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FinnJO's Subrace Mod for BG2
« on: October 09, 2005, 10:56:27 AM »
finnJO also seems to have disappeared, but since he was once a moderator for this board, as well, I thought I'd go ahead and upload his version of a BG2 Subrace mod.  It was previously available on TeamBG, but was lost with the death of the same.


*                                                                               *
*  Subrace mini-mod for Baldur's Gate 2 v1.0               *
*               author: FinnJO                                           *
*                                           *
*                                                                               *

The purpose of this mod is to add subraces to Baldur's Gate II. The subraces are based
partially on 3rd edition AD&D rules as in Icewind Dale II and partially on 2nd edition AD&D
rules. This mod works on Baldur's Gate II with Throne of Bhaal installed (I'm not sure if it
works with Baldur's Gate II without Throne of Bhaal (Haven't tested it, but propably

This mod uses weidu installer so it should be compatible with any other mods
available (just remember to istall all non-weidu mods before istalling any weidu mods).
To install this mod, just extract all the files in your BGII game path and then run
Setup-BGII-Subrace.exe. This mod has four different parts and the installer will ask about
installing every part seperately. To uninstall one or more parts, just run the
installer again and it asks about uninstalling or reinstalling every part seperately. The
first part is the main subrace-mod and the other three are discussed below:

The second part of this mod is called: GUI changes for subrace mod. If you choose to install
this part, it changes the character record screen so that your subrace will show where your
race would normally show (or else it will be shown over your characters name in the record
screen and under the name in the inventory screen). **Do NOT install this part if you have
installed a mod which changes the appearance of your inventory and/or character record
screens in the game!**

The third part of this mod is discussed later on.

The fourth part is called BG1 stat bonuses is not actually a part of the subrace-mod but
another, very small mod, which basically gives your character the stat bonuses which you
would get from various tomes in Baldur's Gate 1 and, naturally, would have them with an imported character. The bonuses are as follows: +1 to Strength, Dexterity, Constitution,
Wisdom and Charisma. (You do not have to start a new game to get the bonuses). Some people will propably consider using this mod as cheating, but I see it more as a convenience (as
you don't have to play BG1 thru every time you start a new game to max your stats).

Now we get back to the main-mod...

To use the subraces in BGII you do not have to start a new game. After you have created your character and started a new game or loaded an old game, after a small delay you get a
dialogue window with the choises for your subrace. You will also have a choice of NOT
choosing a subrace if you, for example, start a new game with an imported character that
already has a subrace.

All NPCs in your game will also have subraces after installing this mod. Below is a list
of NPCs that have any changes (NPCs like Nalia or Anomen naturally have no changes to
their normal race):

- Aerie: Avariel (treated as a moon elf)
- Jaheira: Half-Sylvan Elf
- Haer'Dalis: Tiefling (suprise, suprise...)
- Viconia: Drow (another suprise...)
- Jan Jansen: Rock Gnome
- Mazzy Fentan: Strongheart Halfling
- Korgan: Shield Dwarf

Now here is where we come to the third part of the mod, which is called Alternate NPC
subraces. This mod is for those who have played BG II thru 100+ times and wish to have some
variety to the NPCs. It changes some of the NPCs' subraces to a different than their
normal, more obvious subrace (changes also the characters appearance). Four NPCs have the
alternate subraces at the moment (and more might be implemented later):

- Imoen becomes a tiefling.
- Jaheira becomes a half-drow (just her appearance changes).
- Jan Jansed becomes a svirfneblin.
- Keldorn becomes an aasimar.

And back to more important matters...

In the following are listed all the subraces you get:

**NOTE: Be sure to also read the known bugs section at the end of this file before using
  this mod!**


HUMAN: Just a basic human with no particular advantages or disadvantages.

AASIMAR: Aasimar carry the blood of a celestial being, the begotten offspring from the union
of a mortal and a deity. Aasimar are usually good aligned and fight against evil in the
world. They typically have fair skin, golden eyes, and often a birthmark in the shape of the
deity’s holy symbol. Aasimar are blessed with insight and personal magnetism and are
typically paladins.
- ADVANTAGES: +1 to Wisdom, + 1 Charisma, Infravision, Sunfire 1/day, and +25% to Acid,
  Cold, and Electrical Resistances.
- DISADVANTAGES: -10% experience modifier.

TIEFLING: The infernal counterpart to aasimar, tieflings are humans with a hint of the
diabolical in their bloodline. Though their appearance is mostly human, they often have
telltale signs that belie their ancestry. Tieflings usually have dusky skin and dark or
reddish hair. Though many sport small horns, cat eyes, or other bizarre features, most
tieflings try to hide their abnormalities from humans.
- ADVANTAGES: +1 to Intelligence, +10 Stealth, +1 to Dexterity, 25% to Cold, Fire, and
  Electrical Resistances, can cast Blindness 1/Day and Infravision.
- DISADVANTAGES: -1 to Charisma, and -10% experience modifier.

