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Re: Reviews of the Saerileth Mod
« Reply #60 on: March 18, 2008, 10:25:49 AM »
Registered here to be able to perform a review of the Saerileth mod with which i have recently re-played both SoA and ToB.

Version: Played Version 13

Other mods/patches: ToB patch 26498, BG2 Fixpack V6 and the NPC flirtpack V101.

I don't think an overview of the character in question is necessary since this review is solely intended for this forum and the authors. So, with that out of the way, let's go straight to the mod. I should mention that i played through both Shadows of Amn and Throne of Bhaal using the easiest difficulty, since the game interested me less then the Saerileth mod. (Having played through both game and expansion about 15 times).

Portrait 5/5: Very nice portrait, one of the main attractants drawing me to the mod in the first place as i was perusing the web for new spice for the Baldur's gate series.. It shows a youthful yet interesting characterization, perfectly painting a live and mental picture of the 15-year old chosen/paladin of Tyr.

Balance 4,5/5: Since i only played the game on easy mode, feel free to disregard this part. I found her to be well-balanced, having her use a combination of Shield of Balduran/Equalizer/Daystar and later on the Holy Carsomyr. Her stats are not ridiculous and none of the items recieved through the Saerileth mod are overpowered. She did her part like any other core-Bioware NPC (i later put all her weapon skill points on 2h-sword/2h-weapons)

Character 5/5: At first i was skeptical; A Paladin/chosen of Tyr at 15 years of age sounded like a good formula for extremism, something i am not too fond of (even in games such as these). I'm glad i was wrong however. Saerileth is a well-rounded character and a more then well-made replacement for the comparatively dull and somewhat annoying (at least to me - at times) Aerie-romance. Her way of speech makes things interesting. I also want to commend the authors of the mod here for daring to tread on thin ice in making her 15 years of age - and flaunting it. No doubt you were aware of the sensetivity this would result in, particulary considering the fact that it is a romance mod. Our world's norms and moraes concerning age being put aside, her 15 years is normative for any middle-age or (in this case) Faerunian society. Saerileth's background is interesting, yet not portrayed or written to extremism.

Dialogue/Mod Additions 4/5: One of the most well-written dialogue for a non-Bioware NPC that i've ever seen. Extensive, alive and flexible, extending to dialogue in situations where Bioware has none (weapons, areas, following/before great battles etc). The time and work put into this part of the mod is almost tangible as one goes through the many-optioned and themed conversations with both the protagonist and the party members. The quests is a point where i feel that a bit more polishing could be added, particulary in the Sigil/Hell questline. It's adequate however, and does the job of propelling both story and Saerileth forward.

Voice acting 4,5/5 : Some people say this mod is indistinguishable from a Bioware NPC. This area is where it sometimes becomes clear that it is a mod in my opinion. (Read on before clawing into me for flaming) But, given the fact that none of the Bioware NPC's feature a dialect (other than dwarven/a few lines of drow) so extreme in it's proportion as Shakespearian/Cormanthorian english, i'm amazed at the fact that someone even voiced it at all. More often then not are the dialogues a concoction of tongue-twisting sentences which would be pure terrorism for anyone but an actual historian to recreate (Yes, i tried to recreate some of the Dialogues myself). Considering that the voice actress does this passably (in many cases very well), with a palpable contextual feeling and without too many situations that should have been re-recorded, it is a feat worthy of renown.

Bugs/Mod integration 3/5 : Okay. I experienced none of the classical issues that i have read about around the forums. Yet there were things that i experienced (perhaps due to my own lack of reading the FAQ's, so feel free to ignore) that in one case particulary impacted heavily on my gaming experience. After handing in the dragon-slaying quest to the paladins of the radiant heart after leaving the Underdark and taking the next vampire-quest, my quest journal was corrupted and thrown back to act 3. Upon going to Aran Linvail, he once again sent me off with Seamon Havarian (even though i was really on act 6) and in traveling to the graveyard, there was no Bodhi nor any vampires. It corrupted several of my saves and i had to backtrack 20 in-game days to find a clean save. All in all however, and consideration the scope of the mod it is done well.

