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Kindrek Mod Reviews
« on: March 06, 2007, 05:05:59 AM »
Review at Ironworks. Source

Name: Kindrek 2.1
Characteristics: CE Male Roc (basically a Half-Orc) Berserker
Str: 20 Dex: 16 Con: 18 Int: 15 Wis: 10 Cha: 10
Equipment: Disruptor (Halberd, Dispels on hit), all inventory slots filled & unremoveable
Personality: B
Kindrek is from another dimension & hates magic. You'll hear a LOT about the latter but not much on the former. There's relatively few banters, but he does have a lot of good interjections, sometimes producing some less than desirable (from the party's point of view) effects. He hates wizards & will go hostile if you take a single-classed mage into the party. The voicing is well done & is very menacing. Be careful about giving him magic items to hold - he won't like it much.
Implementation: C
Having all his inventory slots filled by unremoveable items can get kind of irritating & makes him stand out as a MOD. Kindrek is completely immune to magic (both good & bad), & he's from another world, but none of this is really explained. He would occasionally go hostile on me even if I didn't have a single-classed mage in the party. He won't even appear in the game if the PC is any kind of mage/sorcerer (which is a definite downside to me - the game world shouldn't change based on CHARNAME's characteristics - if you choose to be a Mage, then Kindrek should just leave or attack). He doesn't have a lot to say & has pretty much no interaction with the PC. You can run into a near game-killing bug during Spellhold, but if you find yourself with a paralyzed Kindrek after The Dream, you can use ShadowKeeper to remove the Hold effects.
Power: B+
Being completely immune to magic (& Time Stop!) seems like he'd get an A+, but the downsides (immune to beneficial spells, can't be resurrected, no way to protect him from level drain) balance that out to some degree. He does regenerate slowly, however, & he can drink potions (if you pause the game while doing so). Since you can't customize his equipment, you'll have no use for extra proficiency slots or items (& his AC will never get better than -1). Aside from that, he's a powerful fighter & will make short work of most mages & liches (just keep him away from the rest of the undead).
Ease: B
As long as you aren't playing a (single/multi/dual-classed) mage, Kindrek can easily be picked up at the City Gates.
ToB: Yes (basic)
Overall: C+
A fairly interesting NPC who could use some more depth. He severely limits your choices of character & NPC's, though. The immunity to magic & filled inventory slots may mean he's not for everyone (pure power-gamers might rate him higher than I did, pure role-players a bit lower), but overall Kindrek's fun to try out. His latest version may have removed the problem with having Kindrek paralyzed after The Dream in Spellhold.
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