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Tsujatha Melalor Romance Reviews
« on: March 06, 2007, 05:02:49 AM »
From Ironworks Source

Name: Tsujatha 7.0
Characteristics: NE Male Elf Necromancer
Str: 17 Dex: 12 Con: 12 Int: 19 Wis: 16 Cha: 14
Equipment: Quarterstaff +1, Sillara's Ring (AC: 5, +1 spell/level)
Personality: B
Tsujatha is a well-traveled Elf, hailing from another plane of existence. As such, some things are very new to him (such as Dwarves & Halflings, although strangely enough he has no comments about the Drow). He has a decent back-story, but most of it is unknown unless you play out the romance (available to Good females). Tsujatha is a bit like Anomen if he were an ancient Elven Necromancer - very selfish & arrogant. He has different questions/interactions depending on the PC's class.
Implementation: B
Tsujatha is definitely overpowered - 90 ability points, high level (7th level spells while a 13th level Mage), & with a Ring to rival Edwin's Amulet (plus he can create a ridiculous amulet [immune to Level Drain & Imprisonment] - ummm... dude... if it's that easy, could you create 4-5 more of those?). He's a hundreds of years old Evil virgin (who's oddly enough a master masseuse & brings about a night of passion on the first try) who almost immediately falls for a good PC. Some Bioware NPC's don't sound very "in-character" as Tsujatha tends to get the last word on them. The generic lines & some rare unique lines are voiced, but most of his banters aren't.
Power: A-
As a high level Necromancer (who doesn't lose much - Mirror Image, Mislead, etc. - but gets an extra spell per level) with an extra spell per level from his ring, Tsujatha makes for a strong addition to any party.
Ease: C-
Tsujatha is found in the entrance to the Planar Sphere (although, other than being from another plane of existence, there's no good reason why he's there), so he's not easy to reach. You don't have to initiate Planar Travel to add him to your party, though.
ToB: Yes
Overall: B
Tsujatha is sort of a male equivalent to Tashia - if you've no interest in playing out the romance, he's good but not exceptional. Still, Tsujatha has a lot to recommend him compared to the NPC's ranked below him - a lot of effort has been put into his development. There's no big drawbacks to trying him out, just several little ones.
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