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Yasraena Mod Reviews
« on: March 06, 2007, 05:04:30 AM »
Review at Ironworks. Source

Name: Yasraena 6.0
Characteristics: CG Female Elf (Drow) Fighter
Str: 18/97 Dex: 18 Con: 12 Int: 13 Wis: 12 Cha: 16
Equipment: Fireflower (basically a Flame Tongue shortsword), Ironkiss (does bleeding damage), Chain +1, Yasraena's Necklace (unremoveable, unknown properties), several potions
Personality: A-
Yasraena is a Good Drow who's on the surface looking for her master, Divalir, & heard that Irenicus might be a source of information. You meet her as you are breaking out of Chateau Irenicus & she is breaking in. She has nice, sultry voicing, gets along well with most of the standard NPC's (she has some really good banters with Minsc, Nalia, & Aerie, among others, but doesn't get along with Viconia very well), & has several interjections. Male PC's can attempt to strike up a romance with her & she has some extra friendship talks for a female PC. Her encounter with Divalir (& CHARNAME's reaction to it) is decent but a little sparse.
Implementation: B
The voicing varies a little bit in quality, but is good overall. Occasionally she turns & faces CHARNAME but doesn't say anything (no idea if I missed anything or not, but I don't think so). At least one of her banters (Edwin) can occur in the middle of combat & there are some rare spelling errors. She doesn't comment on the Underdark as much as I was expecting (compared to what Viconia says, for example) & has no comments about Drizzt. Actions are often portrayed through parenthetical comments (as in Planescape), which makes her stand out a bit from the Bioware NPC's.
Power: B
Yasraena is a Fighter, but has relatively low hit points & her custom items aren't incredibly powerful (although they get a big boost at the beginning of ToB), so you might want to use her as a flank attacker rather than a Tank.
Ease: A
You run into Yasraena at the exit to Chateau Irenicus (the ReadMe says she is compatible with Dungeon-Be-Gone, though I haven't verified this as I don't use DBG). You'll have to let her join then or else she's gone for good, & if you boot her from the party she's gone forever.
ToB: Yes
Overall: B
Very well done & engaging. It seems the surface is getting populated by a surprising amount of Drow, but Yasraena makes for a fine addition to the party.
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Re: Yasraena Mod Reviews
« Reply #1 on: March 14, 2008, 04:18:28 PM »
Copied from my thread at PPG:,21450.0.html

Name: Yasraena (SoA)
Version: 8
Website: http://www.
Type: NPC
Score: 68%
The Yasraena mod adds a female Drow elf looking for her lost companion.  You‚??ll find her at the end of the opening dungeon (and she‚??s even Dungeon-Be-Gone compatible)!  She‚??s a powerful dual shortsword wielding Fighter; however, I‚??d be hard-pressed to recommend her over stock NPCs or other mod NPCs if you are looking for a characterful and compelling addition to your party.
Balance: 8/10
Yasraena is no slouch in combat; she starts out the game with two magical shortswords and all of her proficiency points in two weapon style and shortsword.  In this regard she reminds me of a somewhat power-gamed character with her specialized skill set and 18/97 Strength and 18 Dexterity.  In my game she was the most powerful character in my party throughout the early section of the game (to Chapter 3).  However she kind of needs to be powerful to compete with the other options you have for Fighter types in the main game (Minsc, Keldorn, Valygar, etc.).  If you have something like the underrepresented items mod ( installed she‚??ll benefit greatly from the new shortswords.
Creativity: 10/20
The Yasraena mod adds another Drow to the surface world but she contrasts a whole lot with Viconia ‚?? in many respects she is her complete opposite.  Unfortunately I found her personality underwhelming, her background mediocre, and her lack of cool special abilities and whatnot disheartening.  She‚??s not a clone of any other mod character or Bioware NPC, but she‚??s just not as compelling as any of the rest of them.  She does have an interesting ‚??romance‚?Ě tree but it still measures up poorly to other alternatives.
Dialogue & Quests: 10/20
Jesus Christ the parentheticals.  This mod has way too many of them, instead of using actual dialogue or character actions in game a large percentage of Yasraena‚??s ‚??dialogue‚?Ě is descriptive text about how she looks or what she is doing.  Additionally her dialogue doesn‚??t really show a consistent or compelling character, at times she‚??ll berate party members about their surfacer ways and at other times she‚??ll act completely lost and politely ask for you to explain things.  In some respects her dialogue is either redundant or just not damn interesting.  Her quests don‚??t add much to the game and there is no direction given on what you should do, especially near the beginning.  On top of this the first quest is a bloody FED-EX quest, I was expecting something a little more exciting ‚?? you know, something that may have included a battle, or cool dialogue choices, or something else inventive.
Integration: 40/50
I didn‚??t notice any bugs and the mod is pretty polished.  Yasraena doesn‚??t have too much dialogue like some other mods (then again her dialogue is of lesser quality).  The excessive use of parentheticals makes Yasraena stand out a lot however, even when you have the flirt and banter packs installed ‚?? which make use of parentheticals but to a much lesser degree.  Her voice over is at a different volume than the stock NPCs though which makes her standout a ton in combat.
Portrait: 10/10
Hands down best original portrait in the community.  It looks great although she seems a little too fragile in the potrait to be a 18/97 Strength Fighter.
Voicing: 10/20
Volume is a little too high so you‚??ll be hearing her over even Minsc in combat.  The voiceover is a little monotone also, probably to give a somewhat ponderous feel to her dialogue but it sounds like she is just drolling on.  However her voiceover is more than done in most mods and gives Yasraena a little character that would be hard to obtain otherwise.

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Re: Yasraena Mod Reviews
« Reply #2 on: March 28, 2008, 10:20:05 PM »
Please accept my compliments on your excellent Yasraena mod. She is far and away the most interesting and captivating non-romancing NPC mod I've played. If only she was available for a little loving...

Her complex character and reactions to dialogue and situations make her quite fascinating. Her ongoing sub-plot is highly engaging. The way her fighting skills and weaponry improve, especially when she continues with the PC into ToB, make her one of the best side-by-side melee companions one could ask for. Dual-wielded plus-five slicers ‚?? potent stuff! The fact that she is absolutely beautiful doesn't hurt, either.

I see some people think her dialogue is under-developed. I completely disagree. Most of the time I didn't notice whether she was saying something or you were describing her reaction. When I did, it seemed completely logical that she wouldn't respond verbally.

Yasraena really stands out among the many, many well thought out and powerfully developed NPC mods for BG2. Please give yourself a huge pat on the back. Tell Yasraena she can book her place on my next tour of Amn and the Underdark and time she wants to join me!