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Misery & Happiness
« Reply #15 on: May 05, 2005, 04:41:20 PM »
Chapter 15: Best Mates

"Get arrested by the Cowlies, how hard can that be? Bloody miserably hard when you already have a stinking licence!" Yuri screamed with frustration. For the past hour he had been trying to get himself hauled off to Spellhold, a place he didn't want to be in, and was failing horribly at it.


A few hours ago...

"Come on Yu, we need someone to watch Irenicus over at Spellhold, and Aran doesn't feel like paying for two boat rides."

"No, I'm not doing it! Did you even see that guy? He blew up like six Cowlies and our friends!"

"If you recall, I was there several buildings away, trying to shoot the bastard. You have no idea how I felt watching every one of my arrows not hit. I'm the top assassin and I couldn't get one hit off. Oh the humility. Oh stop laughing at me." His friend added as Yuri started to laugh.

"Do you even hear yourself when you talk about how great you are? I swear you're worst than that mage guy, the one that worked for Mae'var. The one that wore the pink robes."

"Oh, him. You know, he's traveling with that group that Aran is having us watch."

"Man, I pity them. You know how he introduced himself to everyone?  'Greetings. I am Edwin Odesseiron. You simians may refer to me merely as "Sir," if you prefer a less... syllable intensive workout.'"He mimicked Edwin's accent badly. "I swear Clara was about ready to kill the arrogant prig, we had to keep her from ripping that bloody chain right off his face. Man that would have been a nice sight though."

"Back to you going to Spellhold, come on that girl with the pink hair is there." His friend nudged him with his elbow. "Come on, I've seen your sketchbook, you only seen the girl for a few seconds and right away she has over twenty pages in it." Yuri rubbed the back of his neck as his face turned bright red.

"You saw her. She was so beautiful, she full of life. I just wanted to run up when the Cowlies showed up and claim she traveled with me just so she wouldn't get taken away."

"Why didn't you?"

"Probably because I needed fresh robes after seeing that mage in action." He shuddered.

"Come Yu, Aran isn't the only one that wants you to do this, so do I."

"Not another command from your crazy god."


"You know, I'm getting sick and tired of gods interfering in the lives of us mortals."

"Hey if they didn't interfere where would the fun be?"

"I'll get you back for this you know." His friend just laughed.


"I don't even know her name and yet I'm going to do this. Gods above I'm such a loser." Yuri muttered as he walked through the government district. He figured it would be the best place to attract the attention of the Cowlies. So far he had set off several different spells, mostly cantrips nothing that would hurt anyone, but he did it in plain view of the world.

The Cowlies ignored him since a few years ago he had paid for a licence, which he had to do, since being a wild mage wasn't easy to say the least. It seemed a day didn't go by without a wild surge happening some way and completely messing things up.

He had finally decided that maybe if he graffitied the house of Isaea Roenall might do the trick, after all it was known that Isaea was a bit of a hot head. He pulled back his sleeves and started the simple spell and could only curse as he felt that all too familiar burst of energy at the end.

"Oops... that wasn't supposed to happen..." He rubbed the back of his neck staring at what had been Roenall's house, which was now little more than rumble. He started to laugh as the Cowlies started to show up.


"The mage is Yuri Imlach, sir."

"What should be done with him, sir?"

"I want this little bastard in jail for the rest of his miserable life!" Isaea screamed. "Not where ever you send those blasted mages! In jail! Where I can see he's being punished!!"

"Sir Roenall, you are only here as a courtesy, if you cannot control yourself, you will be asked to leave."

"How dare you talk to me in such a way. I am nobility!"

"Sir Roenall, the Cowlie..Cowled Wizards are separate from the council for a reason and as such you will not be treated any differently than we would treat a commoner." Roenall bristle and stormed out.

"Could we get back to me? I'm getting kinda bored. And you know that this sphere is making my skin itch, blue just doesn't go with my robes you know."

"Sir, we could turn him over to his uncle, that would be punishment enough." One of the Cowlies suggested. Yuri's eye started to twitch at the thought of spending anytime with his uncle, he turned to tell the wizard so but stopped when he looked at them. The wizard in question was standing in the shadows, only glimpses of dark skin and ivory hair was visible to the observant eye. -Ly, that wasn't even near funny.- Yuri thought as he glared at his disguised friend.

"I wouldn't resign even my mother-in-law to live with that man." The head Cowlie stated. "No he would be far better off at Spellhold."

"Woohoo!" Yuri cheered, throwing his up and doing a little dance, which caused some of the wizards to smother their laughter.

"Quiet you." The head wizard's lips twitched. "Yuri Imlach, you are hereby sentenced to Spellhold until at such time you are deemed fit to reenter society." He shot one last glance at his friend who only mouthed "good luck" to him before the Cowlies teleported him away.


"Proceed to the recreation area. Enjoy your time out; you go back under key when night comes. Oh and there's cookies too." Lonk the Sane told him as the door to his cell was opened.

"Oooh! Cookies!" Yuri walked down the halls taking care to avoid Tiax, if he heard one more comment from that gnome he would end up killing him. -He's as bad as that Red Wizard. Wait no, the wizard is more annoying.- He wandered through the halls, trying not to appear as if he was searching for someone in particular, and had anyone not crazy been watching him, they would have told him, he was failing spectacularly. He stopped when he finally saw the pink one, who was playing checkers with Dili, a little girl who could shape shift.

He took a deep breath and walked over to her. "Hiya, I'm new here, the name's Yuri."

"Heya, I'm Imoen, though almost everyone calls me Immy." She smiled at him before returning to her game. He just stood there like an idiot, just watching her and just like an idiot he said the first thing that came to his mind.

"So, come here often?" Immy's reply was to start laughing. Hard. "Gods, I think I'll just walk away and hang my head in shame for that one." She only laughed harder along with several other of the inmates as he practicality ran away.


"Well, I can safely say you're the first one ever to hit on me especially in this place." Yuri blushed to the roots of his hair as he looked at Imoen..

"I didn't mean to do that. I couldn't think of anything else to get your attention. Wait I'm the first guy to hit on you? Ever?" Imoen's cheeks pinkened slightly.

"Yep. Most guys never dared to even try it with my friends around. Well, except for this elf Coran, but he quickly quit it after Anni threaten to make him a half-elf." She then launched into a tale involving a Rasheman berserker, a cowardly half-elf, a harpy like druid and her best friend. By time she finished, both of them were in tears. "I think that's the first time in months I've laughed." She sighed, turning somber again. "I really hope Anni is going to rescue me, I really don't want to be here forever, especially with him here."

"I know what you mean, the very thought of Irenicus close by makes my skin crawl."

"Yeah... Wait a minute! How'd you know who I was talking about? And how did you know his name!? I'm the only one here who knows about him!" Imoen stalked closer to him as he backed away.

"Aaah....Look it's Drizzt!" He pointed to a place behind her before trying to run away. He didn't get very far as Imoen jumped on his back, causing him to crash into the wall and slumped to the floor unconscious.


"Ow, did you have to hit me so hard?" Yuri asked sometime later.

"I thought you were working for him!"

"It's ok, I probably would have done worse. So you understand everything?"

"Let's see, you Shadow Thief er.. wizard, sent here to watch Leatherface and just have to wait for your best friend to rescue you. Is that it?"

"Pretty much. I still can't believe Ly would even jest about me living with my Uncle Cor. That guy is the ultimate bastard. Though I know that Ly will show up and rescue us, if your Anni doesn't get her first."

"How you know?"

"Oh, let's just say I took steps to ensure it." He smiled wickedly at her.


Meanwhile in Athkatla...

"You know I'm almost feeling bad about asking Yuri to go to Spellhold, especially with this nice ring he gave me for good luck." Ly said slipping the ring on. Ly walked over to the mirror in the room and gaped at the sight that greeted her. "Yuri! I am going to kill you for this!!!"

And a pic of that goof Yuri for all of you!  :^^:

"Remember, blood is not only much thicker than water, it's much more difficult to get out of the carpet."~Phyllis Diller

"Death is the only inescapable, unavoidable, sure thing. We are sentenced to die the day we're born." - Gary Mark Gilmore

Your Saint of Hate The writings of a mad woman...

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Misery & Happiness
« Reply #16 on: May 14, 2005, 03:44:46 AM »
Chapter 16- The other Side of Ano.

Note: This happens between 13 and 15 if you couldn't tell.

"Go shine the inside of your helmet, if you do not die of the fumes, the sight of your reflection surely will kill you. (It's not as if we *need* three healers.)"

Edwin's taunt from the morning was still echoed in his head. Anomen had decided, (against Lady Jaheira's wishes) to try to talk to Lady Anni, as it had been two risings since the incident. At the time he had not wondered at the Red Wizard's disappearance, and never once did the idea that the wizards's absence had anything to do with the lady's had never been entertained. Had Anomen thought carefully about it he may have questioned it and been able to prepare himself for what was to come.

Anomen had knocked on the door to her room, fully excepting Lady Anni to answer, not Edwin, who from the looks of it, had just pulled his robes on barely covering his body.

"What is it?" Edwin snapped. Anomen's brow furrowed, confused for a moment.

"My apologies, I mistook this for Lady Anni's room." Edwin smiled snidely as he pushed the door open allowing Anomen to see inside. At first Anomen couldn't understand why Edwin was showing him this as it was only a woman laying in the bed, her head turned away from him. His confusion was short lived however as she sifted in her sleep, allowing him a glimpse of her face.

There laying with only a thin blanket covering her, was Anni.

" 'Lady' Anni is mine. She always was. It just took her some time to realize it. (I, of course knew the whole time. Yes of course.)" Edwin's smirk grew at the shock on Anomen's face.

Before he could form a coherent word, Edwin delivered his parting shot and slammed the door closed. At first Anomen could only stand there unable to comprehend what he had just seen or heard, until a feminine moan reached his ears. He blushed to the tips of his ears and quickly ran away.


So that was why Anomen had spent the day in the slums, using the gifts Helm had given to him at administer to those in need. His normal arrogance had been stripped away and self-doubt now resided in him. He had tried to act as a future knight of Helm should, he had tried to court Lady Anni as he had seen other knights court ladies. He could not see were he had went wrong with his courting. He even tried to romance her as he had read in those books his sister had given him, claiming every guy could win a woman if they acted like the men in those books.

Maybe he was just trying to hard to find someone, after all he had only truly felt companionship for Lady Anni. He truly had never felt anything so far beyond friendship for any woman thus far. Maybe there was something wrong with him?

That thought plagued him as he walked towards the Crooked Crane, not intending to return to the same inn Edwin was at for the moment. He also knew his younger cousin and his friends had a habit of visiting. It would be good to talk to his cousin again, maybe even get some news of Moira, as Cor refused to allow Anomen to even look at his sister nowadays.

As he neared the Crooked Crane he noticed a man in red robes pressing a woman in black against a wall, there was only one man Anomen had ever seen with robes that red with what appeared to be gold thread. -That cad can't even wait a day before moving on to his next conquest?!-  Anomen felt rage and sorrow at the same time. Rage for the fact that Edwin would so quickly leave Lady Anni's side for another (and what kind of woman wears clothes that tight?), and sorrow that Edwin couldn't appreciate what he had. He sadly shook his head and entered the inn. He would deal with the wizard in the morning.

Inside the inn there was the usual mix of revelers, gamblers and couples having a good time. One particular girl dancing with a young man of darker skin of one from Calishite. Her face was flushed as she laughed with joy, her long her unbridled, flowing around her as she swayed her hips.

"Moira! What are you doing here!" Anomen yelled as he watched his little sister dance. She turned from her partner and rolled her eyes at him. She whispered in her partner's ear and walked over to her brother.

"Ano! I didn't think I'd see you here." She smiled innocently at him, gifting him with a small kiss on his cheek.

"How did you get out of the house? By Helm don't tell me the bastard kicked you out!"

"No, no! Calm down!" She shook her head vigorously. "I snuck out so Yusef and I could spent some time together."

"Yusef!? Saerk's son? Are you nuts, Moira? You know how Cor is at war with that man and his family. Can you trust this...this boy? How do you know that he's not just leading you on? You are still very young, I do not wish to see you hurt."

"Oh, Ano. I'm not a little kid anymore and Yuri made sure he was ok before he'd let him near me." She smiled sadly. "I know you always want to be there for me and I know you can't. I've learned to take care of myself." She gave him a hug.

"Moira... how can you be sure? Not every man's intention is pure. With our father's rivalry he could be using you to get back at Cor." Anomen opened his mouth to say more but was stopped by his sister boxing his ears.

"Anomen! I'm not a child anymore!" Unfortunately her foot stomping on his did little to convince him.

"Maybe I should speak for myself here. I can assure you, my intentions are pure as you put it. In fact I do believe Moira is late in telling you something." Yusef appeared behind her, wrapping his arms around her, pressing a kiss to her cheek. Before Anomen could speak on his actions Moira quickly spoke.

"Yusef and I are getting married! I've been wanting to tell you, but I didn't want to listen to these really bad ideas you have of Saerk's family. Trust me it's only the fathers that are that bad."

"Yes, I can agree on that. My father has raised me to hate those who bear the Delryn name. I was shocked to find the woman I first laid eyes on and stole my heart was one of them, but I would not change her for the world." He held his hand out to Anomen. "I offer my hand in friendship and ask your blessing for our union as I wouldn't dare with Cor."

Anomen stared at the two of them. Moira gazed at the man with love in her eyes and he the same. He would never deny his sister anything that would give her happiness. With a sigh he took Yusef's offered hand and couldn't help smiling at Moira's cheerfulness. She talked excitedly at things he could barely keep track of at the speed she rambled on, he caught parts of a wedding, moving away from Amn and something about Yuri.

"What was that about Yuri?"

"Oh, you didn't know. Poor Yuri he was sent away. Dad was laughing about it for hours, all I know is he was using his magic to get arrested and something about a pink haired girl. I think Yuri finally lost it. And no one knows where Ly disappeared to." Since Anomen had never met Ly he didn't give much thought to it as sometimes he wondered if Ly really did exist. He sat with his sister and future brother in law and they talked the night away.

By the end of the night Anomen was convinced things would work out for his little sister. Yuri was probably at the same place as Imoen and he would get his mischievous cousin out of his most current mess. Things were looking up.

"Remember, blood is not only much thicker than water, it's much more difficult to get out of the carpet."~Phyllis Diller

"Death is the only inescapable, unavoidable, sure thing. We are sentenced to die the day we're born." - Gary Mark Gilmore

Your Saint of Hate The writings of a mad woman...

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Misery & Happiness
« Reply #17 on: May 15, 2005, 04:42:01 PM »
Chapter 17- Edwin's really bad day

"Edwin, I can't do anymore."

"Try again you useless simian!"

Anni sighed. For the past hour she had been trying to fix Edwin and the whole time she had received more verbal insults from him than in her entire life. "That's it, I've had enough."

"What?! You haven't fixed this yet." The tone of his voice implied this whole mess was her fault.

"I have tried Dispel Magic, Remove Curse, Heal, Restoration and even Great Restoration! If you didn't know those last two take a lot out of a person! I can barely stay on my feet, I'm so bloody tired now!" She yelled at him, at the end of her patience.

