's Defender and placed it in Nym's store.
- Selune's Promise is now only usable by clerics.
- Winter King's Plate is now usable by druids. The plate is made out of hide of a polar worm, not metal, therefore is according to 2E rules.
- Replaced Throwing Axe +2 with Azuredge. Yes, the BG2 version.
- Removed the second Axe of Caged Souls from Dorn's Deep. It was now replaced with Benorg's Truth. I've also added a description to this weapon.
- Talon of Gloomfrost didn't provided the proper bonus to fire and cold resistance. This has been fixed.
- Fixed Icasaracht character file. As she was it was more of a wyrmling. Now she's a true dragon and more of a challenge.
- Thief can now use light crossbows.
- Paperdolls for female human cleric, thief and mage were bugged. Their weapons were displaced. This has been fixed.

Additional items can now be found in various stores and containers. Among them are most items from BG1 (except for Balduran items) and manuals to improve attributes. However the latter are expensive. Don't ruin yourself to buy them all.

Spell Fixes and tweaks:
- Fixed several small errors in spell descriptions
- Since level 9 arcane spells are only 2 and not very useful, I moved to level 9 3 more spells, Power Word: Blind, Horrid Wilting and Incendiary Cloud.

I've also created an expanded spell advancement table for paladins and rangers. This is especially necessary for ranger/clerics who otherwise are unable to cast level 7 druidic spells. These 2 files should also go to Override folder.

Additional fixes:
Many of the characters in the game had no alignment set. This has been fixed. All of the creatures have alignments now, undead being mostly evil (except for skeletons and zombies, because they are mindless undead).

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