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Other Mods / Re: 50 level rulepack and ToB
« on: December 15, 2012, 11:53:51 AM »
August 5th, 2001, 5:39am

It is compatible with ToB to the length that is won't crash the game or anything nasty - we know that much for certain.

What I don't think has been tested is how it affects the gaining of high level abilities like tenth level spells.  But after I looked through ToBs 2DA files quickly, I couldn't see anything in there about level 10 spells and the like so I would assume that progression is located somewhere else ... so I'd say that the level 50 pack is completely compatible with Throne of Bhaal and won't screw anything up.

But it is *untested* so don't scream your head off if it doesn't work 100% right.  After I get some other stuff out of the way, I plan on having a BG2 game right from the start to the end of ToB with the pack installed so I'll let you know then.

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