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The Writing Process (Sort of)
« on: April 15, 2006, 12:06:29 AM »
Yay for dry humor within light-hearted poetry!

The Writing Process (Sort of)

I feel so often
a burning desire
(within my chest it capers)
to pen a thought
or forge a tale—
can I borrow a piece of paper?

I poise my pen
and find quite quick
my thoughts so often lacking.
And so I sit,
my pen still poised,
the paper parched and cracking.

I scribble some,
Just scratch and loop
and hope my thoughts fall out.
My hope’s aren’t high,
but they’re still there,
so, pen, please help them out.

And there it is!
An idea, a thought!
Some logic in this splurge.
Of course,
then comes the next roadblock:
to put it into words.

Alas, oh well,
“Get on with it,”
Desire doth insist.
(Not that anyone
says “doth” anymore,
but I think you get the gist.)

So I start with a word
Like “the” or “I”
and await my muse’s boon—
but then my attention
is caught like a fish
and I leave my work too soon.

The reason I leave
is simple to say,
and really, I don’t mean to shirk,
but I probably shouldn’t
write poems in class
when I still haven’t finished my work.
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