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Pick pocketing skills for other classes
« on: September 17, 2006, 11:03:07 PM »
Pick pocketing skills for other classes
Written by Lone Wolf
Thanks to Krondor for improving my spelling
This tutorial will teach you how to give a random class thieving skills. In this tutorial I will only use the fighters files. The method to give other classes these skills is the same except for the files used. Therefore this will grant the skill only to a true class fighter. There will be tutorials about the other thief skills; currently I've only done pick pocketing.

Tools required:

    Notepad or another basic text-utility.
    An scripting utility (Scripting Suite, ISE or Near Infinity).
    Infinity Engine Editor Pro.

Files required:

    CLABFI01.2DA from Default.BIF.

Step 1.
Extract the CLABFI01.2DA from Default.bif.

Step 2.
Start IEEP and select "Spell Maker". Create a new spell and set spell type to Innate. Add an extension header. Set the spell form to Normal, location shown to Innate, target to Self. Now add a spell effect and set it to "Pick Pockets Bonus" and set the timing mode to permanent. Set the second probability box to 100 and the target to Self. Click the "Click to edit Parameters"-button and set the statistic modifier to 10. Save the spell now to your override folder as PickPock.spl.

Step 3.
Now open up the CLABFI01.2DA file. Replace some of the **** entries with this AP_PickPock. Do NOT use tabs to keep everything inline, use spaces instead or things will get aligned wrong. Save this to your override folder when you're done. It will look something like this:

2DA V1.0
            1           2           3          
ABILITY1    AP_PickPock ****        AP_PickPock
ABILITY2    ****        ****        ****

Step 4.
Since there is no button for pick pocketing on the GUI, we'll use a script for it. The script will use a hotkey and a global to check if the player really wants to pickpocket. We'll have to add a new string to Dialog.tlk first. Start up IEEP and select "Dialog.tlk Editor" put it in writing mode and type your message in the reference box. I'll use "Are you sure?" (Without the brackets). Write the reference number IEEP gives you down; we'll need it later.

Step 5.
As mentioned before we'll need an script to use the pick pocketing skill, as said before I want to check if the player really wants to pickpocket the nearest person. Since it's the nearest person we'll also have to check if he/she is in our party. Enter the script in a scripting until and compile it as Save it in the scripts folder. Things behind the double slashes are comments; these are ignored during the compiling process. The script will look like this:

    Global("ReallyPickpocket","LOCALS",0) // I haven't hit "S" yet.
   !InParty(Nearest()) // The dude next to me isn't an party member.
      DisplayStringHead(Myself,83252)   // Displays: Are you sure?
      SetGlobal("ReallyPickpocket","LOCALS",1) // Hit "S" once.

   Global("ReallyPickpocket","LOCALS",1) // I have hit "S" once.
   !InParty(NearestOf()) // The dude next to isn't an party member.
      PickPockets(Nearest()) // Pickpocket him!
      SetGlobal("ReallyPickpocket","LOCALS",0) // Set the hit "S" value back to zero.

Step 6.
To use this for a character, simply go to the "Record" screen and select "Customize", click on "Scripts" and scroll to the bottom. Now select the PickPock script, and you can attempt to pick pocket anybody.