Author Topic: Forgotten Children, What is it?  (Read 18375 times)

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Forgotten Children, What is it?
« on: December 21, 2006, 02:56:54 PM »

The Realms is in chaos, the armies of the bhaalspawn march the lands, seeking to return their father with prayers of blood. However there are more sinister creatures in the darkness, creatures born of Bhaal before the time of troubles, offspring to serve him and his priesthood in the ancient times.

While the great warlords of Bhaal clense the lands these "forgotten children" act out their dark plans that have been brewing since before their fathers death

How will you and the Realms deal with this ancient danger, can you shape the war to your advantage, or will you become another namless victim of the anicent powers of blood and death.

The Time has come, The Forgotten Children are waking, and dead gods cant stop them now.


- Whole new areas to explore in the quest to defeat (or side with) the Children

- Over 20 new creature animations (taken from IWD & PST and non IE games)

-Deadly foes that will challange your party no matter what level you are, as they will increase as you do.

-New items and spell of darkness to aid those trying to twist the war to their own gains

-Undead PC's, become a lich and wield necromancy not seen for centuries, or hunt your foes under the guise of night as a life drain vampire, Skeletal warriors and sinister wraiths. Find your own immortality.

-Updated AI, undead are more dangerous, and the intelligent ones will defend themselves from holy attacks.
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