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Vincent FAQ
« on: October 04, 2005, 01:51:08 PM »
I'm a Tigerspyke- The creator and such of this mod.  Moongaze is the primary writer, and helper if i get confused on some of the code stuff.


Who is Vincent?
He is a Human Brawler Fighter NPC

What Class is he?
Primary class Fighter- Kitted to be a Brawler.  Brawlers are monks without the special abilities in the punches or the holy aptitude.

Where will I find him?
Slums or Copper Coronet, wait and find out.

Is he Romanceable?
Edit *No* But he will romance certain NPC's if not being romanced by the PC.

Who's working on him?
Creator Shadow, Writer Moongaze

Coder - Shadow, and Moongaze (if I get confused)

Mentors-  Mistress Elysia, Zyrean, Nethrin, and alot of other who provided me with input inside the Mod Idea forum when Vincent was just in the concept phase.

Vincents portrait is being drawn by Mistress Elysia.

Who does he talk to?
Vincent will banter with all Bioware NPCs at least twice, some more. there will even be a romance between him and a Bioware if the PC is male and not romancing her, or is female and not romancing him.

Does he have any quests?
Yes, 2 quests - 1 in SoA and 1 in ToB. The SoA quest will be resolved during the underdark phase of the game, and the ToB quest will involve the item gotten at the resolution of the SoA quest.

Will he be Bohdi-napped?
Yes, But getting him back is gonna be a interesting circumstance.

Will his romance carry on in ToB?
Yes most likely, but undecided at this point

Will there be a flirt pack?

Will he romance in the underdark?
Maybe, but certain things occur in the underdark that will alter things possibly.... can't give any spoilers though.

How many LTs are we talking?
Ummm... check back later for a update on that.

Is he voice acted?
Not yet.  Though if i can figure it out I'll possibly do it myself.

When will he be released?
When me and Moongaze feel he is worthy of public release.