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Fraylor Banters (possible spoilers)
« on: July 02, 2005, 05:19:33 PM »
Ok well I may aswell start. This first banter is between Fraylor and one of my later NPC mods.

Daie: Greetings, master bard.
Fraylor: Greetings, master Ranger. What is it you want? Or did you come to pass the time of day?
Daie: Time of day, I'm afraid. And Cleric, rather than ranger.
Fraylor: Fine then cleric.
Daie: My thanks, although I would still prefer you used my name.
Fraylor: Fine then, Daie, as long as you call me by mine
Fraylor: Tell me what did you think of my performance at Silverymoon?
Daie: How did you know my name? I have not told you? Perhaps you recognise me?
Fraylor: yes from my Silverymoon performance. I remember you because you bought me a drink after the performance
Daie: Ah, silverymoon. Such beautiful memories. Such beautiful women
Fraylor: Yes, wonderfully beautiful women
Fraylor: I didn't get to stay long, as I had to move onto the next town after a few days
Daie: *smiles* Why?
Fraylor: Because I was performing
Fraylor: It was my stock in trade, to be a travelling lore singer
Fraylor: I was proud of making that group
Daie: Group?
Fraylor: Yes, I created a group known as the Lore Singers
Daie: I have to admit, I've never heard of them
Fraylor: Of course not we were as secretive as the Harpers, if not more so. We merely travelled the lands performing and writting tales and going on adventures.
Fraylor: I disbanded them not long ago, just before I travelled to see Gorion
Daie: You went to see Gorion? Why?
Fraylor: Because I needed to look at something, and I happened to be a friend of Gorion.
Daie: He never mentioned you
Fraylor: Of course not why should he. Also you sound as though you knew him.
Daie: Of course I did. I travelled with him
Fraylor: As did I. We probably travelled with him at different times
Daie: I doubt it, half elf
Fraylor: What do you mean by that Daie? Also are you trying to insult me?
Fraylor: I helped attack Bhaal's temple
Daie: Now I know you lie
Fraylor: Really? And why is that?
Daie: Because I was there
Fraylor: I suppose you saw everyone including the guys who faces were hidden by hoods?
Daie: Yes, I saw everyone. There were only ten of us, anyway
Fraylor: yes I know and I thought the face was familiar, plus I was there just hidden in the shadows. I had come to tell Gorion of something, unfortunately I just missed him. So I followed him into the "Temple".
Daie: Why do I not believe your story, bard? Why did you not help?
Fraylor: Once in there, I was quickly lost in its corridors and only just escaped.
Fraylor: I would have helped if it wasn't for the fact I got lost in that damn temple. I was not a Harper after all. Anyway, one of you lot tried to kill me when I trying to find my way out. I managed to get out in the end but unfortunately Gorion had already left with <Charname> or I would have asked him about Gendarum.
Fraylor: After that day, I reformed the Lore Singers and travelled the lands again this time looking for something specific--Something I only found 2 years ago. When I foun the bit of information, I hurried back to Candlekeep to talk to Gorion about it, but on my arrival I found I was too late.
Daie: Gorion died
Fraylor: The monks still allowed me to consult the library for what I had come to look for.
Daie: As long as you brought a book, they would
Fraylor: I know he did and I know how too. I was told by the monks. After giving them a book and a map I had found during my exploits I went into the library and did some research on the subject I had returned to talk to Gorion about. I found what I was looking for and headed south again.
Daie: Why south?
Fraylor: Because the Group I was looking for had their base in the south
Daie: Oh, and which group is this?
Fraylor: It is a cult
Fraylor: The Cult of Gendarum
Daie: Hmm, I haven;t heard of that one, either
Fraylor: They are evil and highly militant.
Fraylor: Of course not, you wouldn't have they have been underground for over five Centuries. Most have forgotten about them, and even before they went underground, very few knew about iot and those who did suffered a bizzare fate.
Fraylor: But I doubt you would believe me. But some day you shall see. *Fraylor takes a deep swig of his wine*
Fraylor: If you want to know more then have a look at these. *Passes over three heavy leather bound tomes to Daie*
Fraylor: But if you destroy them, I will not forgive you. Now let us think on happier times.
Fraylor: *Walks off to his place in the group, occasionally reading through his various books and notes.*
End dialouge