Conclusion 4/5: Despite the not-perfect score, this is by far the most ambitious and involving NPC mod for BG2 i've ever played. In the job of involving the player with Saerileth it does more then adequate, particulary due to the fitting voice acting and voice actress. Upon first finishing Throne of Bhaal, the emotional impact of the finishing texts was tangible to a very high degree (i'm such a lady sometimes, even though i'm a guy :p) - something the Saerileth mod managed to recreate. It also recreated the fact that i did not want to quit playing, which is more than admirable for a mere character mod. All in all, my hat off for the developers and people involved. Even the slightly annoying bug that forced me to re-play several major dungeons did not deter me from seeing it through. A good NPC (particulary romanceable) should involve the character, be able to result in real laughter, compassion, empathy and longing to hear 'more of her/him. The Bioware NPC's did that - as did Saerileth.

Thank you for a wonderful mod :).

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Re: Reviews of the Saerileth Mod
« Reply #61 on: May 23, 2008, 11:23:39 AM »
Greetings, everyone.

As one who intends to venture into the scene of Infinity Engine modding, I think it would be in my best interests to start making myself known. As something of a latecomer, I think it would be in my best interests to make a strong first impression so that people don't simply shrug and ignore the unimportant newbie when it comes time for me to release something. As someone of a cynical and acerbic disposition, I think it would be in my best interests to begin by posting a somewhat critical review of the otherwise (it seems) widely praised Saerileth mod, therefore making everyone hate me. To business!

We'll start with the good points, since I like to be positive about my negativity.


Good god, but that's a lot of content.
Saerileth (the mod) is, undeniably, pretty darned huge. She talks twice as much as any of the Bioware NPCs. There are two completely different dialogue trees to follow throughout the course of the game, depending on whether your character is "eligible" for the romance track or not. You get to (briefly) explore a couple of completely new areas, and several new quests are introduced too.

It's obvious simply from the sheer volume of stuff that a lot of effort has gone into the mod, and that is to be commended. There is such a thing as overdoing it, of course, but generally speaking, a good NPC mod should take ample opportunity to really flesh out the character(s) being introduced, and this mod has clearly striven to do just that.

She actually has principles!
Thankfully, unlike NPCs do most of the time, Saerileth won't simply stand by and allow you to commit atrocious acts unimpeded, provided it does not bring your reputation below her comfort threshold. This is good because it shows that she actually cares about what you do, rather than how you are perceived by the general populace, and thus a deeper sense of involvement is conveyed.

Of course, from a pure gameplay standpoint it can be annoying, and sometimes you may find yourself wishing that she'd just shut up and let you do whatever you please provided your reputation doesn't drop, but this was a necessary sacrifice to make the character believable, so I'm not going to condemn it.

Romance, not counselling.
It's been complained about over and over again by everyone under the Sun, but it bears repeating. It's nice to see a relationship that doesn't follow the old formula of "Quell a character's inner torment to achieve nookie." (It's also nice to see a character that simply doesn't have any damned inner torment, because lord almighty does the angst get tiresome.)

The "Love at first sight" issue has been a bit of a sticking point for a lot of people, and I have to admit that it is for me as well. (See the bad points below.) However, while I might not like the fact that it's there, the way in which it was executed was, overall, decent. The portrayal of a young girl having suddenly fallen head-over-heels in love and not being quite sure how to deal with it was quite well done.

Smooth sailing.
By and large, the mod was implemented quite nicely. I didn't encounter any hitches with the plot or the dialogue, and it didn't break any other aspects of the game. This might not sound like a big deal, but I think there's a lot more to pulling off a bug-free mod than it seems. So, well done on the coding front too.

Now let's move on to the bad points; which, I must confess, will prove to be much more easily typed.


Is this supposed to sound like a 15 year-old?
I have to be brutally honest on two fronts here.

1. I do not understand why everyone seems to like the voicing of this mod.
2. I wish I could download a version that didn't have it.

I'm not entirely sure what Saerileth's voice calls to mind, but it definitely isn't "An innocent yet zealous 15 year-old girl." She sounds twice as old as she is, and there's very little emotion or liveliness in her tone. Furthermore, the accent feels forced, both in the sense that it obviously didn't come naturally to the person speaking it, and also because it just wasn't necessary and added nothing to the character.

I realise that there is a version that cuts out almost all of the voicing aside from her battle cries and such, but even those were utterly ruinous. I found myself wanting to manually delete the audio files from the folder. That's how bad it was.