"Don't yell at me! (The ache behind my eyes is worsening!) I would not be in this mess if it wasn't for you!"

"Don't you dare blame this on me, Edwin! How is it my fault you are too impatient to wait until you actually have the whole scroll translated," she screamed,"And tell me how the hell is it my fault you were turned into a woman?" At her last word, Edwin did something very unEdwin like and for a few moments Anni felt bad for yelling as he burst into tears.

"You are a cruel and heartless woman! (Can this day get any worse?)" Edwin turned away and started to flee, unable to bare the humiliation any longer. -My life is ruined! A renegade of Thay, an ex-Shadow Thief (Though what self respecting wizard would want to work for them?) On the run from Degardan of all people, and now this! I'll never be able to face Teacher Dekaras again.- He was quickly working himself in hysterics as he...she ran back towards the city.

Edwin had no idea where she was heading just as long as it was away from Anni. He tried in vain to forget her reaction to his most unnatural transformation. She had fainted, which was acceptable, but the way she looked at him afterwards was not. He had wanted something from her,(Comfort? No, Edwin Odesseiron never needs comfort) but what he could not say.

Up until little over an hour ago, the two of them had been closer than he would have believe possible for two people to be. They had shared every intimate secret, things they would never admit to another person. They had talked over their childhoods, he better understood her and he had amused her with some of his childhood stories (edited versions of course.). In the past two days they had done things and said things that would even make the stoic Teacher Dekaras blush (Which the thought of him actually being able to blush was mind boggling.).

Her reaction to him had *hurt*. Her eyes once so filled with love and trust now watched him as if he was something that had crawled from under a rock and was preparing to attack her. When he had touched her to help her up, she had paled and flinched away from him.  He had seen this same reaction of hers to other females who came close, even to Jaheira though one would only see it if they were closely watching her. (Not that he watched her that closely.) He knew he was now cursed with this form for what would be a short time, (He would stop at nothing to achieve that goal) but couldn't she see past his form and know that it was him underneath? -If I had been turned into a dragon she wouldn't let me out of her arms then!-

Anni had finally managed to catch up with Edwin. Not a word passed between them, for what could be said? Her reaction to him (her?) hadn't been well and as much as she would like, she couldn't change it. When she had awaken from fainting she saw a strange raven hair beauty leaning over her, and against her will her mind flashed back to another time and place, to where she had woke to another black haired woman leaning over her and the events that followed. Anni had managed not to cry, scream or run away as the memories haunted her but something must have shown on her face as he immediately launched into his usual insults. That was the one thing she believed would always be consistent with Edwin; he insulted people to hide his own emotions.

"Edwin, I-"

"Quiet monkey wench, I am in no mood to listen to your chattering."

"Okay, fine. Just out of curiosity how do you plan on explaining this to everyone?"

"I will not be fodder for their insignificant minds to make what will no doubt be crude and unimaginative jokes. (Not that anything they could possibly say could ever bother me. No, nothing disturbs me in the least.) I will simply find a way to restore myself to my former glory."

"You planning on hiding aren't you? The great Red Wizard of Thay is afraid of being teased?" She smiled as she watched the wizard sputter with indignation. Before either of them could speak, a man called out to the both of them.

"Hold up, wayfarers. I've a few queries for this lowly group of middling pilgrims." She saw Edwin stiffen out of the corner of her eye and recalled his earlier actions at the sight of this man. She reached out and took Edwin's hand, forcing herself to focus on the fact that even in female form his hands had not changed much.

"I'm sorry, we're kinda busy. Go bother someone else."

"I've traveled an arduous distance.  A Red Wizard of Thay needn't explain himself. If my inquiries are ignored, I will interrogate you in a painful fashion."

"Oooh, I'm so scared." She swallowed the rest of her insult as her hand was tightly squeezed. "Fine ask what questions you wish, wizard."

"We are interested in the whereabouts of an Edwin Odesseiron, a long-winded bag of gas.  Homeland magic indicate this area to be a likely place for the vulture to roost."

"This must be a dangerous individual to bring a Red Wizard all the way to the City of Coin, where magic is illegal." She pretended to be nervous.

"Nothing of the sort. Edwin is a self-serving nerveless worm. He's gone rogue.  He tithes nothing and has vilified the masters of the order and sullied their good names. As it happens, his prowess as a spell caster consists of parlor tricks and balls under coconut shells. Did I mention the fantastic reward as well?" She felt Edwin's nails dig into her skin as the man insulted him and just barely managed not to cry out.

"Sorry, I don't hold up well with spell casters. I can barely stand them as it is the only ones I deal with is my lover here. Every so often we play the Wychalarn and Red Wizard."

"Ahh.. well there is a king's ransom for the kind soul who would be so obliging as to turn the impotent  imposter over to the proper judicial authority. Also the robes should be a little more red if you want  authenticity to your 'game'." The man said as he walked away.

She watched the retreating wizard and resisted the urge to fire ball him. No one insulted Edwin, well except her and Jaheira and Minsc and Anomen and Haer'Dalis. "Let's just get back to the inn."


Anni sat on the bed as she unlaced her boots and finally decided to question Edwin. "What happened Edwin, after you left the Gate? What would keep you from your beloved Thay and cause them to name you a rogue?

"It is none of your concern. (I do not need her attempting to fix my little disagreement with home.)"

She often wondered if he realized that people could hear his muttering but never bothered to tell him as it was the best way to find out what he was planning. She yanked off her boots before stalking over and glaring down at him. -Wait a minute....I'm...looking...down??-

"What? What are you staring at wench?"

"Hehe...I'm taller than you." She smiled at his expression.

"I am merely struggling under the weight of this body. (Who would have thought these things could be so heavy and awkward?)"

"Hmm... They are sorta big, I don't understand why your body changed so much. It's very different from the effect of a girdle of change gender."

"Of course they're big, they are merely the female equivalent of my true form." Anni crossed her arms across her chest ignoring a twinge of jealously as she looked over the feminized Edwin.

"No, they're the wrong size for that." She continued on before he could ask if she meant too big or small. "Now tell what is going on!"

"Fine! Fine just stop pestering me!"

"Edwin..." She growled.

"Homeland received information of two Bhaalspawn lining in the Sword Coast area. Rasheman had sent the Wychalarn Dynaheir to coerce Sarevok into aligning himself to them."

"Which I spoiled by killing him. So let me guess you were supposed to recruit him too?"

"I was sent to find the witch, kill her and find the other Child of Bhaal as Thay believe Sarevok was too unstable for our uses. They wanted the other one who was far more naive and appeared more easily manipulated."

"Me? You were sent to recruit me?" She blinked in surprise. "How many people knew what I was? What was I the only one who didn't know?"

"It appears that way."

"So, that's why you talked so much about Thay to me." -That's why he seduced you my child.- Bhaal's voice whispered to her. She only shook her head, trying not to listen.

"Quite. If I was unable to recruit you, I was to... eliminate the chance you would side with Rasheman."

"You were supposed to kill me? Oh, well how nice." -Think of it my daughter, how easily you fell in "love" with him. He would stop at nothing to complete his mission.-

"I lied to my contact, Degardan, told him that you were dead. I knew it would only be a matter of time before they would realize the truth and come after me."

-He lies my child. Or should I say she lies?- Bhaal taunted.

-No, Edwin wouldn't lie to me about something like this.-

-Why wouldn't he...she?- Bhaal sighed. -I'm getting myself confused with this gender thing.- She smiled mentally at that. -You know how he talks of his Teacher, why would he give up the chance of being home with him for you?-

-Because he loves me.-

-Does he? I have been here the whole time, my child. Not once has he said anything of the sort.-

-But he did! It was after I told him that I loved him.-

-No, he has never said the words, you merely asked him and he agreed. If he truly cared why does he not confess it to you endlessly? Why has he not mentioned you in his letters home?-

-I...I don't know.-

-Exactly. If he cared for you the way you care, would he not tell the world? Look at him, do you think it's an accident that his "contact" shows up a few days after bedding you? And do you think it's an accident that he turned himself into a woman?-

-There's no way that he would purposely do *that*.-

-Think of it, he knows your deepest fears. What is the one thing you are truly scared of? Bodhi... I must say put him in some of that clothing of hers, it would be a close fit. He uses your fears against you.- She thought about it and realized that her father was making sense. Why would Edwin give up everything for her?

"So, you gave up Thay and your family for me?" She was silent for a moment. "I don't believe you." She stated flatly. "You showed no interest at all in me before, it was only after I found you here that you seemed to be interested by me. Hell you were more interested in Viconia than me, and you should have realized I liked you when I kicked her the hell out for sleeping with you."

"I know my limits, I would have never gotten close enough to kill you. (Not that I wanted to at any rate.) Not with that overprotective brainless Rasheman around."

"So now you decide to seduce me to your bed? Why else would you suddenly have an interest in me?" -Yes, see the truth for what it is, little one.- "I'm your ticket back to Thay."

"No! It-"

"No, I don't want to hear anymore. Go to sleep Edwin, I'll deal with you in the morning." She said as she walked to the door.

"Where are you going?"

"I'm finding some place else to sleep with someone who won't stab me in the back."

Next Chapter: Someone will die by Anni's hand!   :evil:
"Remember, blood is not only much thicker than water, it's much more difficult to get out of the carpet."~Phyllis Diller

"Death is the only inescapable, unavoidable, sure thing. We are sentenced to die the day we're born." - Gary Mark Gilmore

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Chapter 18: Evil Deeds?
« Reply #18 on: May 18, 2005, 03:45:32 AM »
Chapter 18: Evil Deeds?

Warnings: Adult actions and Character death.


Anni felt torn in half as she walked barefoot through Athkatla. Part of her yearned to run back to Edwin and comfort him and apologize, the other part also yearned to return to Edwin except it wanted to destroy him, to silence him forever among other things. She was confused by what had happened, maybe if her father would shut the hell up she could figure things out but Bhaal didn't want to give her the chance. She knew that she was getting some curious glance at her disheveled appearance but she didn't care.

-You did the right thing my daughter. Now you just need to go back and kill him. No one messes with my children.-

"Except you, right?"

-Of course, that is my right as a loving father.-

"And if I believe that there's a bridge in Thay you can sell me too."

-Ah my child, I will always marvel at your ability to believe perfect strangers and not to trust the man who created you. After all if it wasn't for me, you would not exist.-

"Yes, I am so honored that I live. Would you leave me alone!" She screamed.

-No. Now on to other business. It has been far too long since you spilled blood for my liking.-

"I refuse to kill anyone just to please you Bhaal."

-Ah, we are back to you calling me Bhaal again?- He sighed. -And here I thought I was making progress with you, Annalesca.-

"Ack! Stop calling me that! My name is Anni!" She hissed. "Leave me alone, I need to think."

-I don't see why. I have told you everything you already know to be true. The wizard would never be loyal to anyone but himself. Even when I was mortal, long ago, Thay could never get itself together. If they would only stop fighting amongst themself they could take over Toril. The same with the Drow, if they didn't send so much time plotting and trying to serve that bitch, Lolth, they would be able to take over the surface quickly. Which reminds me I do have several drow children, I do hope Loth didn't have them killed.-

"I'm starting to believe that your worshippers used to kill people just to shut you up!" She screeched as she covered her ears knowing that it was useless since she heard him inside of her head. She tried to ignore him as she entered the government district but it was hard to ignore the dead god. She wandered through the district until a voice stopped her in her tracks.

"Look ye all upon this foul drow that we have bound before ye!  A creature of evil and darkness, my brethren!  A creature of foulness and deceit, bent only on our destruction! This creature has foolishly come amongst us, my brethren, thinking that we would be lax in our senses!  Tell me what should be done with it!" In response there were several cries of "Burn it!". Anni drew closer through the crowd trying to see what was going on. Tied to a stake in the ground was a drow female, one that Anni had known long ago.

-I remember her my daughter. Do you? Here let me refresh your memory.- She could hear the smile in Bhaal's voice as he pushed the past into the forefront of her mind.


Burning Wizard Inn...

"It'll be okay, Immy." Anni tried in vain to comfort her friend.

"I know. I shouldn't have ever looked at her."

"Come on don't be so hard on yourself. Viconia is a door knob, everyone gets a turn."

"I know, I just thought that I could make her care like I do." Anni slapped away Imoen's hand that reached for her liquor filled mug.

"I am not allowing you to get drunk."

"Oh, that's great coming from some who has spent the last month completely drunk."

"I'm allowed, I'm the older one here." Imoen stuck her tongue out at her. Anni smiled kindly at her best friend. "Come on let's get some more chocolate. You always feel better after some, you know?" She smiled as she called the waitress over.

"Speaking of liking people what about you and that Edwin?" Immy laughed at Anni's blush.

"I like him, I'll admit that much."

"But he called you a monkey, and that's after you saved him!"

"Oh come on, it's not like he'll always be calling people monkeys."

"Yeah, he's probably having a bad day, but I still can't believe we had to come all the way back to Bergost to find an inn."

"Well, the inn keeper in Nashkel did turn an interesting shade of purple while Eddie was talking to him." They laughed, their spirits lighted at the days earlier events. It was some time later that the two girls made their way up to the room they were sharing with Viconia. They had been forced to rent two rooms instead of one as neither girl felt comfortable sharing the room with Edwin. Though that didn't stop Imoen from suggesting Anni share it with him. Imoen was many things, a rogue, a mischief maker, a fellow conspirer and a best friend. Now she was trying her hand at something else, something even more horrible.

Match maker.

Not that Anni needed much pushing in Edwin's direction as there was something about the wizard that made her want to be with him. The good mood that Anni had worked so hard to create evaporated at the sight that greeted the two girls inside their room. Fortunately Imoen's human eyes could only make out vague shapes in the dark and unfortunately Anni's elven heritage gifted her with infravision, thus giving her an extremely detailed view of the scene. Though if the two of them were blind the sounds coming from the room would have been enough to tell them what was going on.

Viconia was busy entertaining a young Flaming Fist officer they had met earlier. Anni highly doubted that the Drow remember the man's name, though Anni recalled it was Xavier. She watched unable to turn away as Viconia's nails raked down his chest, drawing blood. Anni shuddered with the memory of the few nights she had spent with the drow. She enjoyed pain at the right moments as much as the next person, but Viconia was a sadist, enjoying pain giving anytime, all the time.

Her infravision caused the man to glow bright orange to her while Viconia's coloring was only slightly brighter than usual. She could tell by the colors how excited the two of them were and Anni would have given a lot not to have infravision at the moment. She did *not* need to know how aroused anyone was. Though she wanted to turn away it seemed she was frozen in place with shock unable to look away. She was only vaguely aware that Imoen had run away with a sob as she continued to be stuck in place. The shock that she was experiencing deepen as another male came into view, she could only see him from the back but could see he was slightly on the scrawny side but still appealing to her eyes.

"Oh my!" Anni gasped as she got an eyeful as the new man turned to join the two people on the bed. Viconia laughed as she saw Anni standing in the doorway.

"Come abbil, and join me. I am certain one of these jalukul can please you." Viconia managed to gasp out between moans.