Daie: I wish to speak to you Fraylor.
Fraylor: Yes, what is it Daie?
Daie: Its about our last coversation.
Fraylor: What about it, are you going to torment me some more?
Daie:*Laughs* You think five centuries presents any time to an elf? Perhaps I should ask atara?
Fraylor: *walks back* I did say that it was little known even then.
Daie: I have my sources
Fraylor: And? You yourself you didn't know about them. Or are you going to say that you know everything Daie?
Daie: I myself do not, but as I have said, I have sources
Fraylor: And I suppose they are conveniently close and they are experts on every single deity to ever exist.
Fraylor: If so introduce me to them I have much to ask them and I could use them for my various Bardic activities.
Daie: Strange you should say that. *Smiles* And no, I will not introduce you to them. Still, you know of them.
Fraylor: Oh do I indeed?
Daie: You have already mentioned them.
Fraylor: The Harpers?
Daie: *smiles enigmatically* Perhaps
Fraylor: Well its either them or the Lore Singers and it isn't the Lore Singers.
Daie: Perhaps, perhaps not
Fraylor: Well put it this way it can't be anyone else can it. As they are the only two I mentioned and as the Lore singers can be definately removed that leaves only the Harpers. Plus you did say you were one of them.
Daie: DId I?
Fraylor: Well you implied that when you said you were part of the Harper force that attacked the temple.
Daie: And did you not?
Fraylor: No I said I was there and involved. I said to you that I was in the shadows and that I had come after following Gorion seeking to talk to him. However he began the attack before I got there so I followed the Harper force and got lost.
Daie: Not all present that night were Harpers, but yes, I will admit that I am.
Fraylor: *smiles* Plus I saw that you had a Harper's medallion.
Fraylor: What do you think of the Harpers here in Amn then?
Daie: From under my cloak? I wonder how you did. And no, I will not speak of the Amnian Harpers to you.
Fraylor: Well we all need our secrets. What an interesting weather conversation we have had.
Daie: Indeed. I can see thunderstorms ahead. You ask many questions, even for a bard, and give evasive answers to mine. Where do you come from?
Fraylor: Come now, do you expect me to answer all your questions in one sitting. Do you have any wine to drink, that may make me more willing to talk. Hells I woul be friends with anyone for a nice drink... within reason of course.
Daie: *sighs* FIne *CLicks fingers, and accepts wine bottle from nearby waitress* Now tell me all
Fraylor: far far far from here. *Takes a sip of wine* This is an excellent vintage!
Daie: Of course.
Fraylor: Well alright not very far from here. I was born in Tethyr. Although I have little memories of it, as I moved up north with my mother.
Daie: Another Tethyrian, eh?
Fraylor: Only by birth
Daie: North, where?
Fraylor: In the area of candlekeep infact if you must know
Fraylor: It is where I first met Gorion
Daie: Ah, the Sword COast.
Fraylor: Yes it is technically my home as is Tehthyr, but I have spent all my adult life moving around performing. even adopted a new surname for my performing life.
Daie: I understand the moving. Fraylor, how old are you?
Fraylor: Why would you understand the moving?
Daie: As I have been adventuring since my hundred and eleventh birthday
Fraylor: Well Daie I am 30 years of age
Fraylor: Why?
Daie: *Laughs* Simply wondering
Daie: *Laughs again* Tell me, your parentage, who was what?
Fraylor: That isn't a very elvish curiosity you have Daie.
Daie: Hmm?
Fraylor: I have already mentioned that My moth was Elvish, my Father he was half elvish if you must know.
Daie: Ah, interesting
Daie: And their parentage, race?
Fraylor: my mothers parents was elvish obviously and my Fathers father was a human and his mother was Elvish. That makes me 1/4 human and 3/4 Elvish.
Fraylor: I don't even know what my real surname was. My mother never told me, she always seemed ashamed for some reason when ever I asked her.
