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Foundling: Between the Shades BETA is available. The mod fully playable, may need some polishing. I've decided to made the BETA version available.

Foundling is the thrall of Thaxll'ssillvia, the Shadow Dragon found in the Temple Ruins. He is cold, calculating, and determined to be freed from his influence. He can never oppose his master on his own, but everything can change thanks to the influence of the Bhaalspawn.

Foundling is a Shadow Adept who can use Shadow Weave Magic as well as some Shadow Magic. The mod introduces a new kind of magic with its own advantages and disadvantages. Even though Foundling is recognised as a mage, he can't use the Weave. In exchange he is given his own dark spells - mostly dark versions of well known spells, but there are some brand new ones too.

The mod is both an NPC and quest mod and introduces new characters, areas, music, items, soundset etc.

Foundling is not romanceable, but the character will still talk to you frequently, so no worries.


Thank you to everyone who helped me in releasing this project!

Other Games / Research on in-game decisions
« on: March 18, 2015, 11:38:44 AM »
Hey, people!

My friends and me have been working on in-game decision-making. Noooow we prepared a survey and we need some votes, so if you have some spare time, please help. Thanks in advance. Here is the link:

If possible, repost it. Maybe at FB or other forums.
Again, thanks!

Calin / Re: Testers wanted
« on: November 06, 2013, 12:55:40 PM »
May I suggest uploading it among other files instead of attaching it to a post? :)
And hey - let players decide, the mod may be actually good. No need to be that pessimistic :)
I hope you're fine!

Infinity Engine Modding News / Re: Two announcements from Lava
« on: February 09, 2013, 11:32:06 AM »
Huh, isn't it kinda... necroposting? :D It's been 2 years since the release.

Not sure if I remember it correctly, but most item talks are like... you know, when you find the thrall collars etc and I doubt Item Randomiser change their location :P I think there shouldn't be any significant problems :)

Infinity Engine Modding News / PaintBG released
« on: December 26, 2012, 03:13:08 AM »
A new portrait pack by artastrophe and me is up! We offer a whole set of brand new portraits, that were painted from scratch! The mod includes: all BG1 NPCs (+EE NPCs), BG2 NPCs, extra portraits like Irenicus, Abazigal etc, some portraits for male and female PC.


BG1 NPCs for SoA / Re: New Montaron Romance!!!
« on: November 23, 2012, 03:01:21 PM »
I'm getting slightly tired of it. You've got your own vision of what I'm writing, Dough. Like here:
I said:
And how many of those who have homosexual contact in prison actually want it?
While you say:
you're forgetting that a healthy percentage of "prison sex" is actually "prison rape"
So... uhm... I think you're just taking some bits of what I'm writing, you don't look at questions I ask etc. Seriously...

Everything's up to Imp and I don't think he needs a debate about sex in prison here.

BG1 NPCs for SoA / Re: New Montaron Romance!!!
« on: November 23, 2012, 01:08:18 PM »
Actually I think the best thing would be writing a romance / NPC of your own, as most people associate your mod with bringing back old NPC rather than romances or huge friendships and I think that part won't get as much attention as it should. for everything you wrote till now, why not you help with "Xzar and Monty" by contribution?

Ohhhh kaaay, I wasn't aware we were discussing the Zhents, but have it your way
Monty is a Zhentarim and social groups (any: mercenaries, chantries, family, friends) construct identity. That's a fact.

Dough, it is a matter of prefferences and they are shaped for a long long time and it also has SOMETHING to do with identity. Choosing to use sex as a tool is also a kind of prefference, not a matter of alignment, morality, mood or anything like that.
As for prisoners - not every single prisoner have sex while being imprisoned, right? That's an issue of prefference too, as it has a lot to do with both choice and an idea of satisfying own need. Some would masturbate, some would have sex with other men and some maybe wouldn't satisfy the urge, what may be equal to torturing him-/herself.

Facts you present are really generalizing, like stating prisoners satisfy themselves through sex with other imprisoned men. Yeah, it's a common knowledge, but what about the dimension of the phenomenon? And how many of those who have homosexual contact in prison actually wants it?

Getting satisfaction by crude sex has nothing to do with evilness, but with choices which are determined by many many many factors, and one of the most significant factor is the matter of prefference (a choice to satisfy it that way, or in a different way).

I agree Monty wouldn't care for your feeling, but he would care for himself, reputation, gold, winning what he wants to win. But it doesn't mean he would use any way, because even playing hardball isn't like that, as it includes all possible ways we consider and see.

