Author Topic: Welcome to Miss E's Portrait Pack - FAQ  (Read 3452 times)

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Welcome to Miss E's Portrait Pack - FAQ
« on: January 06, 2006, 11:41:16 AM »
Since I seem to have OCDD Obsessive Compulsive Drawing Disorder), I thought I could put this to good use and make some of my pieces into portraits (as well as having adumping ground for my new work as they turn up!)

The premise is simple - if you want to lend a hand, be it in re-sizing, re-colouring, sirting out new backgrounds or manipulating any of the images I post here (which will eventually be assembled into something resembling a downloadable Portrait Pack) either stick a note here or PM me (so I can keep a track of where my images are!). Post up or send me copies of any portraits people make from these images - variations of similar portraits can be then put in the pack so there's a nice, wide choice :) .

All pictures posted here are original works by me - None of them are photo manips / overpaints. All are painted / draw by hand from scratch, using various media. Copywrite to these images still belongs to me, but I am allowing people here to use these images free of charge (so there's the legal standpoint sorted!)

Eventually I'd like to get a set of portraits that could be used as alternatives for the extant BG NPC portraits, but the focus at the moment is simply on creating a new set of portraits people can use as they want to (either for their PCs or to replace whatever they want).

All pictures posted here currently are in the 'G' format - 210 x 330. Their 110 x 170 and 40 x 60 versions will posted along side as soon as I get around to resizing them again (if they are worth re-sizing!)

Having someone who is capable of weidu-upping these portraits into a pack would also be very gratefully received!! :D

Most of all - have fun and don't be worried about volunteering / asking questions / posting up suggestions etc.  :-D

Lots of love

NB: I have all the originals, at much larger resolutions! If you do want to work on any piece, I'll send it along to you as it is easier to work on larger pieces!