"N-no. T-that's quite a-alright." Anni stammered as she rushed away. The drow laughed as Anni rushed down the hall only to be cut off as the jaluk behind her did something very interesting with a thrust of his hips.


"Enough Bhaal, I don't need to see more." Anni whispered as she forced her mind to the present.

"Oh? I really enjoyed this part. You remind me of your mother when you're angry." He taunted as he pushed the next part forward.


The next morning...

After spending the night comforting a crying Imoen, Anni had decided it was time for Viconia to go her separate way. She untangled herself from her sleeping friend and made her way back to the room from last night. She knocked briefly and steeled herself for whatever she may find inside the room. After last night she thought that nothing the drow did could shock her but apparently Anni was doomed to be wrong.

The first thing that caught her eyes was Xavier laying on the bed completely naked, his eyes staring right through her. It took her a moment before she realized she was staring into the eyes of a corpse. Whispering a prayer to Lathander, begging that she was wrong again, she rushed over to check the man. His skin was cold and livor mortis had already set in. She knew from her lessons that once livor mortis had set in to the degree it had on the man, it was too last to resurrect him. She closed his eyes with her hand, smiling wryly at the fact he had died with a smile on his face.

"Damn you Viconia why did you have to kill him..." Anni whispered to herself.

"Ah, inlul uss, you are too late to enjoy that one." Anni turned to find the drow standing behind her, she struggled to keep her eyes on Viconia's as the drow was completely naked.

"What about the other one? Did you kill him too?"

"No, your phish faern is quite fine." She said with a dismissive gesture.

"My what?"

"Lu'oh xun dos kivvilen telanth ol?" She muttered to herself. "Your Red Wizard."

"My slept with Edwin!" Anni took a deep breath, not wanting to get into that subject with Viconia of all people.

"I forget how sensitive you surfacers are with these things."

"You killed a man! You can't just do things like that. It's wrong!"

"Please, I have killed three of my husbands for sport, this one was nothing compared to them."

"You killed your...By Lathander, you are sick Viconia. You do not kill people for fun! Get out. I swear, if I ever see you again I will kill you." The drow laughed at her and something snapped inside of her. She pulled back her hand and hit Viconia in the face with her fist. She didn't stop there and kept hitting the drow over and over again until she realized what she was doing. She ran out of the room without a glance behind her.


Present day....

-Ah...that was the first time you ever used my power. I was so proud of you.-

"She had no right to kill people for fun."

-No she didn't. How many people do you think have died since you left her in that inn?-

"I don't know."

-I would wager quite a few. Wouldn't it be better to eliminate the threat to the people? Think of how many people would live if she died.- Her father was right she realized. Wouldn't it be for the greater good to let Viconia die? Yes it made sense. -Think of the fact she touched what is yours.-

"Shar! My deliverance is in your hands!  ...wait...I recognize you!  Anni!  It is I!  Viconia DeVir!  You must remember!  My life depends on it! Please, Anni, I beg of you!  Save me from these madmen!!" Viconia yelled when she spotted her. Anni smiled friendly at the drow and walked up to the man holding a torch. She grabbed it out of his hands and was smiling as she dropped it into the wood piled at Viconia's feet. The crowd's cheer didn't reach her ears as she kept smiling at Viconia who screamed as the flames licked their way over her body. She kept smiling as the drow's face eventually melted off and her skin matched her black heart. It was only after she could no longer see the drow that Anni turned away, whistling a tune to herself as she practically skipped away.

She was passing back to the slum when an arm came around her throat holding a knife against her skin.

"Well, that was an expected display from a child of Bhaal."

"What do you want from me?" Anyone who knew what she was wanted something.

"Let's move somewhere more private my dear, then we'll get dear Edwin to join us." Degardan smiled at the look on her face as he led her away.
"Remember, blood is not only much thicker than water, it's much more difficult to get out of the carpet."~Phyllis Diller

"Death is the only inescapable, unavoidable, sure thing. We are sentenced to die the day we're born." - Gary Mark Gilmore

Your Saint of Hate The writings of a mad woman...

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Chapter 19- That's not suppose to happen!
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Chapter 19- That's not suppose to happen!

Her eyes were always the color of obsidian, when she smiled it was as if there was light behind them, warmth for any who would accept it. This time it was different her eyes were cold and the darkness absorbed the light taking everything good away. Her smile cruel and head tilted slightly to the side as she had spoke those cutting words. When had he seen her eyes like that before, the slight tilt of the head as if she was listening to something?


It was the only thing he could think of that would explain her sudden coldness to him. He realized her father could manifest stronger inside of her when she experienced negative emotions. Fear, anger, hate or even sorrow would allow Bhaal stronger control over her thoughts. That had to be it. He knew she had to feel for him, after all he was Edwin Odesseiron, the greatest lover in all of Thay. Though currently stuck in the wrong form, (Which wasn't his fault.) he was still more than just his erotic skills. Edwin Odesseiron never lost at anything he dared to do, and he certainly wasn't going to let some dead god win. He would need a few things before setting out after Anni, first, then he would deal with her.


Edwin had seen everything, he had managed to cast  invisibly on himself, (Though if asked he was not going to admit he had used Mass Invisibility and therefore there were several people walking around not realizing they too were now unseen.) and followed Anni at a distance. He felt no sympathy for the burning drow, he saw no reason for any. Unfortunately, he was too fascinated with the display to stop Degardan from capturing Anni. (He had been considering if the extra crispy drow would yield any useful spell components.) He cursed in Thayvain and picked up the helm of his robes and ran.


The main problem with traveling across the rooftops of the slums was the precarious footing, as not everyone could afford a solid roof. Sadly she had stepped through more than one roof this night, after which she would always drop down a couple of gold coins that would cover the costs of repair. She didn't mind the danger of it all, the chances that one foul step could send her spiraling to her death, in fact she enjoyed it.

She loved the thrill, the danger and it kept her in practice too. An assassin out of practice was worthless and could led to her death, which would be very bad, after all she was one of the greatest assassin in all of Toril (at least in her own opinion).

She was laying across one of the stronger roofs the only one she could find that gave her a shot of Degardan's back. She would have preferred something that would allow a glimpse of his eyes, as she liked to see her target's faces when they realized they were dying.

Sometimes when she stared into the eyes of the doomed, she could see their gods. She would always see their gods claiming their souls for their own, then the eyes would fade and you would know they were gone for good.

She had wanted to get rid of the wizard as soon as he had captured the bhaalspawn girl. It wouldn't have been good if a poisoned bolt had hit the girl, as her god had specially stated she was to live as he was sure she would become an ally of his, should she ascend in her father's place. Gods were known to plan far, far ahead.

She had been watching the girl and didn't think she would survive long enough to ascend and the god she obeyed would be better off picking another to place his trust in. She pushed her thoughts aside, it was not her place to question any god, especially not her own.

She gripped her crossbow as she stared down at her target, once again thanking the gods her drow blood allowed her to see farther than humans. She concentrated as she aimed for the area were the neck met the back, if the bolt didn't kill him, the poison would. Degardan was casting a spell as she aimed up the view, she started to squeeze the trigger but took her finger away as the door opened an inch more.

There was no wind, no one had touched the door, so how did it open? She reached into her pocket and drew out a pair of goggles her best friend had made one time. Truth be told, she suspected that Yuri had no clue how he made them as he had only done one pair. She placed them over her eyes, at first the world was a whorl of colors as all she could see was the Weave, after a few turn of nobs on the goggles, the Weave was toned down allowing her to see the world. Her eyes slid over Degardan, a large portion of the Weave was gathering over him.

-Must be a very heavy spell.- She thought. She continued to look for what had disturbed the door and found it. A simple spell of invisibility was covering a dark haired female, who would have been killed had she fired the bolt. The woman wore dark red robes, similar to Degardan's but were torn in the chest and hip area. At the moment the woman was spying into the room, watching everything.

"That stupid crack monkey! That bloody wizard is blocking my shot. Not even I, Ly, the greatest ass- Ack!" Ly yelped as the roof gave way and she crashed into the house below.


Edwin slowly pulled the door open, just a crack more, though not enough to draw attention. He stood there feeling useless as Degardan completed his spell over Anni. He could only watch as a ghostly mist pulled itself out of Anni's body and into a round clear crystal.

"Hmm... interesting. Two people inside of this little girl's body." Degardan mused as he stared into the crystal. He was right, even from were Edwin stood, he could see the child form of Anni and the larger and older form of Sarevok.  

-She wasn't kidding when she said her brother lived inside her.- Edwin thought as he ease forward, the rope in his hands gripped tightly. It had been the only thing he was carrying on him that would make due as a weapon. He wouldn't be able to use spells either unless he wanted to do several kinky things with Degardan, which wasn't in the least appealing.

"Hm, most interesting. I take it it's a variant form of Trap the Mind. Very interesting. And I trust my dear daughter is inside that crystal?" Both wizards froze in their actions and stared at Anni's body. The voice that had come out of it was male and the eyes glowed golden. A grim smile on her face, her head propped up on her hand as she stared at Degardan.

"I'm assuming that you did not know this would happen. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Bhaal, the former and future God of Murder."
"Remember, blood is not only much thicker than water, it's much more difficult to get out of the carpet."~Phyllis Diller

"Death is the only inescapable, unavoidable, sure thing. We are sentenced to die the day we're born." - Gary Mark Gilmore

Your Saint of Hate The writings of a mad woman...

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Misery & Happiness
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Mostly an experiment in 1st person and giving some time to Bhaal's thoughts. Not much else going on! Sorry!

Chapter 20: Behind the God

As a god (which technically I was. Dead, but a god  none the less), I had experienced much, but of the many forms I have taken, this was by far the most disturbing. With my daughter's complete essence, both divine and mortal, removed it left her empty, nothing more than a vessel waiting to be filled. If such a vessel had, oh I don't know, a shadow of a god that rarely left, then the shadow would be forced to occupy said vessel. Therefore I was pulled from the bleak realm from which I watched, waited and meddled with the lives of my children and forced into the empty body of my daughter Annalesca.

The shock on the face of the wizard was quite amusing as I introduced myself. I was rarely given the chance now a days to scare the wee mortals but it was a small consolation to watch my children work fear into the endless masses. I could only smile, waiting for him to form a intelligible word, he seemed to be choking on air and was turning the most interesting shade of red.

Ignoring the wizard I stood and walked the room, trying to adjust to my new form and taking inventory of what powers were still left from Annalesca's departed essence. It was odd walking in her body,  she was of limited stature and though in life I had not been tall I was never this small. It was almost like being cut off at the knees and relearning to walk. Very confusing indeed. I smiled as I found her power, the power that could never be stolen, only reclaimed by myself.

The power that made my children's bodies live. The powers had to be tied to their mortal flesh as I could only imagine some insane mage trying to steal their abilities by taking their divine essence. I was starting to believe that my little half elf daughter was a secret worshiper of Loviatar, as she had formed her powers into the healing arts but only to heal others and hurt herself. She punished herself with each use of her power, maybe it was to justify her being one of mine. I don't know. I'm not a  mind-reader, just a father.

I had been trying lately to cure her of this form of this...whatever you wanted to call it. I came to her in her dreams, as myself, I could honestly say that Alianna's appearance in the dreams was through no fault of my own, neither was Gorion's. My daughter had a fetish for punishing herself for sins that was only seen by her. Why did my children have to be confusing? The sad part was Annalesca was one of the less complicated ones, which was saying something.

I found the power that I was looking for, the important one, at least to me, the avatar of my former life, the Slayer. Ah, how I missed the days of roaming Faerun in this form, slaughtering all who crossed my path. I missed the death, the way blood would saturate the air until you could drown in it with a breath, the salty and bitter tears my victims had cried, the crush of bones beneath my feet. I used to collect the tears, I could only wonder what had happened to them, they probably disappeared along with my realm.

I considered changing into the Slayer but dismissed the idea, my daughter's clothing would never survive the transformation and she already had far too many men staring at her, she was just a child after all. If I was forced to stay in her body I would have no choice. I was not going to run around in her body for the rest of my time.

"So tell me, Red Wizard, what were you planning for my dear child?" I asked as I flopped down sideways in the chair.

"I was merely testing a theory for my good masters of Thay." The wizard smoothed the front of his robes in an obvious nervous gesture as he pocketed the crystal containing Annalesca and Sarevok. Wizard he might be, but he needed work on his sleight of hand.

"Good masters? How ever do you manage to say that with a straight face? The only government that is worse than Thay are the Drow, but of course that is a matter of how you look at it. Thayvians don't spend all their energy on planning their machinations to some bitch but to their own ambition." It was greatly amusing to watch the wizard turn red again as I laughed. I was laughing so hard I almost fell out of my seat. Wiping a tear away and still chuckling I asked the wizard, "Now, seriously, what were you planning?"

"To replace the Bhaalspawn's essence with another's." For a wizard of Thay he was being extremely tight lipped.

"Don't be coy with me wizard, you may tell me now or while I teach you a new meaning to 'spilling your guts' your choice. Though I am so hoping you pick the latter." He had the  audacity to reach for his spell components, like I said, he needed work on his sleight of hand. The wizard let out a cry as I slammed him against the wall, my hand pressing against his windpipe. As I held him there I swear I could hear a faint whispering, it sounded like someone was saying, "Yes! Kill the fool! (Not that I couldn't.)" I squeezed my hand until I could feel the vocal cords of the wizard pressing into my hand, it would be so easy just to break them. I resisted only because I was curious. "I knew Thayvians were not religious but I didn't know they were stupid! I am (was) a god! Do you think that I wouldn't notice what you were doing?! Now tell me everything!" I punctuated my point by banging his head against the wall.

"I was going to use the girl- no! no like that!" He yelped when I added pressure. "I want her to kill Edwin!" The very thought of that wizard made my skin crawl and truthfully want to empty my stomach. I couldn't stand anything about Edwin, especially how he touched my daughter.

"I see. I am curious as to why you would not kill him yourself. I am assuming that you are capable beyond mistakes as these."

"He left me for this-this woman! I loved him!"  Eew! He was one of those! I will be the first to admit I had little fondness for men laying with other men, now show me two ladies... I pulled my hand away from the wizard as if he had burnt me and tried to keep disgust off my face. It was beneath a god to concern himself with such mortal... oh who was I kidding! Ew! I barely resisted the urge to wipe my hands. Have I said ew yet? Because ew, just ew. I shuddered as I turned away from the wizard. I had no fear of him casting a spell now as I had taken his spell components away and it seemed with his confession (gag) the man had dissolved into tears. Men do not cry. Alright, I admit I had cried once or twice in my mortal life but that it... OK, maybe more when I was a little boy. I sighed and waited for the wizard to collect himself.


One thing I will give mortals, they were nosey. So nosy in fact it often went past the realm of sanity and into stupidity. I recalled once, there was a man, called himself a mind healer, ask all these weird questions and at the end declared I wanted to do something unmentionable with my own mother...

I killed him. Very slowly I might add. Poor Fred never screamed so loud. Fred? Maybe it was Floyd? Who cares? The wizard, who was apparently called Degardan, asked me the most interesting question; "What was my mortal life like?". This was the first time anyone had asked that. Most of the time it was mainly things like; "What was it like being a god?, What was it like becoming one?, Did you enjoy killing?" It was almost like being stuck in therapy hell. I have always had a very creative imagination, which at times gave me some disturbing thoughts, like after the fall of all the gods, hell for me would be getting stuck in group therapy for eternity. I could see it now.


