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Banter Samples
« on: April 12, 2005, 05:06:27 AM »
Some sample banters of Callisto with the pc. Comments can be made by making a new post. This will stay locked so I can add more banters later on. Other options would be available but lets say these are the "right" ones to chose.

After the party sleeps.

Calli  Nooooooooooo!!!!!!!!! (Sweat dripping from her face as she is breathes rapidly)

PC  What going on?? For a moment I thought we were under attack. Callisto is there something wrong?

Calli  No, nothing just a dream I keep having. Something from my childhood. Its......... never mind I do not want to talk about it.

PC  Well if you talk about it the dream may go away. Getting a great weight off your chest can work wonders for your mind.

Calli  If I did not make myself clear <CHARNAME> let me repeat it again, I do NOT want to talk about it!

PC  As you wish then Callisto.

After the dream
Later on.

Calli  <CHARNAME> you said you wanted to hear about my dream that keeps bothering me. Would you like to hear about it?

PC  Sure Callisto I would like to hear about it.

Calli  It's about my village during the raid of the drow. My parents, friends and my beloved sister were killed. I keep seeing the look in my sister's eyes as that traitorous surface elf killed her! I tried to save her but I couldn't! That damned elf gave me a slash across my face when I tried to interfer in saving her life. One of those filithy drow elves held me down as that surface elf took me sister's head off before my very eyes! The helpless look that was on her face has been burned into my memory since then.......

PC  That sounds horrible! I can see why you have restless sleep every night. Have those responsible been brought to justice?

Calli  Justice?? The only justice they will have is at the end of my sword. I remember all of those involved and I will not rest until they are all killed or myself! They will all burn in lakes of fire....... yes in the Abyss their souls will burn!

PC  I can understand your pain but harboring all this hate and revenge will eat your soul away and in the end you will become just like them.

Calli  Yes they made me and their creation will be the death of them! I know longer wish to carry on this conversation <CHARNAME> I am getting very angry and you know how uncontrollable I am when angered.

PC Well if that is what you wish then so be it. If you want to talk some more I will listen.

On Society

Calli  You know <CHARNAME> society made me who I am today. For some reason people want to lay the blame on me for things I do. Society taught me at an earily age that you have to be ruthless and cold in order to get any where in the world. Don't you think that is true?

PC  Why would you think this? Choices in life you made are yours and yours only Callisto. No one made you into a ruthless killer. Yes it was sad what happen too your family and your village's destruction at the hands of those raiders but that is not an excuse for you to become like them. You know you have become the thing you hate Callisto and you have  no one to blame but yourself.

Calli  Blame myself?? THEY made me!! I had a peaceful and happy life until they showed up. I am nothing like them. I will see to it that justice is served and properly "executed" upon them.

PC  So this "justice" of yours also means killing them and anyone  associated with them right? Even though they were not there at the massacre of your village. I heard of your exploits Callisto. I heard you killed everyone in a village, including women and children, just because it was the birth place of one of your enemies. That is not justice but sick revenge. When will the cycle of hate end? How many of your surviving victims will become creations like you?

(For once she will not be her sure cocky self)
Calli  I...I never thought of that. Become creations like me? Impossible. No survivers. None. I...I can't talk about this any more. I am not feeling well.
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