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Battle at the Deep Information & Install (Important)
« on: December 21, 2006, 02:56:51 PM »
Taken from the Readme:

About the mod:

**************** VERY IMPORTANT ****************

1) This is a stand-alone mod and is NOT compatible with other mods.
2) You will need a hefty PC to avoid slowdown.
3) This mod can only be played in SINGLE PLAYER mode, it is not possible to play Multiplayer.
4) Once this mod is installed you will not be able to start a normal Shadows of Amn game until this mod has been removed as the start has been overridden.


This mini-mod is an interpretation of the Battle of Helm's Deep. Although the portraits and sound clips are from the recent Lord of the Rings movie, it is more closely based on the Lord of the Rings cartoon made by Ralph Bakshi.

This mod will attempt to recreate the Battle of Helm's Deep which is part of the Lord of the Rings trilogy written by J.R.R. Tolkien. The mod will see you controlling the Rohirrim in order to repel the advancing Orc army and to hold them off until reinforcements arrive.

Please note this is MY INTERPRETATION of the battle and as such the events may not follow precisely as described by Tolkien in "The Two Towers".



*** WARNING! - This is SLIGHTLY tricky so ONLY PROCEED if you understand the following: ***

If you have Baldur's Gate 2 - Shadows Of Amn installed:

**************** VERY IMPORTANT ****************

Please BACKUP the following before proceeding (you will lose your current game if you do not):

   a) OVERRIDE folder,
   b) BGMAIN.exe file,
   c) DIALOG.tlk file
   d) CHITIN.key file


This mod will require approximately 40MB of free Hard Disk space.

All you have to do is REPLACE your current BG2 OVERRIDE folder, DIALOG.tlk file and the CHITIN.key file with the ones that can be found in the newly unzipped "mod - BOHD" folder.

*** Remember to make a copy of the BG2 originals before you do this or you will have to reinstall the whole game when you stop playing the BOHD mod!!! ***

*** You must manually replace the BG2 OVERRIDE folder with the BOHD OVERRIDE folder, DO NOT add the files from one to the other! ***

(See the bottom of this text file, if you have The BG2 expansion: Throne of Bhaal installed).


To Uninstall this Mod:

Manually delete the BOHD mod's OVERRIDE folder, DIALOG.tlk file and the CHITIN.key file and move the BG2 backups back into the installation folder to revert back to your previous version. You can then manually delete the "mod - BOHD" folder. Your previous game should now be playable.


Starting the Mod:

Step 1) Start BG2
Step 2) Select "Single Player".
Step 3) Select "New Game".
Step 4) Create a new character - import a SOA character. (There is no need to create a whole new character from scratch as it will be replaced and lost when you start the mod).
Step 5) When you start the new game the screen will appear to go dark for a couple of seconds and you will then appear in the new Helm's Deep area.


Some important points:
1) Sometimes one part of the wall may not collapse properly, especially when there is someone standing on it or nearby.
2) If any one of the party dies then the game is over. You must keep all of them alive.
3) If you have BG2 - Throne of Bhaal installed, do not import a TOB character when starting a new game as this will crash the game. Make sure you import a character from SOA as you will be using the SOA .exe file.
4) If you are using ModSwitcher please make sure you set the Baldur's Gate 2 installation path under "Options" before you store and apply anything.
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