"Hello, my name is Bhaal. I was the God of Murder." I would stand up in front of the circle of the Gods.

"Hello Bhaal." They would answer and of course mispronouncing my name. Then the head of the group which would no doubt turn out to be that overly annoying Ao would start questioning him.

"How do you feel about being dead?" He would start off, then continue in to wanting me to express my "feelings".


I shook myself out of my thoughts. I really needed to take a page out of my children's book and stop thinking. This wizard's question though brought to mind memories of the past, things that I haven't thought of in aeons. Maybe it was just being inside the body of a female, since I know I am not emotional, but I could feel pain in my chest as the memories came unbidden.

Next Chapter: Bhaal's Past!
(Err... maybe.)
"Remember, blood is not only much thicker than water, it's much more difficult to get out of the carpet."~Phyllis Diller

"Death is the only inescapable, unavoidable, sure thing. We are sentenced to die the day we're born." - Gary Mark Gilmore

Your Saint of Hate The writings of a mad woman...

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Chapter 21: Behind the God
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Warning: Long long chapter!
YAY! I'M BACK....sorta.

Chapter 21: Behind the God

Shadows. Shadows used to be my friends. Hell, I was an, no THE best damn assassin. Darkness and the cover, it provided was essential. This was different though, this was the depth of my mind. The place I had sealed away, my long ago mortal life. The world gave way fading fast. I could barely see Degarden now. Two things came to me before the shadows over took me. Degardan was smiling brightly, which really only served to show that the Thayvian had horrible oral hygiene. And speaking of Thayvians my daughter's gender confused wizard was standing in the doorway. I could not help thinking of how bad of a day I was having.


“Subject is a twenty-five year old human male… Hmm… I should have written that down earlier. Oh well, as I was saying, I have removed the small and large intestines, the liver, gallbladder, kidneys and stomach. Strangely the blood has not coagulated, nor had the body cooled, I have finished removing most of the skin and muscles. I have also finally sawed through the ribs, by myself I might add, no help from a certain thief.”


“Whatever. Now pulling the ribs apart… Bhaal would you care to explain why this corpse is still alive?”

“Mayhap ‘tis no corpse.” I smiled lazily as I prodded the still beating heart. “Mayhap ‘tis an employer, one that believed he could not pay me”

“Kill him yourself then.”

“I would but he placed a geas on me. I can not kill him or I will die a horrible painful death. OF course it said nothing of drugging and dumping him on some necromancer’s chap table and of course some are far less… concerned where their materials come from”

“I would argue but you have brought me a prime specimen. Hearts removed before death are far more powerful.” Myrkul’s lips twisted into what I believe was a smile as he removed the heart. I couldn’t help smiling and practically dancing with joy as the geas fell from my body like ash.

“Nasty little things.” I commented on it.

“A trend for now, give it a couple decades and they will fall from favor.” He was giving me less than half of his attention as he placed the heart in a jar.

“Well it won’t matter anyhow, this is my last job.”

“You claim that after every job.” I opened my mouth for what would have been a really good retort had Myrkul’s assistant not shown up. The boy was the newest one as the last one went up in flames.

“Oh boy, are you collecting parts?” Jergal asked excitedly. I had to smother a laugh at the at the look the necromancer’s face. His new assistant was annoying hyper clumsy and slightly stupid. The boy never shut up and anyhow who would name their child after a god?

“Is there a reason you are here?” Myrkul’s tone went unnoticed by the child.

“Yeah, Mister Bhaal’s bratty kids are here. The short one kicked me. Well they all are short you know.” I slapped the child in the back of his head. No one called my girls brats except me. Just not in hearing distance.


“No, stop this at once! As the God of Murder I command you!” Bhaal yelled from inside Anni’s body. Degardan chuckled as the god struggled against the spell, oh how Edwin would hate to know that he was deed more power than him. He could control a god! His spell was a favorite of interrogators everywhere, designed to show the caster the memories they wished to see. His goal was simple, find the right memories and learn how to become a god. After all he would be a better replacement for Mystra!

“Come show me everything!”


Killing was not only easy money but fun too! I couldn’t help thinking. Making an easy thousand per corpse might really make this be my last job. My pouch was near bursting at the seams with all the gold I was carrying. All this gold came from murdering some woman’s family, who had cast her out like some freak because she was different and, well I dozed off at that point. I didn’t care about some sob story but the money. She had added a bonus after I managed to kill everyone at one. Some vile person had switched the hot sauce with a Potion of Fiery Burning.

Yum, extra crispy. Now the hard part… Sneaking into my own damn house.

After earning all that money the next move was to awaken my lovely Revan, a little cuddling here and there and soon we’d play Paladin and the Assassin. The noble paladin would try and convince the evil assassin to change his ways. Or maybe tonight the assassin would torture the paladin with pure pleasure. I could see it now-

“Hi daddy.” A soft voice startled me, almost causing me to lose my footing on the roof tile. I hated when she did that. They always were trying to one up me, seeing if they could get daddy to fall or make some mistake. They must have gotten that from their mother, I never meddled… much. I turned knowing I would find all three of my daughters and there they were. Jessie across the laps of Imoen and Annalesca, Imoen’s head on Annalesca’s shoulder and Annalesca smiling at me in the darkness. Now let me say one thing about my children, they all are spoiled, horribly so and I take great pride in that and in them.

At eight years old Jessie was showing signs of arcane ability, so much so that Myrkul was interested in her. I made a point of keeping her away. Her only drawback was she was beyond clumsy; in fact her first spell she cast was suppose to water the garden but instead gave her a familiar by the name of Boba who was a ferret. I approved of the ferret only because Jessie loved the thing so much, I did love the animal’s taste in thievery, and whenever we went some place Boba would have some gold coins or jewelry for us. He liked shinny things.

Then there was Imoen, who since she was four had been trying to follow in daddy’s foot steps. With pink hair and a taste in clothing of the same color, she wasn’t very good. In fact she was horrible at being a thief. The child was half dryad, which explained her hair and link with nature.

Last and not least was my oldest, Annalesca. At fourteen she was beautiful like her mother, Revan, even if she had my dark hair and pale skin and obsidian eyes. She was thankfully not interested in boys, though Revan said it would come in time, I wasn’t ready for it. For any of them to be involved with boys or girls for that matter. I wished I could keep them as children forever but alas, they would grow up.

“What are you three doing up here? Any one of you could fall and break something!”

“Then why are you up here?” Did I mention she was a bit of a smartass?


“Ah, the god of murder had a family, what ever happened to than I wonder?” Degarden pondered. He was curious now. He would get to the part he wanted later this what too interesting for him. He wanted to know what –shaped- the god.


Chaos was always pleasant but once in a while I needed peace and quiet or at least a spot under my children’s window to listen to their quiet gossip. Every year they had newer things to talk about as it was Jessie’s tenth birthday they were talking of hairstyles, dresses I could buy for them and boys. Wait…. BOYS!? I sat up a tad too quickly and almost fell, but thanks to my wonderful skills I did not. I moved closer to the window to hear more of what they were talking about.

“Remember last year’s trip to Thay? That really cute guy with the monkey.”

“But he had long hair, Anna, that makes him a slave.:

“Yeah I could buy him and play with him.” It was at this point I lost my grip on the window and fell into the rose garden. Three voices echoed laughter. They did that on purpose didn’t they?


“Yes, yes, all family goodness.” Degarden sneered. He wanted the gory details, did Bhaal leave his family or did something happen to them? Bhaal was fighting him on this, on those memories. “Show me when you planned to be a god.”


“Think of it, the three of us could be gods! We could do anything with such power. Well I could and would.” Myrkul beamed at myself and Bane. Gods he looked so happy, I just wanted to cut him a new mouth. He must of noticed my glaring as he buttoned his collar so no flesh showed.

“You could always try again to avenge your family. Maybe you will succeed this time.” The muscle bound freak Bane smirked at me, right before I launched myself across the table to strangle him. As Myrkul tried to pull me off and Bane turned red, my thoughts wandered to six months ago…

We had taken a trip to the Moonshae Islands, there was no way I could have known it was the home of one of my former employers. Everything was going fine, Anna was just learning the arcane arts while Imoen could now detect and disarm the easiest of traps. Jessie in the meantime was discovering new spells everyday. Revan was pregnant with twins, I remember wishing it was boys. I did need someone to carry on my name after all. My life couldn’t have been more perfect, the only gray spot was Anna’s dreams. They were becoming more violent, her dreams were of blood circled skulls, sacrifices made by empty robes of purple and red and a figure in spiked armor. When she woke at night I was the one to comfort her, the one to rock her to sleep. If only I had listened…


Bhaal let out a blood curdling scream, shocking both wizards watching. Degarden lost his concentration and the spell holding the former god. Bhaal rose up still screaming a primal yell, his hands tearing at the hair billowing around him.

“No! I will not relive this! Not again…” He fell to his knees, pale hands trying to catch tears that fell like blood.

“What happened to them Bhaal?” The wizard asked softly.

“Killed. Murdered and raped while I was out on an easy job, too easy. I did question it, only thing that came to mind was the money. I found them, gods, even Jessie, she was a child, how could they?” The once god stared at a mirror across the room, his tears came faster as it was not his reflection that stared back but his daughter’s. “I started to kill everyone on that blasted island. I said I would kill everything and I would have if I wasn’t poisoned. Me, the great assassin, poisoned. Myrkul found me half dead in the slave market. The three of us became gods. I used Annalesca’s visions as a guide. She had even known I would die by Cyric’s hand.”

The god frowned. “I couldn’t get back my family so I made them anew. All three of my daughters plus a protector. Unfortunately Sarevok went insane. So now Anna has to protect herself and her sisters.” Bhaal turned as a sound interrupted him. Degarden had been strangled by Anni’s gender confused wizard Edwin. “Well look who it is.”

“Quiet you poor excuse for a god.” Edwin stated as he let the dead wizard fall to the floor.

“Do you think I would- wait what are you doing?!” Edwin had the crystal with Anni and Sarevok inside, he peered into it before sending it crashing to the ground. Smoke rose and slammed Bhaal into the chair, when the body blinked it was Anni again.

“Edwin? What happened?” She was trapped by the chair as he advanced on her and kissed her roughly. With her eyes closed she could feel it was still Edwin, no matter what form he was in. His lips, his tongue against hers, his hands in her hair.

He pulled away as rough as he began and met her eyes. “No matter what guise I chose to wear, do not dare to forget who I really am.” He nipped at her lip. “Surely you are not afraid of me in this frail form?” He kissed her again, long and hard enough they were slightly panting when they surfaced for air. “I fear your punishment will have to wait until your restore myself to my true glory. For now let us retire from more entertainments.”

Anni nodded and as she passed him, he hugged her from behind. “Tell that father of yours, this monkey isn’t going anywhere.” He whispered against the back of her neck. It would have been romantic if he hadn’t stumbled.
"Remember, blood is not only much thicker than water, it's much more difficult to get out of the carpet."~Phyllis Diller

"Death is the only inescapable, unavoidable, sure thing. We are sentenced to die the day we're born." - Gary Mark Gilmore

Your Saint of Hate The writings of a mad woman...

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Chapter 22 Edwin's Surprise
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Chapter 22 Edwin's Surprise

Note: There is some adult talk.

Anni was tired; she was both physically and emotionally exhausted. She laid in one of her lighter robes as her nightgown had suffered death at Edwin’s hands. Speaking of which, Edwina was sulking her back to the half-elf. She was mad because Anni hadn’t agreed to have fun with her. Despite their prior intimate relationship, Anni couldn’t bring herself to even touch her willingly. Oh she could have Edwina touch her but she would start getting the shakes and start to tear up, her thoughts would always turn back to Bodhi.
She tried to focus on the difference between the two, Edwina's hair was soft and clean, Bodhi's was straw like and greasy. Edwina's skin was slightly tanned while Bodhi's had been paler than milk. Bodhi was taller than both of them and had no breasts to speak of while Edwina had more than enough for the two of them. Bodhi had yellowed fangs while Edwina had straight white teeth. Still it seemed impossible to separate both, gods knew Anni would love to show Edwina things only girls knew and boys dreamed of. Anni missed Imoen more than ever, she wished she had someone to talk to.
-You could always speak to me, my child.-
"Don't you ever give up Bhaal?" She sighed.
-No. I realize you will not respond to manipulation. I realize I was...incorrect with my handling of you.-
"Did you just admit you were wrong? Is that possible?”
-Please don't rub this in.-
"By the gods did you just say please? Does this sudden change have anything to do with my out of body experience? I don't remember anything and Edwin won't tell me anything."
-The dead wizard reminded me of things I had forgotten.-
"What things?"

-I will say this: living as a god for so long allowed me to forget mortal pain.-

“Mortal pain?”

-I said not to pry.-

“No, you said not to rub it in.”

-Smartass. Talk to him.- She felt Bhaal recede from her mind and for once not left with negative feelings towards him or others. In fact she felt waves of warm and comfort, it felt familiar, almost like she was just hugged by her father Gorion.

“Are you finished interrupting my sleep?” Edwina quibbled. Anni ignored the remark and drew her against her, so that they lay back to chest.

“I love you Edwin, and I’m sorry we can’t do anything.” She brushed the wizardess’ hair aside so she could kiss her cheek.

“I had no intention of “doing” anything with you.”

“Yeah right, you aren’t the most subtle person Edwin. I know you have the spell to change back. I know you’re doing this for me.”

“You little snoop! I am doing no such thing. I am simply tired. (Tired of dealing with foolish women.)”. Edwina tired to push her away but she held on to her. Anni let her struggle until she grew bored with it, at that time she flipped Edwina onto her back and pushed their hands against the bed. She smiled down at the wizardess who stopped moving when she realized she was trapped. “Get off me wench!”

“Can’t call me a wench when you’re one too.”


“Edwin don’t you want to listen to me?” She said ever so sweetly.

“My name is Edwina for now as I told you. (Unless Bhaal made her more forgetful.)”

“You’ll always be Edwin to me, you made me realize that, you know. Even now I can’t stop thinking of you. I feel as if you cast a spell over me.”

“It is my natural allure. (Yes, no woman could resist me.)” Anni let her hands go and rested above her on her elbows.

“How did we go so long without being together?”

“Foolishness on your part, I am sure.” Now that her hands were free, Edwina’s roamed Anni’s small frame, causing her to close her eyes. “Tell me what you miss most.”

“I can’t think when you’re doing that.” She moaned.

“Yes you can.”

“I miss you holding me, the way you wrap your hand around my braid and keep me trapped against you.” Her robe fell open as the last ribbon was undone, giving Edwina full access.

“You can do better than that.”

“Gods, what am I letting you do?”

“Anything I want. (Yes and so many things to choose from.).

“I miss having you inside me, the your body dances as you enter me, I miss the way your chest hair tickles me and how you make me scream, the taste of you, the way you make me crazy with pleasure.” She said in a rush and was panting as Edwin’s hands touched her the way her body craved. Edwina smiled smugly as her lover climaxed and fell beside her still shaking. She knew she could bring the girl again but decided to hold back.