There is, of course, the issue of the fuzzy recording as well, but I understand that not many people have access to expensive sound equipment, so I can let that slide. However, for future reference, and for any would-be voice-actors out there; If you're going to include voicing in your mod and you're not absolutely certain that it is of a high quality, please offer a "silent" version too. Keep a picky bugger like me happy.

Olde Englishe Dialoguee.
Did this really have to be included?

Presumably the mod authors were going for something here. Unfortunately I have no idea what it is. I do know, however, that it's extremely jarring to have everyone in the entire world speaking (almost) modern English except for this one girl in my party.

I might have forgiven this if there was a good reason for it or it was otherwise expanded upon, but as far as I can tell, there isn't and it isn't. You can ask her about it and what she says basically amounts to "It's just what I was taught." Sure, it does make her stand out and be more memorable...but it's the same as how she would have stood out if she'd used Japanese phrases at random and ended every sentence with "baka". It doesn't work in a good way.

Let's just get a few things straight. Yes, I knew that this mod included a romance. Yes, I knew that it would be triggered if I played a male character of sufficient charisma. Yes, I almost invariably play male characters with a high charisma score.

But no, I was not expecting what happened as a result of this.

Holy shish-kebabs and Jesus H. Marinade. Is this girl on the rebound or something? When it is claimed that an NPC has a romance track, I generally do not assume this means that they will, literally and in all sincerity, tell me that they love me and will devote themselves to me utterly the very first time we speak to each other. I know that fifteen is a fine old age for raging hormones and blurring the definition of "love" but damn, kid. Rein it in a little. (I'm not going to get into the age issue itself here, because there's a big warning at the top of the forum telling me not to and that it's been done to death.)

Anyway. In all seriousness, once I got over the initial surprise, I felt that the romance progressed much too quickly. I spent most of the time selecting the "Uh, OK, you're nice and all but it's kind of early to say that I love you" responses, because the idea of my character falling in love with someone so quickly was, frankly, ridiculous. I imagined that things would slow down a bit and pace themselves after a few conversations...then before I knew it the issue was pushed upon me and I had to make "The Choice." The inevitable cruicial set of dialogue options that either set you up with the character in question or break the relationship then and there; no middle ground.

I said "Yeah, sure, whatever" to myself and chose the "I love you" response, just for the sake of seeing the remainder of the dialogue. As I said, however, it came about far, far too quickly, and it felt horribly, horribly forced. It was practically analogous to getting knocked out, tied to a chair and waking up to the sight of Saerileth, red in the face, swaying from side to side slightly and crying "TELL ME THAT THOU LOVEST ME, THOU WISHY-WASHY KNAVE!" while holding a sword to my throat.

The romance was probably the most touted aspect of the entire mod, so it's a fairly bad sign that the whole process inspired apathy on my part. Bioware's romances, exercises in psychiatry though they may be, tend to come with some small sense of achievement. They do not cause one to say "Fine, I love you, whatever, now shut up."

As an aside, for my own satisfaction, I often found myself doing dastardly deeds in order to show Saerileth that I wasn't necessarily the person she thought I was, and therefore teach her the valuable lesson of how foolish it is to fall in love with someone you've never met before, but every time I did she'd get upset and leave. Valuable time wasted on my part, I fear.

Getting massacred is not fun.
I understand that if your mod is going to include combat, you generally want to make it something of a challenge, because if the player is just going to have to carve through a few baddies for what amounts to free XP and loot, there isn't much point in having it.

But there's challenging, and then there's frustrating, and then there's The Quest Where You Have To Rescue Saerileth.

I'll try not to spoil anything, but the general idea is that you have to navigate a large map that is loaded to the gills with invsible, lethal traps, only to be led to a confrontation with the most hideously overpowered monstrosity to which I have ever borne witness. I do not know what person (or persons) out there thought that this would be an enjoyable experience, but if they happen to be reading this, I would like, at this juncture, to express as clearly as possible that it is not. Not in the slightest.

I must have reloaded ten times before I realised that the (non-party) NPC who'd decided to come with me was apparently presumably the intention was for me to stand back and twiddle my thumbs while I watched him battle to the death to rescue my character's clingy girlfriend. Again, not enjoyable, and also completely pointless. If I'm supposed to be watching someone else fight and not getting involved, make it a cutscene. Don't make me think I'm supposed to be fighting and then have me explode in a shower of non-descript, gory chunks for trying to do so. Or better yet, let me actually do the damn fighting. Protagonist here, guys?

