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BG1 NPCs for SoA / Re: Platinum Coins for Modder use
« on: September 13, 2020, 03:18:02 AM »
Hello! I liked the platinum coin idea. I'm currently making my own mod, where the bank location will be added. And in a conversation with a bank clerk, I added the ability to exchange currency from gold to platinum and vice versa - for this I used the code from the conversation with the moneylender in the Water Gardens. I hope you don't mind this use and the one more exchange office at the bank? This dialog option will only compile if my mod detects that "BG1NPCBG2" mod is installed. In the readme and descriptions for the mod, I will link to your mod.

BG1 NPCs for SoA / Re: EE-EET-compatibility +TRAify version
« on: September 12, 2020, 11:27:46 AM »
The archive with the mod will be re-uploaded, the error during installation has been fixed.

BG1 NPCs for SoA / Re: EE-EET-compatibility +TRAify version
« on: July 31, 2020, 08:25:17 AM »
A few more minor bugs were fixed (the first post was updated), the Russian translation was also updated, more than half of the texts have already been translated!

BG1 NPCs for SoA / Re: EE-EET-compatibility +TRAify version
« on: July 14, 2020, 11:32:26 AM »
The Russian translation has been seriously updated and supplemented!

BG1 NPCs for SoA / Re: EE-EET-compatibility +TRAify version
« on: July 09, 2020, 01:07:41 PM »
+ Another question: I did not find epilogue lines for NPCs in the texts of ToB components. Are you planning to add them?

BG1 NPCs for SoA / Re: EE-EET-compatibility +TRAify version
« on: June 23, 2020, 01:48:09 AM »
I also wanted to ask - are you planning to add the banters of these NPCs from BG1 with the new NPCs from the EE version of the game (the wild magician Neera, the monk Rasaad, the vampire Hexxat, the bear Wilson and Dorn)?
And now they are ignoring new EE-NPC, unfortunately (

BG1 NPCs for SoA / Re: Smiling Imp Cross Banter Mod
« on: June 23, 2020, 01:44:02 AM »
Thanks for the mod!
Will it ever evolve? Over the years, new NPC mods have appeared, and old friends probably canít wait to talk to them :) For example, The Beaurin Legacy mod:

If you yourself do not plan to do this, would you mind if other modders add cross-mod content to your NPCs (Tiax and others)?

I also made a technical modification of this mod, namely:
+ added TRA-ify so that it can be translated into other languages
+ added EE-compatibility
+ fixed several errors in the code, due to which some components were not installed (missing signs ~ and more).

Here is the link:

BG1 NPCs for SoA / EE-EET-compatibility +TRAify version
« on: June 22, 2020, 01:21:11 PM »
Firstly, I want to thank Smiling Imp for a wonderful mod!
Secondly, I want to inform that I (and tipun from our Russian forum of BG's fans - Arcanecoast, which helped me a lot to solve some problems) added EE and EET compatibility to the mod.
Hopefully Smiling Imp will not mind updating the version. I did not change anything in the content of the mod, all the changes are only technical and I made them so that more people can play it! And so that the mod can be translated into other languages. Translation into Russian is already partially completed, but continues.

So, the version with my improvements includes:

1. Completed TRA-ify of mod

2. Added a separate file for descriptions of items in the EE version (setup_ee.tra)

3. Added EE-adaptation of the journal entries (according to this instruction)

4. Added iconv-transcoder (so that the mod is installed both on the EE version, where a UTF-8 encoding is required, and on the "vanilla" version in any languages where other encodings are required)

5. The chapter variables for EET were renamed and everything else is done too according to the instructions from here

6. Modified the sound installation to the LAF HANDLE_AUDIO END command to simplify this process, as described in this thread.

7. Variants of TIS files for the EE version (TIS V2 + PVRZ) were created and the code for installing different TIS files depending on the installed version of the game was added to the tp2-file. Thanks to the help of tipun from from Russian forum of BG's fans!
Added conversion of MOS files for EE using the Tile2EE program from Argent77

8. Fixed installation error that occurred due to the fact that the old IC_YUANTI3 animation did not match the new EE-version where it was replaced with YUAN-TI_PRIEST. Verification in the tp2-file has been added:

Code: [Select]
      OUTER_SPRINT yuanti_animation YUAN-TI_PRIEST
      OUTER_SPRINT yuanti_animation IC_YUANTI3

Thanks DavidW for instructions on how to solve this problem.

9. Added the following code to the tp2-file to fix the error when installing the first component:
Code: [Select]
BEGIN %new_dialog%
    OUTER_SPRINT ~new_dialog~ ~byesli~
    COMPILE EVALUATE_BUFFER ~new_dialog.d~

Otherwise, the installation was interrupted with this error:
Code: [Select]
ERROR locating resource for 'CHAIN3'
Resource [BYESLI.DLG] not found in KEY file:
ERROR: preprocessing APPEND_EARLY [BG1NPCSoA/7XBRANB.d]: Failure("resource [BYESLI.DLG] not found for 'CHAIN3'")
Stopping installation because of error.