Daie: Still, you must have known her race? Your people?
Fraylor: no I don't know what group of elves she came from.
Fraylor: Or what group my father was descended.
Daie: *Aghast* It's very simple to tell. Her skin tone for example. Her speech patterns, behaviour
Fraylor: I didn't exactly spend much time with elves after I left tethyr. And it never seemed the time to find out my ancestry. I don't see how it matters.
Daie: *Gapes* It doesn't matter? For shame.
Fraylor: I don't see why? Unless you can tell me why it should be of such importance.
Daie: To an elf, it is important.
Fraylor: But I am not an elf am I. I am a "half breed" although technically I am a 3/4 breed.
Fraylor: I am who I am because of me, so why should which race of elves I am descended matter?
Fraylor: Its just a group like any other.
Fraylor: *Looks hesitant as he is saying this*
Daie: Not 'half breed', only a Mori'Quessir would make such a generalisation, or a Mal'Quessir
Daie: You call yourself 'peredhil'
Fraylor: I do call myself a Peredhil, when I am asked what I am but I always call myself Fraylor Franthorpe even if it is not my real surname.
Daie: Fine. I prefer to use my whole name. Marquis Daie d'Malkin, the twelth Lord Vanya
Fraylor: How very long and interesting. So what are you doing adventuring Marquis?
Daie: At the present moment, I was searching for Charname
Fraylor: And why is that?
Daie: Because I promised Gorion that I would watch over him, and protect him
Fraylor: And now that you have found him will you be staying or going back to your home Marquis, also when did Gorion ask this of you?
Daie: Gorion asked me when Charname was only five years old, at my last visit to Candlekeep. Now that I have found him, I intend to follow and protect him, as I promised.
Fraylor: Well why do you care so much about what race I am from?
Daie: because it is an important part of your elven heritage. DO you not feel strange sometimes?
Fraylor: Describe strange
Daie: A longing that you couldn;t sate, a feeling that something was incomplete
Fraylor: Yes, but I presumed it was merely gold lust
Fraylor: Although gold doth not quench it *He smiled*
Daie: *inclines head* Indeed not. No, it is not gold lust. It os your elven heritage
Fraylor: And that is supposed to help me how, well except telling me that most of my career has been a waste.
Daie: Not a waste. ALl I am telling you is that you need to explore your past, your heritage. Discover more about your people
Fraylor: And my people would be?!
Daie:Judging by your skin tone, the Mal'Quessir. *He stops himself* Apologies, the Gold Elves
Fraylor: I know what "Mal'Quessir" is. Just because I don't speak it doesn't mean I wasn't taught it. Well now that I know this, what should I do "Milord Marquis"?
Daie: My advice would be to find someone to teach you this lore
Fraylor: such as?
Daie: An elf, perhaps?
Fraylor: Such as yourself?
Daie: A Gold Elf. I know little of your people, and indeed would distance myself from them. Gold Elves are too arrogant for my liking
Fraylor: Well what gold elves do you know of?
Daie: I know few, although you could try searching larger cities than this
Larger than Athkatla?
Daie: Cities with more elves. Perhaps Silverymoon, perhaps Evereska?
Fraylor: Well I will most probably go seeking knowledge of my kin and ancestors, after I have finished helping Charname.
Daie: Good, it would be for the best
Fraylor: Well I certainly enjpyed this conversation
Fraylor: Is there anything else you wish to discuss?
Daie: Alas, no good master bard. Adieu
Fraylor: Until we talk next. *Goes back to his place in the group.*
End Dialouge.

Btw Before you say what I know you are going to say, this will be segmented into smaller chunks. Its just I am too tired after having copied and pasted it from messenger and sifting through it removing completely unneccessary bits. Anyway this is only of the banters.

N.B Please note that Daie is a Ranger/Cleric.

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