I kid you not; I had to cheat my way through this one, because I just did not have the patience.

Now, none of this would have been so bad if you could choose when to trigger this quest, but you can't. If you pick Saerileth up early in the game, this will happen while you're still at a relatively low level and Mr. Boss More Powerful Than God Himself will be able to rip you to shreds without blinking, and there's really not a thing you can do about it unless you want to abandon her and move on.

Terrible, terrible design choice.

Copping out.
With Saerileth comes a new means of getting access to Spellhold and rescuing your childhood friend; one that I believe you are obliged to take if you want to keep her around, because if you don't then she'll complain vehemently about you associating with those nasty old Shadow Thieves or that even nastier old vampire woman.

What's so bad about this? It cheapens one of the better aspects of the game. I thought the fact that you had to make the choice between two evils was great. It really goes towards showing that sometimes there's just no way you can accomplish something without some degree of underhandedness, and makes the world as a whole feel more realistic.

The mod all but destroys this by giving you a nicey-nice, feel-good route to follow where you don't have to associate with any bad people and everything works out with your conscience completely clear. What's more, you don't get a choice in the matter; if you want to see all the content, you have to take this route.

Surely Saerileth could have understood that you truly did not have any choice in the matter. If Keldorn can stick it, why can't she?

I'll admit that this is largely personal preference on my part, but I still think it's worth mentioning.

(It also places a dragon in a location that is, quite honestly, incredibly stupid.)

She sucks.
Overall, Saerileth's a fairly weak character. For a class that's supposed to act as a frontline fighter she's really not very robust or strong, and her meagre spellcasting isn't enough to compensate for this. Furthermore, she's actually slightly weaker than a standard Cavalier in that even throwing axes and such are a no-go in her "no missile weapons" disadvantage, so one can't even keep her out of harm's way while sturdier tanks enter the fray.

Now, fair enough, she's a 15 year old girl, so it makes sense that she's not exactly a juggernaut in melee combat. But if her strength is high (16) because of a blessing from Tyr, why couldn't that apply to her other stats? Would it have been too much to up her constitution a little bit, at least?

I understand why modders don't want to give their NPCs great stats all the time, because sometimes it doesn't fit with the character and they don't want to make them overpowered and so on and so forth. But at the same time, if you're going to make an NPC mod and expect me to have the NPC in my party throughout the game, you need to make them a worthwhile addition. Imagine if all the mod NPCs out there were on par with Cernd because everyone was afraid to make a good character.

If you must err, err on the side of making them a little too powerful, because most people would rather be stuck with a strong NPC than a weak one. I'm sure all those players running around out there with their Kensai/Mages and their Ranger/Clerics won't be overly bothered.

The whole thing is compounded somewhat by her refusal to use "evil" items. Again, I realise it makes sense from an in-character standpoint, but you have to balance this with playability, and it'd be really, really nice if she could WEAR THE RING OF GAXX THAT I WENT TO A GREAT DEAL OF TROUBLE TO OBTAIN ESPECIALLY FOR HER. SERIOUSLY, YOU GUYS, THAT WOULD BE A BIT GOOD.

Is she really believable?
I'm not talking about the "15 year-old girl that has been chosen by the god of Justice" thing. That's a tad outlandish, true, but I can buy it. It's D&D. This kind of thing happens sometimes.

What I mean is that she's on this big, important quest to prove her worth, given to her directly by the god to whom she has dedicated her very existence. The quest requires that she travel with you until she finds what she's looking for...and yet if you so much as filch a few pennies from the purse of an inattentive noble, she is shocked by your behaviour and runs away, and you never see her again.

Is it me, or is this somewhat indicative of a lack of dedication? The fact that I might commit a little misdemeanor here and there, or tell you that I don't love you, or treat you a little poorly sometimes, or refuse to devote my complete attention to and aid every single person who comes crawling to me for help does not, in any way, mysteriously alter the very specific instructions you were given to travel with me until you came across your objective. You were explicitly told that I was a Bhaalspawn, so why are you involving yourself in this endeavour under the assumption that I'm going to be a paragon of virtue at all times?

