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BG1 NPCs for SoA / Re: UPDATE: EE-EET-compatibility +TRA-ifed version
« on: February 06, 2021, 04:58:54 AM »
New version - 11.6!

NEW CONTENT ADDED (proofreading of the English text by sarevok57):
- Added dialogues in the ending ToB - now Shar-Teel, Garrick, Branwen, Skie, Coran, Safana, Xzar and Quayle will also express their opinion on the player's final decision.
- Added dialogues to the Tree of Life for those NPCs that did not have them before - for Quayle, Faldorn, Xzar, Kagain
- Added NPC reactions to getting into the Hell location (for those who were silent before) - for Quayle, Skie, Shar-Teel, Faldorn, Kagain, Montaron
- Added a conversation with Volo about Safana (previously he only talked about the Koran). If the Coran is in the group, he will comment on Volo's story about Safana.
- Added Xzar's interjections in dialogues with Elhan (in SoA) and Illasera (in ToB). If there is Montaron or Edwin in the group, they will also speak out
- Added Skie's interjection to the dialogue with Saemon Havarian in ToB
- Added new dialogue between Garrick and the tavern owner in Amkethran

- Fixed a bug due to which the dialogue with Safana at the Tree of Life did not appear in the game

- Now Safana files will not be installed if an installed Kulyok’s Coran mod is found, which replaced the Coran from this mod. The reason is that according to the plot, Safana is revived by the Coran, and if the Coran from this mod is not installed, then a plot conflict and bugs arose.

BG1 NPCs for SoA / Re: UPDATE: EE-EET-compatibility +TRA-ifed version
« on: February 01, 2021, 01:35:03 PM »
New version - 11.5!

NEW CONTENT ADDED (original Russian texts by scheele, proofreading of the English text by sarevok57):
- Added friendship dialogs between Alora and Edwin (three new dialogs between them, continuing the first banter from the mod, as well as the expansion of Alora's banters with Montaron and Korgan, now Edwin will intervene in their dialogues
- Added two epilogues for Alora (the first is standard, the second is with an active friendship between Alora and Edwin). Compatible with Edwin Romance mod - added necessary checks so that epilogues do not contradict each other
- Added a dialogue between the PC and Alora at the Tree of Life in the SoA ending (previously, Alora was ignored there)

Component "Alora" still does not contain much text, but now the situation is better and Alora's story has been completed.

BG1 NPCs for SoA / Re: UPDATE: EE-EET-compatibility +TRA-ifed version
« on: January 31, 2021, 05:45:22 AM »
New version - 11.4!

NEW CONTENT ADDED (proofreading of the English text by sarevok57, part of the texts was also taken from the Smiling Imp's SoA texts and moved to ToB where it was appropriate):
- Added epilogues for Skie, Garrick, Branwen and Yeslik
- Added dialogue with Eldoth in the final dialogue with Melissan (an epilogue for Eldoth, given this new scene, will not be required), compatible with Ascension
- Added several new Branwen’s interjections to the dialogs in ToB, including one line when passing Neera's quest
- Added several Shar-Teel’s interjections to ToB dialogs
- Added Branwen's reaction to the player's decision to kill Marlowe in Amkethran (now she will not look indifferently at the murder of an innocent)

-Fixed many bugs in the dialogs of the ToB-part of the main component. Previously, many I_C_T blocks did not have "passbacks", as a result, NPCs could become hostile or disappear where other characters should have done it.

- Separate I_C_T blocks that processed the same State are now combined into common I_C_T3 blocks (tobbanter2.d file) - this fixed the problem with the fact that when there are several interjections of different heroes, only one spoke. The reason was that the I_C_T blocks inside the same file were not combined and then it was required to apply I_C_T3.

Now all NPCs of the mod have their epilogues and completed stories (except for the components unfinished by the author of the mod - Alora, Ajantis, Kivan, Xan, Dynaheir)!!  :)

BG1 NPCs for SoA / Re: UPDATE: EE-EET-compatibility +TRA-ifed version
« on: January 26, 2021, 10:26:45 AM »
New version - 11.3!

- Fixed a bug due to which, after talking with the Coran in the Tethir Forest, if Skie was in the group, then she would leave, and the Coran remained in the forest and stood silently
- Fixed bugs in Garrick's dialogues, now the garrick.dlg file has been replaced with the garrick.d file, which is compiled in a safe way, and is not copied to the override folder in dlg format (earlier this could cause additional bugs if some other mod changed the same file)
- The same edits were made to the Priss.d and Rumar.d files.
- Fixed Firebead Elvenhair file - now he will follow the player, and not walk around the location randomly, after the death of the monster he will not stand silently, but will start a dialogue with the player. Also, he will be highlighted not in green (as a party member), but in blue (friendly) and not immediately, but only after the end of the dialogue. I also fixed a bug due to which the monster could appear on the location endlessly.

BG1 NPCs for SoA / Re: UPDATE: EE-EET-compatibility +TRA-ifed version
« on: January 26, 2021, 07:46:49 AM »
Yes, the bug with with infinite spawning of demon has been fixed (I don't have it now, at least). But I found a few more problems with the Firebead Elvenhair. Now I'm fixing them, along with some other bugs. I'll post a mod update soon.

About the mod of the Paladins of Faerun - there is no English forum that would be active. There is a Russian forum Arcanecoast, which has a special topic about this mod, and there you can report bugs. One of our modders, Gorion, is on this project and can make changes.

