Author Topic: download kindrek v2.3  (Read 3570 times)

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download kindrek v2.3
« on: April 06, 2005, 07:07:26 PM »
download kindrek v2.3 here.

here are the versions histories:

v1: The initial release of the Kindrek Mod.

v1.1: Fixed the regenerating bug. Kindrek will now regenerate no matter what the situation.

v1.2: Expanded interjections; Kindrek more intolerant; rudimentary voicing.

v1.3: Extensive voicing added (all banters and a few interjections voiced).

v1.4: New Kindrek scripts added; ChatPack voiced; fixed minor coding problems; notices wizards in party (including modded ones); notices if the PC dual-classes into wizard.

v1.5: Kindrek-PC indecent proposal (Anomen conflict); a couple re-voiced .tp2 lines.

v1.6: Fixed problem with Imoen starting banters with Kindrek; fixed interjection bugs and typos.

v1.7: Fixed audio uninstall; more typos fixed; revoiced lines in NPC banters; talk-fixer added to chatpack.

v1.8: Fixed pdialog.2da difficulties; fixed infinite looping Volo dialog if Kindrek is not in party.

v1.9: Added short quest for Kindrek to get a chance to kick some serious wizard-ass; new, better portrait added; proposition music added...

v2.0: Fixed interjection bug which kept Neb, the child killer, from appearing; fixed various interjection errors; added code to keep Kindrek from carrying magical items in his inventory; added lich interjections; got rid of the glowing effect on Disruptor.

v2.1: When you give Kindrek a magical item, he gives back a little something in return...

v2.2: Well, Kindrek would not make it past spellhold because he became unselectable after the PC-torture scene. This is due to his immunities. Being immune to spell levels also means being immune to bioware's cutscenes! So when the cutscene made all party members save <CHARNAME> unselectable, then tried to release them via a spell effect, it had no effect on Kindrek. So, in order to make Kindrek a playable mod, I had to remove his spell level immunities. Unfortunately, now he is a *huge* muchkin! I gave him huge magic resistance (trying to preserve the spirit of the mod), but now he can be affected by friendly spells. ARGH! I can see no way around this conundrum--this is the only way to make him a playable mod. I have coded in specially to make him immune to all the friendly spells that were available in NI (haste, cure disease, cure blindness, cure deafness, cure paralysis, cure confusion, invisibility, remove curse, remove fear, remove paralysis, restoration, slow poison, and flesh to stone). This may be an incompatibility between the original game and the Kindrek mod that I cannot overcome. Sorry, folks. He works now, but he is diminshed as a mod. _o0o_

v2.3: Interjection tweaking. A lot of it. Altered Kindrek's joining options--it is now possible not to take him initially and yet pick him up later.