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willie bruce's sources
« on: January 10, 2006, 06:17:57 AM »
(from VoiceofWillie, reposted here...)

Where Willie gets it from and what he is like:
Much of the dialouge in the Willie Bruce mode is either heavily influenced by, or largely ripped from various sources - movies, TV shows, comedy, real life. I doubt this list is conclusive, but it covers pretty much all the dialouge I can put my finger on, as I write it. Some of the list is specifically Willie's stuff, other things have more to do with the "chavs" and "gofs", yet others are merely general influence.

TV Shows
-The Young Ones
-Eastenders - especially Frank Butcher
-Only Fools and Horses
-Little Britain
-The Fast Show
-Southpark (for the goths)
-Harry Enfield
-Nathan Bailey

-Anything with Ray Winston in it
-Lock Stock and 2 SMoking Barrels
-the "Carry On" series of movies
-Oliver - the 60's musical and similar such films such as 1/2 a sixpence

-Chris Morris
-Bill Bailey
-Mike Reid
-Jim Davidson
-Ben Elton
-Alexi Sayle
-Ali G
-Ricky Grover

-Audio Bullies
-Chaz 'n Dave
-Jungle music (specifically mid 90's Jungle music - not Drum & Bass in general)

-Viz Magazine - especially "Cockney Wanker"
-misc wannabe cocknies who live in the Medway area (UK)
-a few legitimate cocknies who moved from London to Kent
-misc chavs (including some of my family memebers and their mates) in/around Chatham (UK)
-The Medway Towns in general (UK)