“Gods Edwin, I wish you would change back.” She panted

“In the morning when I’m rested.”


“I always keep my word.” She kissed her good night.


The morning came and with it came moaning that woke Anni. At first she thought it was coming from herself but the noise continued as she yawned. Next to her Edwina was curled into a ball, rocking back and forth.

“Edwin? What’s wrong?” She drew closer, only to place her hand in something wet. She stared at her hand and realized she was seeing blood. She suddenly had a sinking feel of what was wrong.

“I am fine. (No I am definitely not. Oh the pain.) Her voice was strained.

“You’re bleeding.”

“I know. ( State the obvious why don’t you?)”

“Where are you bleeding?” Her mumbled answer confirmed her fear. Edwina had her menses. Rising from the bed Anni when to her pack and looked for the rags she used occasionally.

“Here you’ll need these for the blood.”

“I do not need those, I will simply change back. (After the pain stops.)”

“I don’t think that a good idea, there no male equivalent for what’s happening to you. What would your body do to compensate for it?”

“I already thought of that. (I can barely think pass the pain.) She snapped.

“So what will you do?” Edwina’s response was to vomit.
"Remember, blood is not only much thicker than water, it's much more difficult to get out of the carpet."~Phyllis Diller

"Death is the only inescapable, unavoidable, sure thing. We are sentenced to die the day we're born." - Gary Mark Gilmore

Your Saint of Hate The writings of a mad woman...

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Misery & Happiness
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Chapter 23: Troubles brewing

Warning: I'm killing off a character again and Anni didn't do it this time!

Haer’Dalis chuckled as Minsc downed another ale. His opponent in this drinking contest was looking rather green around the gills. Or at least was swaying slightly. He could not make out the person under the hood, only glimpses of ebony skin and white hair was visible. The body he had no problem making out, Minsc’s opponent was female and she could hold her ground. So far the two of them had drunk twenty pints of alcohol. This had all started from Haer’Dalis taking Minsc out for his birthday and Minsc was also celebrating his witch’s happiness. What Anni was happy about only Boo knew and wouldn’t tell Minsc. Haer’Dalis on the other hand had a feeling it had something to do with a certain cardinal. Minsc had declared that none would be able to out drink him, when the woman appeared, and with a husky voice challenged him. At first he would not drink with a woman but her aggressive attitude and voice had reminded him of the witches back home. They soon drew a crowd as they reached twenty-five pints. After thirty pints a squeaking came from Minsc’s armor.

“Ah Boo says I cannot drink further. I would lose my senses.” The woman downed one last pint and smiled.

“That means I win mate.”

“Boo says it’s fine as you’ll be sick in the morning. So I win.”

“That’s not true! I think I’m going to be sick now.” The woman covered her mouth and ran outside. The two men shared a look and followed out side. Sure enough the woman was emptying her stomach of the vile fluid. When she was finished, Haer’Dalis offered her a handkerchief, which she used to wipe her mouth and blow her nose. “Don’t you just hate it when puke gets up your nose?” She offered the cloth back to him.

“You may keep it my crow.”

Crow? Anni gets raven and I get crow?!” She said as she faced him. Her hood slid back and revealed what he had expected. The woman was a drow. “I should be getting raven, I’m a fucking Drow. My skin is darker than her hair will ever been. Of course I have a tan at the moment but still!”

“You know my witch? Boo had never set eyes one you before.”

“Of course I know. I’ve been spying on you for weeks now. Oops, shit, wasn’t suppose to say that! Aah look it’s Drizzt!” Minsc looked but Haer’dalis did not.

“Very curious, let us follow her my hound and hamster.”

“But where is Drizzt? He is a great hero! Heros must meet each other.” Haer’dalis sighed and follow after the woman but quickly lost sight of her. He slowed his pace as he entered a dark alley and was shocked as pain shot down his side. Looking down there was some type of dart sticking out of his arm. His knees buckled and he landed on the ground. He tried to move but he couldn’t. The more he tried the more the pain hurt.

“Ah teifling skin, this will go well with my creation.” A male voice sounded above him.

Meanwhile Minsc had given up on seeing the noble Drizzt and decided to follow his companion. After a few minutes of wandering around, he saw him laying in a puddle and walked right up to him.

“You cannot handle your ale either my friend. Minsc understands, let me help you up.”  At the moment he lifted him, a man cried out and he realized it was his friend. Laying him on his back, Minsc stared in horror at his friend’s once handsome face. Haer’dalis had been skinned alive. “Who has done this my friend tell me, so that I might avenge you.

“A.... man...tan....” His head fell back. Minsc held his friend in shock. Suddenly there was shouting all around him. Screams of “Skinner!” went through the gathering crowd.


She couldn’t change back. She felt bloated, cranky and like she was wearing a diaper. Today was not a good day. Edwin, or Edwina as she was now calling herself, was finding a new found respect for women. She decided she was not a mewling infant, she was a grand wizardess of Thay! She had done this purposely, not some mistake, a wizard of Thay never made mistakes. Nay, never. She would inform the others the change had been done for Anni’s sake, so to train her to not be afraid of Bodhi. If she could get her to do what they did last night, surely she could overcome the fear. Anni had gone down stairs earlier for breakfast and it was past time to join her. Edwina had donned one of Anni’s larger robes, a nice shade of red of course. Clothed and armed with a versatile and endless supply of verbal onslaught, she was ready to take on the world.... Or at least her companions.


Anomen sat opposite of Lady Anni, watching her devour her food as if she would never eat again. He stared at her trying to find the best way to approach the subject of Edwin’s infidelity. He felt she was far too forgiving and would accept his excuses if caught. Nevertheless he would have to tell her, the very dictates of honor demanded it. “My lady, I must speak on Edwin’s behavior this past night.” She looked up and blinked.

“You know?”

“I’m afraid so. I’m surprised you knew.”

“Of course I knew, I was there.”

“You allow him to carry on in such a fashion?”

“Well it’s not as if I have any control over him.”

“My lady is it wise to be involved with one like him?”

She smiled slightly. “No, not wise at all but we love each other, that’s all that matters.”

“And for love you would allow him in the arms of another woman?” Anni choked on her drink.

“Another woman!? What are you talking about?”

“What were you talking about?”

“The Nether Scroll accident! I would... do something really really... bad if he touched another woman.”

“I saw him this past night with a woman in black.” Anni stood and marched over to a woman in red and grabbed her wrist and pulled her back to the table.

“Anomen says that you were with another woman last night! How the hells did you manage that Edwin? Was it while Degarden had me or one of the times you slipped out of the room.”

“What is this nonsense you spout? (Helmet boy would try to break up a coupling as powerful as mine.)”

“My lady, who is this woman? I daresay that you will hurt her if you do not let go.”

“It’s Edwin, he changed himself into a woman.”

“On purpose. (Yes must not forget to add that.) Anni needs to be prepared to face Bodhi without fear.”

“He misjudged his ability with magic, I am guessing.”


“The grand wizard of Thay is not so grand after all.” Jaheira smiled as she approached them.

“This was not an accident! ( I never make mistakes. ) As I said this was to train Anni for her next encounter with Bodhi.”

“Edwin, I daresay the lady doth protest too much.”

“Enough about that. I want to know about this other woman!”

“There is no other woman, unless you are counting myself.”

“Anomen, are you sure it was Edwin?”

“I have not seen any who wear the robes of Thay in this city besides him.” Edwina pinched the bridge of her nose and sighed.

“Has it occurred to either of you, that it was indeed myself you saw kissing a woman. A woman named Anni.”

“The woman was dressed in clothing that I cannot imagine Lady Anni wearing.”

“Anni what did you wear last night for me?” Anni’s face turned bright red. She released Edwina and sat down and turned her attention back to her food.

“Nothing never mind.” Edwina chuckled and leaned down to whisper in her ear.

“I recall you were wearing something for my pleasure and later nothing for the same. Jealousy does not become you.”

“The woman was me. Let’s drop this and forget we ever brought this up, okay?” Anni stared down at her plate. Edwina chuckled as she laid a kiss on the half-elf’s neck. She may have been kissing Anni but the look was for Anomen, the look was no where near friendly.

“As amusing as this all was, we must meet with Galverey today.  We have put it off long enough. I for one would like to find out what he wishes with Anni.” Jaheira proclaimed.

“Probably just wants to kill me.” Anni muttered as she picked at her food.

“Not everyone is out to kill you.”

“You owe me if they try to kill me.” Jaheira sighed.

“Fine, but I am telling you the Harpers would not bring violence on you without just cause.”

“Trust me. Someone will find a reason. Who knows it could be because I like the color red.” She looked at Edwina when she said that.

“Nonsense child. They most likely wish to... acquire your help.”

“You mean doing something that will have little reward except the reward of doing it. ( When will this cease! ).

“The greater reward is helping people that need help.”

“The greater reward is power and wealth. ( As it is in Thay, it is here.)

“Would you two stop bickering! And where is Haer’dalis? And Minsc for that matter.” Anni questioned.

“I have not seen them since this past night, my lady, I do believe Haer’dalis took Minsc out to celebrate.”

“Do you know where? We really need to get a move on.”

“We would not be so hurried if you hadn’t spent two days in bed.” Jaheira leveled a look at the girl, who turn bright red.

“We were doing research on the Nether Scroll.” Anni said in her most innocent voice.

“More like research on the human anatomy.” Jaheira retorted.

“No, I found myself more interested in a certain half-elf’s anatomy.” Edwina replied with a smile on her face.

“Really, must we discuss my sex life?”

“I agree with Lady Anni, she had made her own bed, it is not for us to quibble about.”   

“I find it a most interesting subject, it turns Anni such an interesting shade of red. Almost as red as when she c-”

“Finish that sentence and no one will walk out of here.” Anni whispered as blood rushed to her cheeks. Edwina smiled and brushed a kiss across her lips.

-Yes, please don’t let him finish that sentence. It’s bad enough every time I come back to you, you are at each other like rabbits. I don’t need to hear about what color you turn when he, she of all people does things. And for the record I would like to note that I do not approve of you being with a wizard, you need a protector, someone who can keep you safe.-

“This whole father-daughter friendliness thing is creeping me out. And I think Edwin is perfectly capable of protecting me.” She whispered under her breath at her father, Bhaal.

-We will see, in the mean time I suggest you handle that.- Though he really couldn’t point, she turned her head as if he had and found a man standing at their table.

“Can we help you?”


“He’s been put in the strongest chains we have, he kept opening up the cells, like they were made out of paper, yelling that he must inform his witch of what had happened to an ally.” The guard stated as they passed several cells full of criminals.

“I don’t understand, why is he being held?” Anni asked.

“He is being held for questioning on the Skinner murders. He was at the last scene and knew the victim.”

“Wait, who is the victim?”

“I do not know, he refuses to answer any of our questions, he keeps yelling that we must ‘kick the butts of evil’.”

“I think I can get him to talk. I’m his witch.”

“Do you have a licence?” Anni reached into her inner pocket and withdrew her licence, handing it to the guard.

“Anni and Edwin Odesseiron. Did you leave your husband outside?”

“We are not married, she merely has no title, the wizards used mine.”

-Sad, she didn’t say you were married? Be glad I think it’s banned here for two females to marry.- Bhaal comforted her.

“This says Edwin, I thought it was a man’s name.” The guard looked over Edwina’s voluptuous body.

“She is a man, he or she turned himself into a woman by misreading a spell.” Anni stated as she took back the licence and smiled at Edwina’s redden face.

-Careful, pumpkin. You wouldn’t want her to stop the sex. Wait never mind. Go ahead and piss her off.-

“It was not a mistake! (I never make mistakes!)”

“Ladies, please this way.” The guard motioned to a door while the two stared each other down.

It was Anni who looked away first and mumbled, “I’m sorry.” She turned away and looked into the room where Minsc was being held. There he was, chained to a bed, his struggles ceased when he saw the two women.

“Ah ha! My witch has found me! This is good, we must find the evil villain who slain Haer’dalis!” She gasped, her hands going to her mouth as she let out a small sound. “Minsc did not mean for his witch to cry, Boo will comfort you.” Just like that Boo appeared on Minsc’ wide chest, leaning on his back paws, waiting to be picked up.  Anni leaned down and held out her hands, Boo climbed onto them and allowed her to cuddle the small animal to her chest.

“Those robes will have to be washed before you touch me again. ( I shudder to think of the germs on that animal.)” Edwina took a look at Anni’s tearful face and sighed. It look like she would have to do the work, like always. “What happened this past night, O lumbering fool?”
“Who is this woman who speaks to me and wear clothes of that scoundrel Edwin?”

“Mind your own concerns, you stone-headed oaf!”

“Such a temperament!  Fire in her belly and not afraid to spit in an eye!  It reminds me of the fighting women of my homeland!  If only little Boo were to admire you as well.  Ah sweet lady, you bring me tears.”

“Bah, tears indeed. (More pain behind the eyes. This is a bad sign. Yes, no good can come of it.)”

“Minsc, Boo this is Edwin.” She placed Boo back on his chest and sat down next to him on the bed. “You need to tell me what happened, what happened to Haer’dalis?” Minsc talked of the previous night, explaining everything that happened even down to his puzzlement over the disappearance of Drizzt. “So this drow, could she be the one that killed Haer’dalis?”

“Boo and I do not think so, but she might have seen something our eyes did not.”

“Can he be let go?”

“Not unless other evidence comes to light.”

“Minsc can you stay here until I come to fetch you?”

“I will do as my witch commands. But please keep Boo safe, it’s too cold for him here.”

“I will Minsc.” She leaned over and kissed his forehead and picked up the giant miniature hamster. “We’ll be back.” She promised.

Anni and Edwina followed the guard out of the room and through the prison. Boo took up residents in her inner pocket it, chewing on a sunflower seed, Anni had given him

“What is the news?” Jaheira greeted them as they exited the prison.

“The lumbering oaf is accused of killing Haer’dalis. They seem to believe it because of the fight he put up against the guards and his multiple escape attempts.” Edwina replied.

“Haer’dalis is dead. By the gods he’s dead.” Anni turned grief stricken eyes to Jaheira. The druid walked over and slapped her.

“This is not the time nor place to allow yourself to collapse. Gather yourself up, I do not need a crying child to hinder our explorations into this matter.” Jaheira said coldly. Edwina started to step forward, her eyes flashing anger, but a hand on hers stopped her.

“You are correct as always Jaheira. We need to find out what happened. You and Anomen see what you can find out from the guards and the Inspector. I will tend to Haer’dalis’ funeral arrangements. Edwin go to the Bridge district and see if you can find that drow, she might know something.” Nodding Jaheira and Anomen left, while Edwina hung back.

“She had no right to slap you. (I strictly  reserve that right and only on the bottom, at that.)”

“Edwin, I would have cried all day if she hadn’t.” She sighed. She was pulled into a crushing hug, her hair being stroked.

“Next time turn to me. There is no reason for you to hold misery inside.” She was kissed and then left alone to tend to her duties.

