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No New Posts BG1 NPCs for SoA

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No New Posts Aeon

Meet Aeon - an impulsive and young abjurer/thief - and along with him find out why a certain human can wield a Moonblade. Mod includes brand new relationship path for male PC - brotherhood.

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No New Posts Alora

Alora, the lovable halfling thief makes a come back to BG2.

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No New Posts Biddekelorak

Biddekelorak is an old dwarven priest of Lathander. He is quite devout and good-hearted. The most important thing to him is shining Lathander's light into the dark places of the world.

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No New Posts Gahesh

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No New Posts Kindrek

A BG2 Mod that features Kindrek, a non-romanceable chaotic evil male warrior who hates wizards and magic. Visit the Website

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No New Posts Neh'taniel

Discussion on the Neh'taniel npc mod.

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No New Posts Nikita

Nikita is a chaotic good human assassin from the Baldur's Gate mod, Dark Horizons. She wishes to repay you for helping her out by joining you in your adventures in Amn.

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No New Posts Petsy Chattertone

Discussion for Petsy Chattertone, a romanceable halfling bard.

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No New Posts Rylorn

Rylorn is a young Blackguard dedicated to Cyric, complete through SoA and ToB who is not romanceable. You may pick him up in the Dark Monastery (one of the nine new areas).

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No New Posts Saerileth Romance

A BGII SOA and TOB NPC romance mod. Saerileth is a young paladin of Tyr, friendly, beautiful, and passionate. Visit the Website

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No New Posts Skooter

Skooter is a lovely Australian Silky Terrier who would love nothing more than to have some *very* interesting banters with your PC!

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No New Posts Tsujatha Melalor Romance

A BG2 romance mod. He will be romance-able by females of the appropriate race and alignment. He has a quest and has banters with all the Bioware NPCs. Visit the Website

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No New Posts Vampire Tales

Vampire Tales is a mod that has a vampire that will join your group, Miriam and includes content of the former Dark Ritual mod. Visit the Website

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No New Posts Willie Bruce

Inspired by International Bruceday, Willie Bruce is a cockney barfighter NPC for BGII. With authentic cockney writing and voicing, he is sure to entertain. Visit the Website.

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No New Posts Yasraena

A CG female drow fighter NPC who has become trapped in Chateau Irenicus. Includes a quest and original weapons. Visit the Website

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No New Posts Yoshimo Romance

true man between dignity and curse. Join him on his road towards the end.

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