BG1 NPCs for SoA / Re: New Montaron Romance!!!
« on: November 23, 2012, 11:06:15 AM »
Yeah, sure! :D I'm glad you joined the discussion as you know more about Zhentarims than we do ;)

Oh, and about the prostitute thing: it would be a funny experience. Like meeting a courtesan saying something like "You're back Monty? You're one of my best clients, you know?" and the talk with charname about it :D

BG1 NPCs for SoA / Re: New Montaron Romance!!!
« on: November 23, 2012, 02:01:48 AM »
By being a Zhentarim I wanted to say that he would have different priorities than "having sex right here, right now", not that they are homophobic. I was too tired to write what I meant.

Aaaand I never said that it has to do something with morality. Yeah, it's taste. It's what you find temptating. Interesting. Appealing.

...and since both me and Rhaella mentioned a prostitute, it may be quite an idea for the encounter! :D

BG1 NPCs for SoA / Re: New Montaron Romance!!!
« on: November 22, 2012, 04:22:16 PM »
It sounds like you think indulging in homosexual activity is something appropriate only to "evil" characters ...
You garble my words completely. I'm just saying that It's not Montaron. It's like getting too far with the character.
It's like making Sarevok gay because he's evil and he likes to give orders... It's just getting too far.
And making fun =/= being homophobic. Seriously.

You know, I hate when someone accuses me of saying words, beliefs, ideas I have never said or agreed with.

And now I'll rather go and have some rest as it's after 1AM here.


BG1 NPCs for SoA / Re: New Montaron Romance!!!
« on: November 22, 2012, 03:06:02 PM »
And you think Tsuki is a romantic romance? It's not. And no matter what you say, no matter what are the facts of the past, present or predicions about future; no matter in what culture or what are the other contexts (like alignment) are, there are men who won't accept male-male sex. Same goes for women. And I believe that Montaron is someone like that. He's not someone driven by urges, as he is more a merciles methodist (however, I'm not sure if he's that merciles after all). And he's a Zhentarim. I always fight for monorities, like homosexual players, but it doesn't mean that we have to make EVERY character bisexual. I think that Montaron would rather make fun of PC is he appeared to be a homosexual. That would be rather something apropriate. Offering some male-male sex (doesn't really matter if that's stuppose to be 'friends with benefits' relationship - I don't actually believe Monty would need that kind of benefits, anyway as he would rather hire a hooker than have sex with anyone who's near) just to stress how evil he is would be a rather out-of-character fixation.  

BG1 NPCs for SoA / Re: New Montaron Romance!!!
« on: November 22, 2012, 12:18:44 PM »
Uh, I think you forgot that I wrote Tsuki, who is eager to have sex with anyone. Gender doesn't matter as long as he is satisfied... Believe me, I find nothing wrong in homosexuality etc, but I just think that Monty isn't that kind of man, that's all. I think that he would rather use a girl it have some nice time and kept that kind of relationship, that can never get serious.

BG1 NPCs for SoA / Re: New Montaron Romance!!!
« on: November 22, 2012, 11:21:24 AM »
Or, if you want a more interesting challenge, make Monty romancable by either gender?
That would be interesting, but not sure if not too extreeme. Even though I like many options, I can't imagine Montaron having sex with men.

BG1 NPCs for SoA / Re: Wish List
« on: November 20, 2012, 03:51:49 PM »
Woah! You found the files! I thought they were lost for good!
You may want to try saving the file in 24-bit bmp, but I think I checked it before... I have no idea why it doesn't work...

Infinity Engine Modding News / Quayle BG2 rewritten
« on: November 18, 2012, 03:26:36 AM »
Hey! I don't know why, but I forgot to tell you that I rewritten the whole Quayle mod. It should be much better now.

Quayle ReDone v1.0 is released! It has been completelly changed! It used to have like 60 kb of dialogue, now it has like 200 kb. I'm sorry, but there is no Polish version for this one.
Polish players - if you wish to download the previous version, visit Children of Bhaal forums.


1 November 2012 - v.ReDone 1
- All dialogues have been rewritten, some were deleted and some were added
- New joining quest/circumstances
- Added new area
- Corrected all scripts
- Added homunculus research
- Fixed the items
- Better folder organization
- Fixed creature files and got new on-start ToB items
- Changed epilogue
- Proofreading of new the new text

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