“Thank you Edwin.” She whispered.
"Remember, blood is not only much thicker than water, it's much more difficult to get out of the carpet."~Phyllis Diller

"Death is the only inescapable, unavoidable, sure thing. We are sentenced to die the day we're born." - Gary Mark Gilmore

Your Saint of Hate The writings of a mad woman...

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The Drow
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Chapter 24- The Drow

Ly felt bad for the previous night, sure Haer̀Dalis may have been annoying but that didn’t mean he should die. His latest poem was actually good. If she remembered correctly, it went something like this:

"I once knew a Red Mage of Thay
 Who dreamed of lichdom some day.
 He said he knew how to do it
 But he still managed to screw it
 up in the funniest way"

She knew that he had known about Edwin’s transformation but not how he knew. Though if she recalled correctly Anni’s bedroom had been right next to his. She shrugged, it really didn’t matter, she had no room to complain when it came to spying on people. Speaking of spying on people, she was busy watching Haer’dalis’ raven. The girl was with Dawnmaster Talus preparing the poet’s body for burial.

Anni shed quiet tears as she went through the rites, she had never known what god Haer’dalis worshiped so she stuck to what she knew. This was the second friend she was burying Dynaheir being the first, but she had Minsc’ knowledge of her to help. When it came down to it, she really didn’t know anything about him but Anni was supposed to be the leader, she should have known more about him. Maybe if she hadn’t fallen asleep so early and listened to his stories, or asked him about himself maybe she would have known.

-Stop it Annalesca. You never had time to get to know your companion. I was always at your throat commanding you to do things. I was the one who never let you get close to your friends. Remember your teachings, from death, life.- Bhaal chided gently. Her hands jerked as she continued with her duties

“Stop calling me Annalesca.  It’s Anni to everyone.” She whispered.

-My darling daughter, I will call you by the name I gave you. The common simians may call you Anni but not I. (No your name is special.)..... Please tell me I did not just speak like that gender-confused friend of yours.- Anni burst out laughing, ignoring the look from the priest.

“You can’t even call him my lover, that’s what he is. Much, much closer than a friend.” She snickered at the disgust she could feel from Bhaal.

-I suppose he is your lover. Though I would be better appeased if he was a warrior, someone who would do well in your upcoming fights.-

“I have Minsc. I’m his witch if you did forget. He will protect me with all his might.”

-Yes I can see he’s protecting you very well inside of his little cell.-

“I just need to find a way to prove his innocence.”

-Start by asking the cleric to leave. Then aim a dart into the shadows to your upper left. Right where the shadows are darker than the rest.-

“Excuse me Dawnmaster Talus, could leave me alone with my friend for a while.”

“Of course, call if you need further assistance.” Anni smiled as she watched the cleric leave, after he left she followed Bhaal’s instructions on where to stand.

Ly watched as the girl rid herself of the cleric, and watched her move around the body making small adjustments. She wasn’t prepared for the dart that came her way. It barely missed her head, in her startled state she lost her footing and tumbled to the ground. She also wasn’t prepared for how hard the ground was when she fell on it, she hadn’t fallen in a while, well except the past night but it wasn’t her fault that the roof collapsed. Maybe she needed to lose weight . . .  Whatever the problem had been.  She was staring into the eyes of another. Anni stood with her staff against her neck, and she could tell it was the sharpened end. The look in the girl’s eyes made her want to go back to the shadows, right now. Not later. Now.

“Who are you? Are you the drow that Minsc spoke of?”

“Unless that beautiful giant of yours met another, I am she. I am Ly.”

“Did you killed Haer’dalis?”

“Why would I kill one of your party members when I’ve been following you for weeks? I doubt the best way to get close to you is to kill the ones you love or at least care for.”

“Why would you want to get close to me?” Her eyes narrowed as she stared at the drow. “Are you working for Irenicus?”

“Fuck no! I’m working for Gaelan Bayle through him Aran Linvail, the Shadowmaster of Athkatla.”

“So you know how to get to Imoen then?”

“Yeah, you just need five thousand since I paid ten since it seems you keep giving money to the churches and since I’m probably at fault for your friends death, to kinda even the score you know?”

“Oh. I really have no idea what to say.” Anni stood still with her staff at the drow’s neck and thought of her next move.

-Ask her what she saw. Get some proof of her word.-

“Tell me what you saw yestereve.  I need proof that Minsc is innocent.”

“Look it was this really creepy guy who was wearing someone else’s skin, it couldn’t have been his, it didn’t fit right in the face, I can’t explain how but I just knew that wasn’t his real skin. I think he might be a skin dancer, a creature that wears the skins of others. I couldn’t stop your friend’s death but I managed to follow him back to the tanner’s.”

“Why couldn’t you stop it?”

“It saw me and said ‘beautiful drow skin to add to my collection it will go well with my Avariel shirt’ and started after me but he found the poet first. I was too scared to come back until I heard people screaming ‘Skinner!’. I don’t like things that want to wear me. One of my biggest fears, one of the ways my god keeps me in line.”

-Ah yes, I remember that how a few of us kept our chosen in line. “Don’t do this or I’ll skin you alive and let you stay that way.” Hehehe.-

“Okay, say I believe you, now what?”

“You can take your pointy stick-“


“Staff away from my neck and let me get up and we’ll get Minsc out of prison.”  

-I believe that you can trust her. Now ease up on your staff.- Anni did like Bhaal told her and let Ly climb to her feet.

“So let’s go get the gang, and I’ll tell them.”

“No first we finish with Haer’dalis.” Anni said solemnly.


Anomen and Jaheira walked cautiously through the graveyard, the last visit here had not been pleasant, but it was daylight and surely there wouldn’t be a repeat of the last incident. Nevertheless they were prepared if something happened, but they weren’t prepared for the sight that greeted them. Anni was there in bright robes of rose red, yellow and pink, while next to her was a drow dress in nothing more than a top that barely covered her small breasts and left her flat stomach for all to see, she also wore a skirt that was more a piece of cloth, it was down to mid-thigh and split on the sides. The drow didn’t make any attempt to hide from anyone but had a more of a “come look at me” look. Anomen stopped and took in the appearance of the woman. He had seen prostitutes wearing less that didn’t affect him like this woman did. Jaheira bumped into him when he suddenly stopped walking.

“Anomen, do not stop like that, you are like a steel mountain in that armor. Is there something wrong? Oh I see.” She smiled at the look on his face. “Do not look so shocked, you are a young man after all.”

“What? I never . . .  I mean-”

“Move tin monkey. I want this ceremony over as quickly as possible.”

“Why Edwina do you actually care for Haer’dalis and are uncomfortable at his funeral?” Jaheira asked.

“Of course not. I could care less. (I will miss his musing, just not the ones about me.)”

“So the wizard does have emotions for others. I wonder what other changes we will see in this new wizard of ours?”

“I am not your wizard, druid!”

“No, you are Anni’s. Love changes everyone.” A soft very un-Jaheira like smile crossed her lips. Edwina looked at her in surprise and started to sputter.

“I am not in lov-“

“What are you guys waiting for? Get over here.” Anni yelled from the grave sight. Edwina flushed as she turned away from her companions and walked to Anni’s side.

“Anni confessed that she loved Edwin, how can he not love her back?” Anomen asked quietly.

“Some people have a harder time resigning themselves to their emotions. I would know. Let us be done with this.”


After the funeral they retired to Ly’s guild house. She explained to them that after they had killed Mae’var she had been given the place for all her hard work and on the condition that she spy on Anni and the gang. When asked why they would need spying on, she simply shrugged and replied she just followed orders like a good little drone. She wasn’t very forth coming with information of how long she had been spying on them, she skirted the issue and would play with the ring on her hand. She explained that she wanted to journey with them, instead of spying from the shadows, she really hated spying.

They discussed the fact they had no thief with them, they would need someone to help with traps until they could free Imoen. Anni had suggested that they might need Ly after finding Imoen, she had a feeling that not all would be right with her. They tentatively agreed that they might need her. She had also mentioned the fact she knew one of the prisoners at Spellhold and that they would be able to help them. At that point Anomen had a confession to make.

“My younger cousin, Yuri was arrested and placed there I believe.”

“You mean Yuri Imlach, the most accident prone wild mage in Athkatla.”

“You know of my cousin?” Anomen was surprised, surely Yuri couldn’t be that accident prone.

“Of course, he works with the Shadow Thieves. He-“

“Yuri does no such thing! He comes from an honorable family.”

“Wow is this awkward. Yu never told you did he?”

“My cousin is not a Shadow Thief.” Anomen paretically growled in Ly’s face.

“Right and I’m not a drow. I’m just a heavily tanned golden elf.” Sarcasm laced her voice.  He had to be held back by Anni and Jaheira to keep him from launching himself at her. Anomen repeated himself and Ly rolled her eyes. “Yell all you want, would you like me to parade all the ones here who knows him? Where do you think he’s been able to acquire a licence for magic? From the thousands your father never gave him after Cahan’s death? Whom do you think has been there for him these past years, where do you think he’s been living? Whom do you think help him find out if Yusef was truly in love with Moira and not just using her? How do you think he’s been living for the last sixteen years? You never bothered asking him!” Ly was standing, her chair knocked to the ground, she was nose to nose with him. “I’ve been the one there for him, the Shadow Thieves have been his family, we have provided for him while your father spent every piece of gold that should have been his. Didn’t you wonder why money stopped rolling in when you turned eighteen? The Radiant Heart had stopped paying for Yuri, they finally found out that he wasn’t living with Cor and hadn’t been for years. He’s been living here in this very guild under Mae’var’s thumb until another wizard replaced him. He was free to do Aran’s bidding then. One order being, go to Spellhold and watch the mage Irenicus.” She fairly shouted into his face. Sensing what was going on, members of the guild rushed forward to grab her and stop her from doing something stupid, something she would regret.

“She is correct.  I replaced a wizard named Yuri when Mae’var hired me. (Too many wild bursts for Mae’var’s tastes.)” Anomen sat down with a thunk, his head in his hands, he was shaking his head over and over.

“No, it can’t be. Yuri went to live with one of his uncles, the one on his mother’s side. He wouldn’t lie to me.” He said half to himself.

“He didn’t lie. Aran Linvail, the Shadowmaster is his uncle. His uncle was making a power play most of Yu’s childhood and teen years. I was asked to guard Yu. We became best mates along the way. He must have told you about me.” The guild members ease off of Ly, letting her back on her feet, they moved back but still hovered nearby.

“He mentioned a drow friend but never told me the name. We saw so little of each other after Uncle Cahan died in the fire, he was supposed to live with me and Moira but he ran away. Another person in my life I was held back from because of Cor.”

“He was happy here. He was accepted for his skills with inventions and magic. We only had to rebuild the guild twice because of him.” She smiled in memory.

“To slip so far from grace, from honor, to thievery. If only I could have protected him.” It was Ly that had to stop her guild jumping him this time. “And to be replaced by the Thayvian of all people!” Jaheira had to hold back Anni and Edwina.

“Anomen if you have forgotten, Imoen is a thief. She’s been stealing drinks from Winthrop for the two of us since we hit puberty. It doesn’t make her any less of a woman because of it.”

“No it just made you drunks.” Jaheira muttered. She received a black look from said drunk.

“I was more suited to Mae’var tastes, I had no problem with my craft. (Do not tell me I comforted him! What is wrong with me? Must be this female form, yes that’s it.)”

“I apologize.  I did not mean to harm anyone’s feelings.” Anomen lifted his head out of his hands. Ly shooed her people out of the room and sat back down.

“Anomen I can understand your feelings but you must realize Aran only did what he could for Yuri. He is a good man, one that is offering to provide transportation to Brynnlaw. It’s where Spellhold is, where Yuri and Imoen are. I’m sure he’s taking good care of her.” She smiled slightly. -Very good care of her.- She thought to herself. Before any more could be said, a young man ran into the room with several others screaming. “What’s going on?”

“Bodhi, she’s attacking!”

“Clara gather the apprentices and get them out of her. Josh, send a message to Renal, and you go to Aran quickly!” She barked out the orders. “That’s our cue to play kiddies.” Ly unsheathed her short sword.  The blade was almost as black as her skin. “Anni and Edwina stick with me.  The rest of you follow Ellie back toward the fight. Keep them from entering the inner sanctum!”

“Wait why are we going with you?” Anni asked.

“I saw what happened when you last faced Bodhi, I have a whole guild to protect, I can’t let you rampage here. Maybe some other time but not here.” Ly lead the two women to a room and shoved them inside. “Stay in here! I don’t care what my god or Aran thinks if you hurt my people, I’ll hurt you.” She said before closing the door and locking it. She meant what she said, she truly hoped that she would be listened to, she didn’t feel like being at the mercy of her god for eternity.          

Bodhi looked on as her fledglings swarmed the guild house, their blood hooded cloaks protecting them from the sun. Beside her was Rejiek, the skin dancer under her employ. “I told you to take out the girl’s protector, but you merely had him imprisoned. I will give you one chance to redeem yourself. Her companions must be destroyed, Irenicus is concerned about the mage she travels with, she seems to have a semblance of control over the bhaal spawn. That is your target, kill the mage Edwina.” Bodhi watched the skin dancer enter the guild in all the chaos. She didn’t feel like having another encounter with the girl so soon. The last one had almost been deadly, who knew what power the girl had hidden away. Irenicus had better kill the girl once they were done with her, if not she had her plan.

And Ly for you drow lovers...
"Remember, blood is not only much thicker than water, it's much more difficult to get out of the carpet."~Phyllis Diller

"Death is the only inescapable, unavoidable, sure thing. We are sentenced to die the day we're born." - Gary Mark Gilmore

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The Destruction of Imoen
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The Destruction of Imoen

Yuri decided he liked cuddling. Not that he hadn’t done it before as a child with Ly but this was different. Ly had always been like a big security blanket, hiding with her when things among the Shadow Thieves got too tough. This cuddling was more, he knew he could kiss the one in his arms and get a response he had been craving since he first saw her. She was far from being Ly, he knew without a doubt that Imoen was his soul mate. Of course had Ly been listening she would have laughed her ass off. This was about the third time he thought he had found his mate in life. He knew that Ly had used his emotions to manipulate him into going to Spellhold, but he also knew it had been an order from Uncle Aran.

Either way he would have gone, but the way Ly had put it, it had sound romantic. Protecting the young lady from the clutches of the evil wizard. Yes, it had sound like something a hero like his other uncle would do. He like to think of his mission being that and not just watching over that creature Irenicus. He also like that Imoen had fallen for him and that she was letting him hold her while they slept. He knew that she felt the connection between them. At least that was what he was hoping.

Truth be known Imoen had more experience with women than he did. Oh he knew the mechanics of it, he just never did it. He, like his two cousins, had been raised with the belief that sex was only after marriage. Of course his young cousin Moira was breaking that rule since she met Yusef, they were hoping for a baby and soon, that way Cor and Saerk had to allow them to marry. Of course knowing Cor he might just murder one of them and set another fire but there would be no one to blame it on this time. Anomen couldn’t be blamed as he wasn’t a mage nor was Moira. Yuri was the only mage in the whole family, unless Cor was hiding something.

