Author Topic: Spoilers/Previews for Madanoís mod  (Read 3597 times)

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Spoilers/Previews for Madanoís mod
« on: December 04, 2005, 09:22:20 AM »
All right, Iíve decided to create a topic where I can place spoilers and previews. I donít really like giving spoilers too often, especially not in this stage of development, but when I do feel like it Iíll post it here. :-) And just to make this clear: I wonít always post banters/conversations, sometimes itís just spoiler information about the mod (for instance about their relation with other NPCís).

If I have something to say about what Iíve posted here, then Iíll post that in the comments topic; along side with whatever comments/suggestions/critic you might want to share about it. :P With that being said, letís move on to the first preview. :-D

Area specific banter for the illusionary circus tent:

Madano: This place looks quite good.
Arvan: Do not believe the illusion, Madano. This cannot be real.
Madano: And how will believing these surroundings harm me?
Arvan: It will not. But the reality will be disappointing compared to this.
Madano: Would I feel the water, if I believe it is there?
Arvan: Illusions are not my specialty.
Madano: Perchance we could keep these surroundings for a time?
Arvan: Probably not. Adventurers are not known for good taste - or patience.
Madano: True. A pity, really. This place is suitable for noblemen, although there should be more books and a nice fireplace.   
Arvan: At least you show good taste.
Madano: Hm, that spider would have to go, though.
Arvan: Some chairs might be nice, as well.
Madano: So true.
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