GENASI: Genasi are descended from elemental-related creatures, such as efreet, dao, djinn,
jann, and marids, among others. Most of them have had no direct contact with their elemental
forebears, but the signs of their heritage are apparent. Genasi take great pride in their
distinctive features and abilities.
- ADVANTAGES: Infravision.
- DISADVANTAGES: -10% experience modifier.

  Different genasi also have their own racial advantages and disadvantages:
  -  AIR GENASI: +1 to Dexterity and Intelligence, -1 to Wisdom and Charisma, Breathless
     (immunity to spells like stinking cloud), and Free Action 1/day.
  -  EARTH GENASI: +1 to Strength and Constitution, -1 to Wisdom and Charisma, and Non
     Detection 1/day.
  -  FIRE GENASI: +1 to Intelligence, -1 to Charisma, and Burning Hands 1/day.
  -  WATER GENASI: +1 to Constitution, -1 to Charisma, and Ice Storm 1/day.


SHIELD DWARF: Shield Dwarves are short stocky humanoids with ruddy cheeks, dark eyes,
and dark hair. Though there are exceptions, they tend to be a dour and taciturn people.
- ADVANTAGES: +1 THAC0 vs. orcs, goblins, and bugbears and +4 to AC vs. giants.

GOLD DWARF: In a time when the dwarven race is in sad decline, the gold dwarves of the
Realms received a divine gift from Moradin, the Soul Forger. The father of the dwarven
gods granted the Thunder Blessing upon his people, resulting in a slow growth of the
gold dwarf population. Though its effects may not be felt for decades, gold dwarves are
already starting to re-establish themselves in the Realms as shrewd traders and proud, if
somewhat haughty, warriors.
- ADVANTAGES: +1 to Charisma, +1 to THAC0 vs. Elves, Mind-Flayers and Spiders, +4 to AC vs.
- DISADVANTAGES: -1 to Dexterity

DUERGAR: Duergar of the Forgotten Realms live even deeper underground than their shield
dwarf and gold dwarf cousins. The duergar share little in common with other dwarves and
practice slavery in their monstrous subterranean cities. Often motivated by greed and a
thirst for power, gray dwarves are known throughout the Realms as devious, efficient
warriors. Duergar almost always have gray hair and skin.
- ADVANTAGES: +4 to AC vs. giants, can cast Invisibility 1/Day, Immunity to Paralysis, +20   to Stealth.
- DISADVANTAGES: -1 to Charisma, -20% experience modifier, -2 to THAC0 and saving
  throws when outside during the day.

ARCTIC DWARF: Arctic dwarves, who call themselves the Inugaakalikurit, are the isolated
inhabitants of Faerun's northernmost reaches. Native to mountains at the heart of the Great
Glacier and other northernly regions, arctic dwarves are little known to the outside world.
Arctic dwarves are squat and hardy, whith blocky bodies, pinched faces, and stubby legs.
Their hair is white and skin almost bluish white, but because of their fondness for basking
under the bright sun, many of them are sunburned red from head to toe, a condition that
causes them no discomfort or other ill effects.
- ADVANTAGES: +2 to Strength, 100% cold resistance, +1 THAC0 vs. orcs, goblins, and
bugbears, and +4 to AC vs. giants.
- DISADVANTAGES: -1 to Dexterity and -20% experience modifier.


MOON ELF: Moon elves tend to be shorter and slimmer than humans with delicate features.
Moon elves are generally looked upon as being frivolous and aloof.

DROW: Drow, also known as dark elves, are the subterranean cousins of high elves.
Their black skin and pale hair are a curse for their allegiance with the spider goddess,
Lolth. Drow societies are usually ruled by cruel clerics of Lolth and their noble houses.
Dark elves are known for their arrogance, cruelty, and penchant for civil war.
- ADVANTAGES: +1 to Intelligence, +1 to Charisma, Magic Resistance of 50% and +2% every
  level thereafter to a maximum of 80%, +2 to all Spell Saves and Faerie Fire 3/Day.
- DISADVANTAGES: -20% experience modifier, and -1 to THAC0 and saving throws when outside
  during the day.

WILD ELF: The very rare wild elves are rarely seen by others, because they live in the heart
of thick forests and they have incredible skill at keeping hidden. Also called green elves,
their skin tends to be a dark brown, and their hair ranges from black to light brown,
lightening to silvery white with age.
- ADVANTAGES: +1 to Constitution
- DISADVANTAGES: -1 to Intelligence

SUN ELF: Of all the elven races, sun elves are the most arrogant and haughty and they
distance themselves from nonelf races and often won't let such "lesser beings" into their
lands. The majority of Faerūn's sun elves live on Evermeet and are famed for their command
of both arcane and divine magic. Sun elves have bronze skin and hair of golden blond,
copper, or black.
- ADVANTAGES: +1 to Intelligence
- DISADVANTAGES: -1 to Dexterity