It would have been better (and probably made a lot more sense) if, given her task, Saerileth had stayed and struggled to redeem you rather than running off in shock every time you did something bad, but that would have required even more dialogue to be added, which would hardly be a reasonable request given the amount and variety that's already there.

A little reworking of this area wouldn't have gone amiss.

Overall, I'm not going to go giving the mod a score or a grade or any such thing. I will simply say that, while Saerileth is undoubtedly the result of a great deal of effort and it adds a lot of content to the game, most, if not all of that content could stand to be improved to some extent. I can't help but feel as if the authors simply focused too much on quantity, therefore causing the quality of the project as a whole to suffer. There are cracks in both the character herself and the mod in general that would need to be repaired before I could honestly recommend it to anyone, but at least it's off to a decent start.

Of course, the fact that it's off to a "decent start" isn't much help at this point seeing as it's reached its 13th release over three years and it is no longer being worked on, but it's always good to end on an upnote. Right?

Thank you for reading. Lorph Halys, signing out.
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Re: Reviews of the Saerileth Mod
« Reply #62 on: August 15, 2009, 06:52:13 AM »
After I finished TOB with the Saerileth Romance Mod (romance path), I felt I had to thank those who did such a good work. I guess a review is the best I can do for this purpose (no money here, sorry).

Yeah... this is one more flattering scrawl, but there are some "could be better" comments as well.

First of all, I would like to apologize in advance for the poverty of my language. I am not used to writing that kind of thing in English so do not expect anything as witty as some of the previous reviews were ... I will try my best.

Even if I finished BG2 quite a lot of times, I'm usually not a big fan of modding (except bug fixing, of course), since I often find that either they don't give much appreciation to the original masterpiece, or their bleinding the story was far from being convincing, the worst of them being the ones that ruin the game balance or include lethal bugs. Yet, thanks to you, there are two major exceptions : Imoen Romance and the mod in question. I will not compare those two, since they are quite different (let's admit that IR has a special place in my heart  :P).

This to introduce your humble servant.

To make it short, I particularly agree with the one who said that both quality and quantity were delivered. That is definitely true.

I think everybody pointed out how rich was this mode (quests, banters, items), so I will not repeat the same things again and again.

Regarding quality, I especially appreciated the risks that were taken : I loved the strongly religious and uncompromising personality of the girl, which is much of a surprise since "White knight"-fashioned paladins usually make me ill. Mixing it with some girly and naive features is nothing less than great. The young age of Saeri was a big risk too. I will not talk too much about that since a lot was said already, but I am of the opinion that the way the scipt deals with that matter is really convincing. Generally speaking, I love fictions that do not fear to discuss polemic matters. What's more? A good point for the chaste dialogue writing. Do not missunderstand me : I am not against risqué stories, but I really enjoyed the absence of "easy S** fillers". That is for romance. The interactions with the other teammates and with the environment are also very satisfying and deepen well Saeri's personality.

A few words about the gameplay : I am fine with Saeri's stats : let's be serious, BG2 is not a hard game when you know how to play, so I do not need any overpowered juggernaut. This girl is 15, and her stats fit perfectly.
In the grievances chapter, nothing very new : I found that the voice doesn't really fit (no offence to her owner  ;) ), that the TOB part was a bit disappointing (is marriage so boring?  ;D ), that the bugs which occur when you kill the dragon too late suck (>:(), that she fell in love a bit too fast (I know... "Get Jaheira if you like that kind of girl"), that the extra maps could have been better (my divine nature for a smack in "without me you cannot save her" Edorem's presomptuous face), etc.

All in all, it is a great job. Thanks again for driving me to play that wonderful game to its very end one more time. I hope that the ones who made that mod are still wandering around and I apologize once again for my poor language.

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Re: Reviews of the Saerileth Mod
« Reply #63 on: June 26, 2012, 01:53:29 PM »
Saerileth is still my favorite, all-time companion mod.  The attention to detail, her goals, spirit, determination is really enjoyable and adds so much to an already fun game.  I esp enjoyed the amazing voice talent they gave this mod--she really comes alive and makes you feel your choices with her matter and make a difference.  I have tried many, many mods here and otherwhere for BG2-but Saerileth is most definitely my favorite, hands down.  from 1-10, a strong 10.  -Dreammirror