10. Fixed several errors that were written about in this thread: (a two .d and one .baf 'fix, and a one .cre-ature from the BW Fixpacks)

11. Folder names have been changed to remove spaces and "&" between words. Instead of "TIAX & QUAYLE", it became "TIAX-QUAYLE". Otherwise, errors appeared.

12. Updated WeiDU-installer.

13. Versions of portraits with other sizes required for the EE version have been created, as described in the instructions.

14. Fixed a bug where the game crashed in a conversation with Kagain, if the "Store w/Vanilla Items Only" component was installed and the player selected the response option that opens the StartStore("bg1npc5",LastTalkedToBy()). The reason was that when installing this component, the BG1NPC5.sto file, required during the dialogue, was not copied to the Override folder.

15. With great difficulty, but the EET_NPC_TRANSITION function was added to all NPCs with EET installed (necessary for calling through the Fate Spirit in the EET, otherwise the character development in SOA was not taken into account after the call), it is still being tested, but so far no problems have been identified. Thanks to the help of tipun from Russian forum of BG's fans!

16. Added Russian translation of the components "Coran and Safana" (SoA + ToB), "Faldorn" (SoA + ToB) and etc.

17. Added and fixed checks for all current new versions of "parallel" mods, also adding these NPCs (to prevent duplication of the same character in the game and the appearance of bugs):
Skie - The Cost of One Girl's Soul
Yeslick SoA/ToB
Alora NPC
Xan for BG2
Kivan and Deheriana Companions for BG2
Branwen for BG2
Quayle BG2
Tiax for BG2
Safana in Amn
Sir Ajantis BG2
Romantic Encounters BG2 (Eldoth)
NEJ (Shar-Teel)
Tortured Souls (Dynaheir)

18. Fixed a small oversight in the code, file KGSTO2.d. He led to the fact that Dalindra in the Water Gardens could be asked about the cult of the Unseeing Eye even before the hero visited the area of the Temples and learned about the cultists. There was only a check for the fact that the Eye is still alive (!Dead("UnseeingEye"). I added an additional check to see if the Global variable ("BeholderPlot") is set to position 1 (this happens after the start of the quest with the cultists in the Temples). Now everything is logical and this option in the dialogue with Dalindra opens only when the hero knows about the cult and has not yet killed the Eye.

19. Coran had an item in the quick access slot that he could not use - poison arrows (Eldoth's personal item). Removed since Coran cannot use them.

20. Fixed a bug in the TQCRE1.d file. When talking with Gazib in the circus, there are two options for the answer - to pay him 500 coins or not, and previously gold was removed from the inventory when the option "Do not pay" was selected, and if the player agreed to pay for watching the show, gold did not disappear. Now it's done the other way around, as it should be.

21. Fixed a bug that caused Shar-Teel to become hostile to the player when talking to slavers in Athkatla. The 7XsharJ.d file has been edited in the I_C_T SLAVERM 1 SharSLAVERM1 command. Now the last line belongs to the slaver and the Enemy() command makes him hostile, not Shar-Teel.

22. Fixed a minor bug due to which Dynaheir started the same first dialogue and story of her salvation even after the second meeting in the Copper Coronet (if the first time to refuse her services). Added NumTimesTalkedTo(0) check to 7xdyna.d file when starting the first dialog. Now everything works as it should.

23. Fixed a bug due to which, if a group's reputation went down, and there were Tiax and Aerie in it, both left the group. Now everything works as it should - Aerie leaves, and Tiax comments on her departure and stays.

24. Added a code to all NPCs that blocks their leaving the group after changing the group's reputation. Otherwise, the NPC endlessly tried to start a dialogue about leaving the group - as if the player kicked him out on his own initiative (the reason for the error is that there are no corresponding lines about leaving due to a change in reputation in the mod, and the engine of the EE-version starts this conversation forcibly, as a result, endlessly repeated dialogue, which is completely out of place). Now the problem is solved, the tp2-code adds the following parameter to each cre-file:
Code: [Select]
opcode = 360 // Ignore reputation
timing = 9 // Permanent
target = 1 // Self
resist_dispel = 0 // Not dispellable + bypass resistance
This solution is found here: (Thank K4thos)

25. Fixed a bug due to which during the first conversation with Shar-Teel, if Tiax was in the group and the Cross Banter component was installed, then Tiax repeated the same line twice (about not wanting to travel with her), and she answered twice the same to him. Now the duplication is removed.


Athkatlan Expansion / Re: Updates Thread
« on: June 22, 2020, 11:14:46 AM »
Hello! Is this project dead? According to the description, it was a very interesting mod, and so much work has been done on it. Maybe if you yourself do not plan to finish it, can you transfer the materials to someone from other modders?

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