Author Topic: Ask Fraylor Franthorpe(The NPC )  (Read 9404 times)

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Ask Fraylor Franthorpe(The NPC )
« Reply #15 on: July 01, 2005, 06:36:22 AM »
Quote from: "Undertaker"
Would you like the idea of having little horns? :twisted: :unibrow:
and a tail :D ?

I dont really know, it would have to happen first.

Quote from: "Undertaker"
How would you feel if your lover betrayed you?

Upset, but I'd just write about it and use it to further my bardic career.

Quote from: "Undertaker"
Would you ever betray your lover?

Of course not! I may be an alcoholic but I'm not an evil person you know. *Grabs the bottle of wine beside him and pours himself a glass before draining the glass.*

Quote from: "Undertaker"
What do you do when it rains?

I feel happier and I don't drink. Apart from that I do what I normally do.

Quote from: "Undertaker"
What was the funniest trick sb ever made you?

*Sarcasm*Well there was that time when someone stabbed me with a glass bottle that was Reallly funny. *Sarcasm* Being thrown in a large lake from the midle of a bridge and told there was a rare species of Aligator in there when I was 6 years old.

Quote from: "Undertaker"
What do you know about Bhaal?

About as much as most people, the fact he is the god of murder, everything in Aalundo's prophesy. I have written a short book on it.

Quote from: "Undertaker"
Would you like to become a mercenary?

Not especially, but I do it if it sounds of potential interest.

Quote from: "Undertaker"
How would you react if a brutal warrior wears pink? :eek:
I would check to see how much I had drunk, see that it was not enough and drink some more, before laughing at the warrior and then write a song about it, presuming I lived after taunting him.

Quote from: "Undertaker"
Have you ever died?

Yes in the middle of the perfomance, I got stabbed with a bottle by a drunkard. My patron at the time though ressurected me, apparently it was in my contract, so I put it in all my contracts now.

Quote from: "Undertaker"
Would you mind if 2 women were fighting for your feelings?

It depends if they are fighting over who should hurt my feelings first. Oh you mean for nice feelings... In the unlikely event I shall tell them to stop pointing out that its pointless to fight over me and that they can share me for the time being.

Quote from: "Undertaker"
Do you like the idea of screaming in combat to distract your enemies?

No, why scream when you can siiiing.

Quote from: "Undertaker"
How would you react if a little animal (like Boo) was eating/hiding/or just inside your bedroll?

I would merely politely take it out an pass it to its owner (for instance Minsc), if it was a wild animal I would put it into a bush somewhere out of sight.

Quote from: "Undertaker"
Have you anwered all questions truthly?

Of course I have! Are you suggesting I'm a liar?!

Quote from: "Feanor"
A suggestion for Fraylor : you should put the questions in quotes or write the answers in bold because it would make such threads easier to read (especially when someones post 30-40 questions in a single post  ).

Fraylor: I usually do that, I don't know why I suddenly stopped.  :?
Fraylor Franthorpe: Its because I was interesting him so much.
*Fraylor passes Fraylor Franthorpe a bottle of champagne from a large padlocked fridge to shut Fraylor Franthorpe up for now. Fraylor then hangs up a sign which says "If you believe that Fraylor Franthorpe is too drunk to ask questions then please fill this bucket with water and throw it on him. Ignore any outbursts from him and then ask your questions. The bucket is here :arrow: " The arrow pointed to the bucket.*

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