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Re: Reviews of the Saerileth Mod
« Reply #64 on: July 07, 2012, 11:40:38 AM »
i looked it up in near infinity and, yes, it is a script check for those three items. plus the readme says she is coded against those three items.
i guess i was wondering why it was done at all if only for those three? it's not really a defining character trait as much as its a pain in the neck, because of the inconsistency. if itwas consistent, even though its inconvenient its still cool cause shes in character so you can justify it. but i find myself putting things in her inventory to see if this time she'll use "this one". and usually she does.
so i guess its more of a pet peeve at character development. if i was a power gamer and really wanted her to use ranged weapons, i could always use shadowkeeper to find some item out there that shewould use, or i could download a mod with ranged weapons that she's not coded against. so coding against all ranged weapons isnt going to stop most gamers, nor is it practical. so it doesn't really accomplish anything for power gamers.
and for rpgers, it doesn't accomplish anything either because she'll use ranged weapons even though she says she won't.
because of that i ask: "why was this even bothered with?" i know it would be a pain in the neck to code against every single ranged weapon, plus it would probably slow down the game a ton. so why bother with it at all?
it just disrupts her character for me and i imagine a person with conflicting beliefs, and then i can't help but put a valley-girl spin on it:
"i dost not wield azuredge,the bane of undead, of whom art mine sworn enemy in paladinhood, but i wilt slay mine foes with, like, poisoned throwing daggers even though, like, poison is more against ad&d paladin beliefs than killing vampires from a distance (giggles). oh, and i'll use nonmagical throwing axes fyi-eth. (twirls hair) oh, and maybe some other stuff, too. (twirls hair again) let's just play it by ear, k-eth? (bats eyelashes) or you can just cheat and find something else that i'll use, but nay nay nay nay nay nay, not azuredge. nor hangards axe. those are both nay-nays. oh, nor firetooth. yea, tyr ne'er liked those weapons. (touches your hand tenderly) but, golly, boomerang dagger +2 or k'logorath +4? yea, verily, thou <charname>!!"

i don't want to spend too much focus on the negative. so here's the positive, and there's a lot more of it than negative:
the mod is really enjoyable. i don't have any other complaints about it, even though it is wicked controversial in the modding community. i think its very well written. the poetry is put together nicely and isn't overdone.
and even though i just made fun of the thees, thous, and parenthesis, i actually really enjoy the writing. it's refreshing and different, and you can tell it wasn't done haphazardly or by uneducated people as was that little joke i just wrote above.
i was afraid that this mod would be long-winded and cheesy, and i have found much the opposite. its not too much nor is it too little, and unlike many out there, i don't think she takes the spotlight at all. it's just enough.
i have enjoyed the adventures so far and i'm very impressed with the new areas. they are beautiful and well put together.
i'm really glad that there's a nonevil way to spellhold.
she epitomizes paladinhood without being pompous or annoying, like most paladins are portrayed (much to the annoyance of my rpgness).
plus, its refreshing to see a baldur's gate romance that's not like "oh my ptsd! save me! good, now i love you." that is one thing that makes this mod really awesome.
and a word about the 15yrold thing: this is a FANTASY adventure. its not REAL, for crying out loud. i find the same people that criticize this mod don't have any problem playing other mods which allow necrophelia, rape, or incest, so stop pointing the finger. you got three more pointing back at you. its a FANTASY game (stress the fantasy, get it?), not a morale-high ground contest, so get off your soap box. (unless you're not on your soap box, than by all means, please continue)

anyways....back to the original topic.
is there a way to update this in another version so that it is consistent for us rpgers? either by deleting the restriction entirely or somehow restricting other ranged weapons so that it is in more with her character (without slowing the game down)? that's my constructive feedback summary.

thanks for a great mod! even if it is a backhanded thanks, it isn't meant that way.

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Re: Reviews of the Saerileth Mod
« Reply #65 on: May 15, 2014, 08:29:59 AM »
I am playing with her, and will type in a review when I am done. But I'd like to say one tihng now:

Seriously most people whine and bitch because she is "15" - in a medieval fantasy setting - while being OK with killing, delivering justice with their own hands, stealing, breaking and entering, intimidating by force, lying? By the way, that just to mention those playing with GOOD characters. Dont get me started with those who play evil parties.

Stop the world, thats my drop, right here.

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Re: Reviews of the Saerileth Mod
« Reply #66 on: July 05, 2014, 06:53:44 PM »
Post a review when you get done playing her.
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