SYLVAN ELF: Sylvan elves, or wood elves as they also are known, descended from the same
stock as other elves. However, they prefer to live a more primitive lifestyle, more in touch
with their roots in the primeval forests they have made their homes. Wood elves tend to have
darker complexion than their cousins and yellow to coppery-red hair.
- ADVANTAGES: +1 to Strength
- DISADVANTAGES: -1 to Intelligence and Charisma


ROCK GNOME: Kin to dwarves, rock gnomes are noticeably smaller than their distant cousins.
(Gnomes, as they proudly maintain, are also less rotund than dwarves.) Most have dark tan
or brown skin, white hair, and rather large noses.
- ADVANTAGES: + 1 to hit vs. kobolds, goblins and hobgoblins, +4 AC Bonus when attacked by
  giant sized creatures (ogres, giants).

SVIRFNEBLIN: Also known as deep gnomes, the deep gnomes of the Realms are a secretive,
mysterious race. Found in the deepest caverns of the Underdark, the svirfneblin live in
constant fear of slavery or destruction at the hands of dark elves, mind flayers, and
duergar. Deep gnomes are legendary for their ability to handle stone and gems. They have
gray skin and white hair.
- ADVANTAGES: +1 to Dexterity, +1 to Wisdom, +20 to Stealth, Magic
  Resistance of 50% and +2% every level thereafter to a maximum of 80%, + 1 to hit vs.
  kobolds, goblins and hobgoblins, +4 bonus to AC, Mirror Image 1/day, Invisibility 1/day,
  Blur 1/day and Nondetection.
- DISADVANTAGES: -2 to Charisma, -1 to Constitution and -30% experience modifier.


LIGHTFOOT HALFLINGS: Lightfoot Halflings are short, generally plump people, much like small
humans. Their faces are round and broad, and often quite florid. Their hair is typically
curly, and the tops of their feet are covered with coarse hair.
- ADVANTAGES: +1 to all saving throws.

STRONGHEART HALFLINGS: While the lightfoot halflings value the experience of travel and the
sight of new lands and peoples, the stronghearts are a more organized, orderly, and
industrious race. They build to last, and fiercely defend their homelands against threats
that their lightfoot kin would simply flee.
- ADVANTAGES: +1 to axe profiency.

GHOSTWISE HALFLINGS: Ghostwise halflings are the feral, reclusive cousins of lightfoot and
strongheart halflings. They are found most often in the southern forests of the Realms
living in small communities. Ghostwise halflings are rarely seen in large cities, but
occasionally set out to explore the world for reasons known only to themselves. Visitors to
ghostwise settlements often report that the halflings have a kinship so tight with their
fellows that they can communicate without speaking.
- ADVANTAGES: Set Snares 3/Day.


All half-elves have the same advantages and disadvantages, regardless of their heritage.
There are five subraces of half-elves: Moon, Drow, Wild, Sun and Sylvan half-elves.




**NOTE: The racial modifiers listed here are the ones after BGII's normal racial modifiers**


There is actually only one known bug at the moment, but if you run in to any others please
let me know!

- If a svirfneblin or a drow characters level is raised when dayblind, his/hers THAC0 and
  saves will be raised of their normal values after going out of the sun. This change
  however last only till next level up, because the game sets the characters THAC0 and saves
  to certain value determined by his/hers level (which actually causes the bug in the first
  place). So every time you'r drow or svirfneblin character has enough XP to level up, make
  sure your character ain't dayblind while doing so (otherwise you're cheating!!! heh...).


This mod was made using Westley Weimer's WeiDU, Infinity Engine Editor Pro, Gafware's
BAMWorkshop and DLTC Editor Pro.

Thanks to:

- Westley Weimer
- TeamBG
- Everyone involved in creating, updating and maintaining the IESDP modding tutorial
- Welverin (for the idea of making this mod and how to make it. Check his subrace mod
  for BG2 at: "")


BALDUR'S GATE II: SHADOWS OF AMN, BALDUR'S GATE II: THRONE OF BHAAL: © 2000, 2001 Bioware Corp. All Rights Reserved.

Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale, Torment, Planescape, the Planescape logo, Forgotten Realms, the
Forgotten Realms logo, Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, the AD&D logo, and the TSR logo are
trademarks of TSR, Inc., a subsidiary of Wizards of the Coast, Inc, and are used by
Interplay under license. All Rights Reserved. Interplay, the Interplay logo, Black Isle
Studios, the Black Isle Studios logo, and "By Gamers, For Gamers." are trademarks of
Interplay Productions. All Rights Reserved.

The BioWare logo is the trademark of BioWare Corp. All Rights Reserved.
All other trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners.
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FinnJO's Subrace Mod for BG2
« Reply #1 on: February 07, 2006, 05:29:12 PM »
Download link updated.
<theacefes> dude im a lesbian
<theacefes> how the fuck am i mormon