Author Topic: Another large apology  (Read 3891 times)

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Another large apology
« on: April 01, 2006, 07:03:43 AM »
I wish to apologise for my absence from these forums. There are several reasons. Firstly I took a break from posting on any forum on the internet, to concentrate more on my school subjects. As I was struggling with the workload of 5 As subjects. I have been working on the Mod's writing as much as I can and during as much Free time I could spare. I would have posted the week before last but unfortunately I came down with a bad case of the flu and have been unable to do schol work nevermind go on the computer, so I have had a boring couple of weeks, doing some mental planning. Now that I have dropped one of my subjects I should have more time for work on my Mod, book and on my school work.

From Fraylor (Author of the Fraylor mod for BG2 and also Hunt for the Cult of Gendarum)

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