He wondered briefly if his Uncle Keldorn was watching over Anomen and Moira, he hoped so. Of course he hoped that his uncle was doing in his spare time, his uncle had a habit of putting his wife and daughters last and not thinking of the harm it did to them. In Yuri’s short life, Aunt Maria had threatened to walk out on him no less than three times. The last he heard she was actually seen with another man. Why did his family have to be so complicated?

As far as he knew Anomen and himself were the oldest virgins in the family. He grinned he knew he would lose his before Anomen ever thought of it, but then again if his friend had her way Ano was in for an experience of a lifetime. Yuri didn’t envy him, she was a handful and speaking of handfuls, his was awakening.

Imoen cuddled back into his warmth, not aware of the effects she was having on his body. She sifted in his arms, knowing he couldn’t be comfortable with her laying on his arm. Lonk had just opened the cells for the day, griping about the two of them being in the same cell. She still didn’t know how Yuri managed that. She was happy in his arms, he brought her comfort that she had never known was missing. Of course she could just be using him as a replacement for Anni. It had been hard on her when Anni had fallen in love with Edwin last year. She still couldn’t believe that she had fallen for such a self-centered person. He always was calling people “monkey” or was insulting them. He insulted Anni worse and worse as their time together went by.

By time they finished with Sarevok, Imoen had wanted to kill Edwin, but Tazok had done that. Unfortunately Jaheira saw fit to raise him at Anni’s instance, they hadn’t raised Dynaheira, but they raise him. She could suppose that she was still jealous. She still loved Anni in every way and it hurt that she couldn’t see what kind of person he was. It also hurt to think that the last time they were together, it had been pity sex. It was after Viconia...not she would not think of that. Even after Edwin left them, they never went back to being lovers, just very close friends and nothing more. Imoen almost wished that they were sisters, so they could share a bond that no one could ever come between.

Why was she thinking of all this? She questioned herself. Was she purposely trying to make herself miserable? Yuri apparently cared for her, even if she was a complete stranger to him. Love at first sight, he had told her. As far as she knew only Gorion, Puffguts and Anni had ever loved her. The idea that someone would love her when they had seen Anni was odd, most people reacted to Anni and brushed her off as childish and unworthy of attention, at least that kind. It wasn’t that Anni was super beautiful. Khalid  had once told her it was because she kept everything inside, that her beauty was one of misery or had it been mystery? Either way Imoen knew that her best friend did indeed keep her emotions under tight lock, along with her memories. They had disagreed many times over what people were told when they asked about their childhoods.

Anni wanted to pretend that everything had been fine, while Imoen wanted people to know about the racism that went on at the famous library castle. She wanted people to know that Gorion had been a man to stand up to it, that he was also a hero and not just for past deeds. Gorion had known about the racism and tried in vain for it to stop. He had never told Anni that he knew, but him and Imoen had talks at a length. She knew that Gorion knew she was half-dryad, something she had covered up for years. She had seen how the nobles and their children at Candlekeep treated Anni with her elven blood and had decided from day one not to let anyone know about her heritage, using potions of dark red to mask her pink hair. Gorion had understood. She missed that the most about him, he was the only one that treated her more than a child, like she was as smart as the next person. Kind of how Yuri was treating her. Yuri didn’t think she was a child at all or that she was childish. She couldn’t say that she loved him but she was starting to like him. It was hard not to like him, he was goofy but she could see inside him, he was just like her.

She had tested him the night before and told him about her being half human and he had just shrugged and said, “So?”. She had been at a loss for words. No one had ever just let something like a half breed go. Anni, Jaheira and Khalid were named heroes for defending Baldur’s Gate, but they still had received sneers from nobles and common folk alike. Jaheira and Khalid had ignored it but she could tell it bother Anni. Thinking of the time with the two women made her smile, she missed her friends. She wanted to be with them again, she wanted to go back in time and stop Anni and herself from ever leaving the protection of the city. Even if it meant that they would now be in prison. Surely it couldn’t be worse than what had happened? She wanted to erase all the bad things that had happened at the hands of Irenicus and Bodhi. She could say without remorse that Bodhi was a soulless creature. She wasn’t a woman, she was a disgusting... thingy. Irenicus had seemed more interesting in testing her than torturing her, while Bodhi was just looking for what she called fun.

“Are you cold?” Yuri asked as he felt her shudder.

“No, just some bad memories.”

“Don’t worry, you’re safe with me. No one will hurt you as long as I’m around, I promise.”

“Really, I would inquire to which lengths you would go to keep that promise.” Yuri turned his head in slow horror. It couldn’t, please for the love of Helm, please don’t let it be. Unfortunately Helm didn’t spare him the sight of the leather masked Irenicus. He pushed Imoen behind him as they sat up in bed.

“What do you want?” He demanded of the wizard.

“With you nothing, now the god child is another matter.” Yuri launched himself off the bed and went straight for his throat. Irenicus only batted him aside with one blow, he bounced off the wall, hitting his head and slumping to the ground.

“Imoen...” Yuri sighed as he lost consciousness.

“What are you going to do to me?”

“No more than I will do to your sister.”

“But I have no sister!” She was torn between checking on Yuri and cowering further back into the room. She was no hero, she was scared, she wanted to flee but he was blocking the door. She tried to think of what he was talking about. She remember her mother, a lone dryad with only a house and a tree. She remembered that men use to come to her mother because she was so beautiful. She knew she was an only child, she vaguely remembered a man in black calling her daughter but her mother told her that her father was dead. Could she have other sisters and brothers she didn’t know about? Wouldn’t her mother have told her before turning her over to Gorion? It hurt to think of her mother, how she saw the tree burning as Gorion and her left town. “Who is my sister?” Irenicus chuckled, it grated on her nerves.

“Now Imoen, after all this time you still can’t feel the link with your father? I will have to rectify that.”

“I never knew my father as far as I know he’s dead.”

“Yes, your father is quite dead, has been for some time. Your lesser siblings have been unsuited for my plans but you and Anni are perfect for Bodhi and I.” Imoen cringed at the name of the vampire. “But come Imoen, time is wasting.”

“I’m not going anywhere with you.” She shook her head.

“Imoen, I have been gentle with you up till now but I see force is necessary now.” He said as he closed in on her.


She tried to find the invisible seem in the glass but couldn’t. She was in a glass container, he had put her in it. Why was this happening to her? What was happening to her? She beat on the glass, trying to break it. But what good would it do her? She was trapped and there was no one to run to her rescue this time. She looked around and saw others in containers, they looked like thieves.  She could hear some of them screaming as green gas poured into their chambers, each one dropped to the ground, it was like watching a circle of death. She stared down at the floor of her chamber and waited for the gas to come into hers but instead she felt something dark and evil suddenly suffocating her. Invisible claws tore at her closed mouth, forcing it open and power ran into her mouth and inside her. She past out before it became painful.


This is not how I imagined things would go. Imoen was always the innocent one. I always left her alone, pressuring Anni to take care of her without actually telling her that Imoen was her sister. Considering what they did, I thought it would be best not to ever bring it up. As long as they were together and happy, I couldn’t care less what they did... I just made sure never to be in their minds when they did stuff. I knew Imoen and Anni loved each other, which I was very happy about. Imoen’s mother had listened to me when I instructed her in giving her to the old harper. I was a little sad that she had killed herself, she had been one of my more faithful but she had served her purpose. Now I was faced with Imoen, I had been rudely summoned into her and could feel something draining her, leaving only my taint behind. She faced me and stared at me.

“Who are you? What’s going on?” She looked around but everything here was pink, her favorite color and it was slowly draining away.

“I wanted to avoid this Imoen. I truly did.”

“Avoid what? Why is everything going black?”

“He’s taking your divine essence. He’s taking your soul, leaving just me behind.”

“Divine? What’s going on? Where am I?” She was starting to become anxious.

“You are my daughter, I am your father, I am Bhaal.”

“No this isn’t real! Irenicus is messing with my mind again! I’m not a Bhaalspawn! Anni is but not me. She would have known! Gorion would have known! Someone would have told me!” She was crying hysterically.  I walked to her and took her in my arms, she had never seen me in armor so I was able to appear as Bhaal the mortal and not the god. I held her even as her soul was taken from her. I was going to get my hands on Irenicus one way or another...


“Lonk! Let me out! Where is Imoen!?” Yuri screamed from inside the closed cell. He had been screaming for over an hour now, but not a soul answered. He sat down on the bed and ran a hand through his spiky blonde hair. Where was Imoen? As if the gods had heard him, the door opened and Imoen came inside. Her eyes were hollow, there was no one home as she just stood there as the cell closed again. “Imoen are you alright? Gods, I was so worried about you! Imoen?”

“So...empty.’s...gone.” He went to her and had her sit down on the bed. He took her face in his hands and looked at her. He couldn’t feel his connection to her anymore. Something was wrong but what he couldn’t figure out. He tried talking to her but she just stared right past him. She wasn’t seeing anything.

“Immy please talk to me what happened?”

“I can see’s so pretty.”

“Imoen! You’re not making sense what happen?”

“He took it from me...he stole it.”

“Stole what?”



Anni gripped her head as pain shot through it. Something was wrong, Imoen’s name kept coming in to her mind.

“What? What is wrong? (Besides the fact we are locked in a room during an attack and there’s a bed we could be using.)”

“Something bad happened to Imoen. I can feel it. I don’t know how but I can feel it, she’s always with me but now it feels like she’s gone.” She walked to the window and opened it, letting the sun shine on her, failing to warm a deep dark place inside of her. “Immy, what happened?” She clasped her hands around the symbol of Lathander, an oval cut pink quartz. It may not be dawn but the sun was out and shining. “Please, let my friend be guided by your light.” She prayed. Edwina came over and put her hands on her shoulders.

“I’m sure Imoen is fine.” At that moment a robin chose to fly onto the window sill and started to sing.
"Remember, blood is not only much thicker than water, it's much more difficult to get out of the carpet."~Phyllis Diller

"Death is the only inescapable, unavoidable, sure thing. We are sentenced to die the day we're born." - Gary Mark Gilmore

Your Saint of Hate The writings of a mad woman...

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Chapter 26 - The attack
« Reply #26 on: November 15, 2006, 01:51:54 PM »
Chapter 26 - The attack
Scribe: A little naughtiness bewteen two characters nothing really bad. I hope.

Anomen stood holding the holy symbol of Helm high as he chanted his lord’s prayer, repelling the vampires somewhat. They were staying back but they just decided to go around him, through the walls no less.

“No fair! That’s cheating, you sons of bitches!” Ly screamed as she brought her black blade down on a surprised vampire, piercing it’s heart. Another one jumped on her back, Jaheira was more than happy to slice its head off with her scimitar.

“I have dealt with vampires before, these are freshly created. They are easy to kill!” Jaheira commented as she swung at another one. They were filling the place like roaches over last night’s wastes. It was getting harder to tell who was a thief and who was a vampire, everyone appeared to be wearing black. No, she could feel that some of the hoods were drenched in blood but without going to feel each person before she attacked, it was impossible to tell everyone apart. Her infravision was useless as the hooded cloaks her thieves used showed up as room temperature and vampires naturally showed up dead but with the blood on the cloak, they too showed up the same. She might as well be a human, Ly thought with some disgust.

“They’re just trying to wear us down.” Anomen shouted between prayers, one vampire came too close and burst into flames.

“And ruin my guild while they’re at it!” She slashed at another vampire, there were too many of them, freshly made or not. The vampires were slowly overcoming them. Ly’s people were mostly apprentices, still learning the basics, most of them weren’t any where near ready to fight a guard, much less a vampire. The trainers, of which there were only five, she had sent to get her students out through the various escape routes, the rest she had sent ahead to warn the others and call for back up. She knew she could just shadow walk her arse out of this, but the others couldn’t get out as easily. “Damn it! We need magic!” She yelled and started towards the stairs but was jumped on by several vampires, crashing her down to the floor. The key to the room, where Anni and Edwina where locked in, slid out of her hand. One of the female vampires picked it up and swallowed it. “Ooh you are going to regret that!” Ly growled.


Anni was trapped. She didn’t know what to say or do. If she said yes, she wouldn’t be able to control what happened next, if she said no, it could ruin everything. She was scared of the lack of control. Control. That was what Jaheira was always forcing her to do. Control herself, control Bhaal, control the group, control everything. Why did it have to go on her shoulders? Her lack of control was clearly shown in the past ten-day. What had become of it? She had nearly killed her companions, Haer’Dalis was dead, she had almost killed herself, spent two days selfishly in bliss while her best friend was locked up with their tormentor and she somehow knew that something had happened with Imoen. She didn’t like the lack of control. Alright, she could admit to herself she liked when Edwin had taken control over the past two days, but she could use the excuse that she had been suffering from the lack of blood. No, that just cheapened their time together.

“Anni, are you going to answer me?” Edwina was smiling at her with a gleam in her eyes. Anni knew that gleam, it meant she was up to no good, well maybe good for her but something that Anni wouldn’t be able to control if she was given the go ahead. “It’s a very simple question. Do you trust me?” This had to be the most loaded question she had ever heard! This was coming from the man (woman) who didn’t take the time to translate his scroll enough and changed himself into a woman and then blamed it on her.

“Why? What are you going to do?” She asked cautiously. The wizardess frowned at her and sat on the bed.

“A simple thing really. Is it that hard for you to trust me?” Another loaded question! She wanted to trust Edwin, she really did, but everything was happening far too fast for her. Maybe, she could give in just this once. She hadn’t let anyone take control over her since her and Imoen were together. She missed those times, but she had grown up with her friend and knew that she could trust her. Imoen was really the only one she had trusted with all her heart since she had been separated from Sarevok when she was a child, part of her had never really trusted Gorion completely. Imoen was like her, though in hiding. Anni knew her little secret, it hadn’t been hard to figure out it out after they started sleeping together. Imoen was a half-breed of some sort, but what she didn’t know. Why she had never told Anni was a mystery to her. It was something else they could have shared in common. Whatever the reasons had been, Anni was face with Edwin asking her to trust him. She had been in love with him since she had met him but did she trust him? There was so much against him, he never trusted her with anything until they became intimate, but it felt as if he was still holding back from her. Why should she trust him when he obviously didn’t trust her?

“Do you trust me, Edwin?” She asked softly as she neared the bed. Edwina visibly swallowed and redden slightly. It looked like she hadn’t expected the tables to be turned on her. The wizardess looked away from her long enough for Anni to stand in front of her.

“Seems we’re at an impasse.”

“It’s not like that, you know that. I was taught as a Red Wizard to never put my trust fully in someone’s hands.”

“Let me guess, by your assassin friend?”

“His name is Master Dekaras, do not forget it!”

“You riled up about me forgetting a servant’s name? Gimme a break.”


“He is not just a servant.”

“Does he have long hair?”

“Yes, but s-“

“Then he’s just some servant. Must you listen to everything he taught you? He is not always right!” Something in Edwina snapped, she grabbed the half-elf by her belt and pulled her bottom up across her lap. Grabbing the hem of Anni’s robes she drew them up and exposed her bare bottom and raised her hand.

