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Some drow sites that are interesting. I'll add more links when I find them.

Drow Dictionary
Drow site
Another Drow site
Drow Info
Drow Names

For Time lines, Calendars, Festivals, and "Wisdom" of the Realms: Yet Another Forgotten Realms Web Page

For Drow to Common Translations: House Maerdyn

To know your enemies and yourself: The Dlabraddath Net

Monstrous Manual Index

I would also recommend these link for plane knowledge :

      The second has free books for download with various information about Toril :

Mziln d' Nau Qu'ellar:
Then there is of course: Drow Proverbs :evil:

just one comment: in Russian "male" and "female" are often used as adress to smb. among common folk


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