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 Sort of like The Cafe of Broken Dreams but ony BG/IWD/PS:T themed ... for all of those random BG/IWD/PS:T discussions, that seem to develop from (and sometimes take over) other threads.

 Has anyone else been following Nythrun's efforts with rebuilding Blucher's "alternate NPC's"?

Heh. I'd be happy if I *understood* Nythrun's efforts on Level1NPCs. It's all greek to me.

When it's done, it's going to let you pick the class, kit, and maybe even profs of every joinable NPC in the game, methinks.

Mostly, though, I just stare at the posts on that board and blink.


 I did download and try the alpha and it worked to an extent ... I turned Kagain into a mage, although it did do funny things to all of the NPC's AC - although being an alpha and given the comlexity I wasn't expecting perfection. 

 I really love the fact that it will (hopefully) allow you to apply any kit from any mod to any NPC ... I'm already trawling through, and downloading all of the tutu compatible kit packs, and thinking who will suit what.

What did it do to their AC?


 It improved it hugely. Kagain with his 12 DEX had an unarmoured ac of 5. While I might not know too much about 2ed rules even I know that that is not right.

 THere were a few other problems, that I admittedly should should have fed this back to Nythrun, but to be honest I had so many mods installed, including a few I'd never played before, I couldn't be sure what exactly was causing them.


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