THWACK!  Edwina spanked her hard on the bottom. “You will never,” THWACK!, “refer to”, THWACK! “him as just”, THWACK! “some servant,” THWACK! “again!” THWACK! She composed herself as she let her hand rest on the half-elf’s bottom. “Do you understand?” She asked far more calmly. She took the braid of the girl in her hand and gently pulled it back until her neck was stretched tight. “Anni are you listening to me?”She had wanted to hurt Anni badly when she had spoken against Master Dekaras, now she was sorry that she had raised a hand against her lover. She noticed the girl’s face was flushed, her eyes closed, mouth slightly parted, but it wasn’t from anger or humiliation. No, Edwina knew that flush all too well. Slipping her hand down she found that Anni was wet. The spanking had had the opposite reacted that she had wanted the half-elf to feel, but this could be used to her advantage, a way to punish her without hurting her. She held the braid as tight as possible as her fingers slipped into the girl, who gasp and tightened her body around the woman’s fingers. Edwina moved her fingers expertly inside, she knew what Anni liked (She hadn’t known about the reaction to spanking though.). She felt the tightening of the half-elf’s body and right before she could climaxed, she pushed Anni off her lap and let her tumble to the floor.

“Why did you stop?!” Anni practically screamed in frustration. She had been so close, it was almost painful stopping when she was that close. She swore Edwin would pay once he was back in his own form.

“A punishment really. (Hmm... I should have paid attention to that book Imoen had shown me. The one Anni liked so much.)”

“Great way to get me to trust you.”

“That is not why you were punished and you know it. ( I know she is not that thick headed. Sometimes, yes, but not in this.)” Anni’s face reddened, and she looked away soothing her robes into place as she stood. She refused to make eyes contact as she when over to the door and tried the lock again. “Anni, what would you do if I told you Imoen was nothing more than a raging whore and the only reason you were rescuing her was because you missed your time with her?” Her back went ramrod straight and she turned on her, gritting her teeth.

“I would ask you where my staff is and show you exactly what I think of that statement.”

“You see the way you felt when I insulted Imoen and your love for her? That's how it felt when you insulted Teacher Dekaras.”

“Oh, I didn’t know.” Her face heated with embarrassment. “I understand you care for him, but not everything one person tells you is truth.”

“No, I suppose not, but then again you do not know Teacher Dekaras, just as I do not know Imoen as you do. (Though I wouldn’t mind, as long as she didn’t talk.)”

Anni was quiet for a moment and whispered her next question. “Have you slept with him?”


“Did you want to?” It was Edwina’s turn to go red, she opened her mouth and closed it without saying a word. “You know you can be honest with me.” She walked over to her and sat on the smaller woman’s lap.

“I have never considered such a thing. Teacher Dekaras is more... is too much of.... what I wish my father to be.” She said with a sigh.

“Well, that’s not what I expected. I wanted something to get back at you for this.” Anni crossed her arms in a huff and found herself pushed off Edwina’s lap a second time.


“My Mistress, I have the cleric, she is in the third floor room with the transformed wizard. It requires a special key.” The vampire said as she entered the shade were Bodhi was waiting with the other.

“Very good, where is the key?”

“I had to um... swallow it.”

“Why do I suffer these fools?” She asked herself. Snatching off the fledgling’s cloak, she put the vampire into the sunlight and laughed at the horror on the girl’s face as she turned into ash, leaving a key behind. “Take the key and kill the skin dancer, welcome yourself back into the mousey’s party.” She said to her companion.

“Yes, my Mistress.” He bowed and picked up the key then ran into Ly’s guild.


Ly had finally gotten the vampires of her back, literately, rolling on the floor until she was close enough to Anomen that the vampires burst into ashes. She quickly jumped to her feet and leaped over the banister running up the stairs. So far there were no vampires up here, the warrior priest was doing a good job of keeping away. She walked to the back, where she had stuck Anni and Edwina, and Ly’s ebony skin went as pale as possible when she realized she was faced with the skin dancer wearing Haer’Dalis. She clutched her black short sword and crept up behind his kneeling form, raising it she brought it down on his neck. There was no rush of blood, nothing to indicate she had just delivered a killing blow, in fact the skin dancer turned his head around, all the way, and looked at her. Staring into the eyes of the backwards head, she screamed and yanked out her blade. “No, no, this isn’t happening!” She started to raise the blade again, but a blow to the back of her head, knocked her out.

“Very good my friend, though I am sure I can handle this.” Rejiek said right before holy water was splashed into his face. The skin started to melt, the unholy magic holding it together coming undone. He screamed and tried to hold the skin together but a katana blade slashed off his hands and head. The skin dancer was dead. The killer set to his work and moved the drow out of the way and picked the lock.


Anomen never thought he would be happy to see the red and black cloaked Shadow Thieves as they poured into the guild, among them was Renal, who was proving his nickname, “Blood scalp.”.  The vampires soon took to retreating and victory was theirs. Anomen slumped against the wall as he finally stopped calling on the powers of Helm, leaving him to feel drained.

“Tell me where is that blasted drow of a guild leader of mine?”
"Remember, blood is not only much thicker than water, it's much more difficult to get out of the carpet."~Phyllis Diller

"Death is the only inescapable, unavoidable, sure thing. We are sentenced to die the day we're born." - Gary Mark Gilmore

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Chapter 27- Secrets
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Chapter 27- Secrets

“Praise be to Lolth, now I can finally end your wretched life.” The Matron Mother proclaimed as she shoved Akorxena into the spider pits where two of Lolth’s pets awaited her. Akorxena stared at the her Matron Mother  and her mother watching with tear filled eyes. She watched as her mother positioned herself behind the Matron and watched her try to push her into the pit. It failed and only ended up with Mother receiving a fail to the face.

“Pathetic as always my daughter. Thirty years with the Handmaidens should straighten you out.” The Matron laughed, not noticing her downed daughter sliding a small but sharp dagger to her child.

“Leave her alone you Lolth loving bitch!” She screamed after she had grabbed the dagger.  “By the grace of Eilistraee, I will kill you Ardulace!”  Matron Mother Ardulace just laughed as she ordered the quiet Solaufein to drag her daughter after her as they left the spider pits. He looked back only once, he signed to her, “Don’t give her the satisfaction.”, before leaving. He had seen the dagger but had done nothing to stop the deliverance of it. They both knew that he had meant for her to take her own life, not letting the spiders kill her. She would do it. “Eilistraee, protect my parents, save my mother from harm.” She whispered.


“Nau, l' orbben, nind’re ichl veir! Eilistraee sslig'ne ussta ilhar!” Anomen held down his patient as she struggled under the bindings. They had found her knocked out and bleeding from the head. He and Anni had immediately went to healing her as Renal stood there watching them. The head wound healed, they just needed to wait for her to wake up. It was always tricky with head wounds, one could stop the bleeding but damage was always done, he had seen his share of people who had one and were never the same. It had been over half a day, the sun well set, Anni had gone with the others to release Minsc, leaving him alone in the room with Renal and his patient.

“Do you know what she is saying?” He asked of Renal, curious of what would frighten a drow.

“From what I know orbben means spiders. Mae’Var would punish her by placing live spiders on her. From what young Yuri has told me, she is terrified of them. Very undrow like.” He mused. “Enough of this, send her to me when she awakens, tell her that her guild is in good hands and that she is free to travel with your leader.” Anomen meant to question Renal but when he looked up the thief was gone. He would never understand that, the ease of which thieves moved so quickly. Of course they didn’t act as pack mule for the party, nor did they wear forty pounds of armor. He and Minsc were the ones to carry the camping supplies, usually they alternated but Lady Jaheira and Lady Anni had insisted that he carry all the supplies for the full twenty hours it took them to walk to the graveyard. It might have had something to do with the remark he made about their friend Simon. He really needed to learn to keep his opinions to himself. Either that or find someone to sleep with in the party as it seemed Edwin could get away with murder with Lady Anni being in love with him. While he mused over this, wondering if perhaps Lady Jaheira would take to him (an idea that held no appeal to him), his patient opened her eyes and stared at him.

“How do you feel?”

“Why am I tied down? Planning on ravishing me?” Anomen blushed as he went to untie her.

“You were thrashing about. Lady Anni thought it would be best to tie you down so you would not hurt yourself.”

“I notice you didn’t once refer to me as Lady Ly, why is that, Anomen?” She asked with a mischievous smile.

“Forgive me, you have done so much for my cousin and I don’t know how to repay you.” He was leaning over her to free her other hand, as soon as it was free, she grabbed his hand, keeping him pinned above her. Her other hand came up and turned his face towards hers, bringing their lips very close together. “Um..Ly?”

“Anomen just be quiet for a change and let things happen.” She said as she kissed him throughly. When he pulled back, there was a look of surprise and shock on his face.

“Ly, we can’t possibly!”

“Why not? Are you unwilling? Am I not pretty enough for you?”

“No! I mean, no, it’s just that you’re a drow.”

“I am? I hadn’t noticed.” Anomen blushed, and started to say something but was stopped as Ly kissed him again. She didn’t have to hold in place, in fact he was holding on to her tightly, as if he was scared to stop. She took advantage of it and shimmed out of her split skirt and her short top and started on his armor.

“Wait we shouldn’t be doing this!” He said as he came up for air only to find her naked. Even as he spoke she still undid his armor and he unwittingly helped.

“Give me one good reason besides from I’m a drow.”

“This is the first time we have met.” He struggled to meet her eyes.

“Untrue. Yuri would take me often to watch over you. I watched you train to become a warrior priest. I’ve been lusting over you since you hit adult hood. We can talk later. Wait, how much time do we have until the others expect us?”

“One hour.”

“We’ll have to make due.”


“Oh happy day this is! Minsc and Boo are free!” The giant Rashemen picked up Boo in one hand and Anni in his other, hugging them both gently. The hamster started to squeak immediately and he put Anni back on the floor and intently focused on what the hamster was saying. He nodded several times and then let Boo rest on his shoulder. “Minsc thinks it best if witch goes back alone while he has words with”


“I think the stone headed oaf wants to speak with me.(This female form, that is what is lessening my insults to be sure.)”

“O...k. I’ll see you guys at the Sea’s Bounty.” She turned and started back to the inn. On her way she wondered what the two had to talk about that Minsc didn’t want her to hear. She shrugged it probably was of no import.

“Now what did you want?” Edwina asked but found herself being picked up by the front of her robes by the berserker.

“Boo told Minsc all about what evil wizard did. Evil wizard is telling witch, she's not a good friend unless she does what he says! Good friends don't say things like that, and it might make witch cry! AND if Evil wizard makes witch cry ,Minsc will make Evil Wizard cry harder!” He shook the “evil” wizard just to get his point across. “Boo knows what Evil Wizard does, so Minsc knows! Step carefully Evil One. Next time Minsc will not be so gentle! Next time Minsc will sic harpy on you!” He dropped Edwina and glared at her.

“I don’t have any idea what you’re talking about. (The lummox has gone insane.)” Minsc apparently heard her and turn and slapped her ass with his hand, harder than Edwina had ever done to Anni. “Alright, alright! I get the shoddy point!”

“Next time, you will feel the boot heel of goodness!”


On her way back to the inn, she saw a familiar figure. Running forward she threw her arms around him, and he around her. He buried his hand deep into her hair and brought her braid forward to kiss it. To the people around them, they looked like lovers, to the Red Wizard watching it looked like cheating. She stood in the shadows, casting invisibility, to get closer.

“Still using lilac soap for you hair, I see.” The man spoke.

“You know it’s my favorite scent.”

*How did he know that? I didn’t even know about that!* Edwina thought.

“Yes, how can I forget when you washed my clothes in it. You had me smelling like a flower for a week.”

“Oh don’t complain, Yoshi. It’s better than sinking up the place.” She giggled.

*She’s giggling! Giggling!*

“Yes, but you were not the one sneaking up on our enemies. How else do you think that black dragon smelled me?”

“True. Speaking of sneaking, let’s go back to my room.” They linked arms and continued on their way.

*... How could you? I thought you loved me? (I can’t even think of a snappy comeback to cheer me up.)*


Anni and Yoshimo were just walking into the Sea’s Bounty and straight into an argument. Jaheira stood there in her green tunic and brown pants, apparently all ready to settle down for the night, watched the man in front of her screaming his head off.

“-Accused me of breeding slaves in Calimshan!  My businesses in Athkatla were taken!  I was made a pauper and you do not even remember?!”

“I remember well, but I wanted you to say it, and I wanted others to hear.  Quite the outburst, Mister Ployer, I assume you are still at odds with your new life?”

“ is the type of insolence I was talking about! It is not enough that you ruin a man, you must also berate him!”

“MISTER Ployer, I wanted you *dead* instead of merely humiliated! The courts did not seem to think death was warranted, so they claimed your assets instead. That you live in poverty is gratifying, if you must live at all!  I would suggest you change your tone.  I am not in a mood for giving charity to old slavers!”

“Haven't lost your fire, I see.  Still a Harper?  This scrawny lout one too?  That fellow Khalid you were once with was a better compliment.  Is he here as well?”

“He is none of your concern. If you value your teeth you will not speak that name again. You dirty it.”

“You leave Khalid’s soul out of any arguments, if you know what’s good for you. Only one person can speak badly about him and that’s his wife.” Anni growled as she can to stand next to her friend.

“I see, more Harper friends?”

“Oy, mate are you making trouble in my neck of the woods? Let me introduce you to my little friend.” Ly said as she got up from the table she was sharing with Anomen, a tousled, flushed Anomen, whose armor wasn’t completely back in the right order. She pulled out her black blade and stood with the others.

“Not that it matters to me in the least but I would prefer to speak with this half-elf. So go bother someone else.”

“I see. This is not the end of this Harper bitch and your friends will pay for interfering.” Ployer stated as he walked past the four women. Anni stuck her foot out and tripped him. Ployer sprawled on the floor, only to find a boot on his back.

“Crawl out of here, male worm.” Ly growled, her blade ready to strike. He had no choice but to follow her instrutions, causing the bar to laugh. Jaheira was laughing the loudest, Edwina just glared at Anni, whom didn’t notice. They all went to the table for dinner, and to Edwina’s disappointment her usual spot next to Anni was taken by the newcomer. Frustraited and angry, she went to her room without anything to eat.


Anni felt like she was swimming, gently rocking back and forth. The sun caught in her eyes but it didn’t bathe her skin and now that she thought about it, the water felt more like solid metal on her back. The night’s events were blurry but she remember having to sleep alone, that something had gotten into Edwin, causing the wizardess to slam the door in her face without a word. Opening her eyes she realized that she was in a cage. Her second realization was that she was naked. “What’s going on?”

“Oh look, sleeping beauty decided to join us.” Edwina’s curt voice cut across her skin. Looking around her, Anni could see Jaheira, Edwina and Ly also imprisoned. They were all awake, Ly was rocking back and forth in hers, while Jaheira stared out of the little window, Edwina just glared at her.

“What’s going on?” Anni said slowly, as if that would stop the pounding in her temples.

“Ployer’s last laugh on me. He’s sending us to Calimshan, as slaves.” Jaheira replied in a dull voice.

“You *got* to be kidding me!”
"Remember, blood is not only much thicker than water, it's much more difficult to get out of the carpet."~Phyllis Diller

"Death is the only inescapable, unavoidable, sure thing. We are sentenced to die the day we're born." - Gary Mark Gilmore

Your Saint of Hate The writings of a mad woman...