BG1 NPCs for SoA / Re: UPDATE: EE-EET-compatibility +TRA-ifed version
« on: January 25, 2021, 09:32:04 AM »
Now, this is really breakthrough!  :lilly But, but what about Kivan, Xan and Yeslick? :emo No matter, please continue your excellent work.  ;)
Oh, I forgot to write above that Yeslick is also included in this change! Thanks for reminding me! Updated the previous post!
Xan is not in the TDD mod, judging by the latest version 1.14 that I have.
For Kivan, we did not write such code, because its component in this mod is incomplete and there is almost no text in it - as in the version from the TDD. That is, they are not very different.
Now all NPCs are taken into account, except for Kivan.

Thank you for your words of support and feedback!

BG1 NPCs for SoA / Re: UPDATE: EE-EET-compatibility +TRA-ifed version
« on: January 25, 2021, 07:52:52 AM »
New version - 11.2!

- Added Shar-Teel epilogue
- Added Kagain epilogue
- Added banters between Tiax and EE-NPC (Neera, Rasaad, Wilson) in SOA, including friendship dialogues with Neera
- Added banters between Kagain and EE-NPC (Neera, Rasaad, Wilson) in SOA
- Added three interjections of Kagain in SoA.
- Added Garrick's interjection in one of the dialogues in the Rasaad’s quest in ToB
- Added 16 lines of Faldorn dialogues in ToB
- Expanded Faldorn‘s biography in setup.tra file

- Fixed a bug due to which the some banters between Xzar and Montaron did not start. The reason was that in some dialogs, instead of InParty("7XMONT"), InParty("MONTI") was written, such a check could not be performed and therefore the dialogs did not start.
- Fixed a bug due to which Xan did not appear at the AR0405 area. The Xan’s script name was written incorrectly in the AR0405.baf file
- Fixed the wrong script name of the Coran in some of its scripts and dialogues (because of this, some of the dialogues did not start)
- Fixed a bug due to which dialogues between Xzar and Yoshimo did not start. The 7XXZARB.d file had an invalid Yoshimo script name in checks
- Fixed the incorrect script name Skie in the bg1x24.d file - now Skie can take part in the dialogue between Garrick and his fans in the Water Gardens
- Fixed a bug in the interbanter.d file, due to which the banters between Garrick and Yeslik did not start (check "7XGAR" now instead of "Garrick")
- Fixed the wrong script names of the Xzar and Montaron in the AR0407.baf file
- Other minor bugs fixed

- The code in the tp2-file has been improved, which checks for the presence of other components - now, if the SOA component is not installed, then the ToB component associated with it will simply be skipped, and will not give an error when trying to install
- Improved the way to add a kgenie2.dlg file - instead of copying the dlg file to the override folder, kgenie2.d file will now be compiled in a safer way to avoid bugs when working together with other mods that change the dialogue with the genie in the circus (the ALTER_TRANS command has been added to the file)
- The order of the files inside the mod folder has been improved - now all files are divided into subfolders according to the file type (separate scripts, separate areas, separate dialogs, etc.)

- Improved compatibility with «The Darkest Day» mod. Now, if TDD mod is installed earlier than the Smiling Imp’s mod, then the "draft" NPCs from TDD mod will be replaced by more elaborate versions from this mod. This affects Shar-Teel, Yeslick, Xzar, Montaron, Kagain. This change only affects the classic version of the game! On the EE version with TDD, these NPCs are not, and there will be no problems.
- Improved compatibility of the mod with BGT when installed together with «The Darkest Day» mod

Thanks to tipun for technical assistance in difficult issues and sarevok57 for proofreading new texts in English!

BG1 NPCs for SoA / Re: Wish List
« on: January 25, 2021, 07:52:25 AM »
Thank you so much for the wonderful mod, as well as for your trust and support, Smiling Imp!

I gradually supplement the mod in the part where the texts were absent before (epilogues for the NPC, dialogues that were skipped, and more).

If anyone has dialogue ideas or suggestions, please write here!

I would very much like to add to the mod what you planned and what you wrote about in the first message:
1) A scripted cut scene resolving the Abelard-Heloise-Fulbert Saga.
2) A scripted auction on the second floor of Lady Goldsword's where players would have a one time chance to land precious artifacts.
3) More things to do with the condo you can buy in the Water Gardens. Eventually, I pictured it like a stronghold, only with funnier tasks such as buying enough shrimp cocktail for a dinner party of having your suit tailored correctly for the cotillion.
4) Some place for Oswald to take you in his airship... For any that have finished this quest all the way through, you will know that Oswald offers to take you somewhere in his airship but the dialog options only allow you to decline. I hope to change that one day.
I will try to implement the last point, since there will not be a lot of dialogs to write. I could also add the first three points, but I myself cannot write dialogs for this, this is a difficult task. If you or someone else writes these texts, I can code those points too.

BG1 NPCs for SoA / Re: UPDATE: EE-EET-compatibility +TRA-ifed version
« on: January 18, 2021, 10:50:30 AM »
The mod version has been updated to 11.1!

- Added epilogues for Quayle, Faldorn, Coran, Safana, Xzar, Montaron (with and without active romance) in ToB
- Added a new banter between Faldorn and Korgan in SoA
- Added dialogue between the protagonist and Volo about Montaron in Saradush (previously Volo did not say anything about him)
- Added dialogues with Melissan and Solar at the end of the game - for Tiax, Quayle, Xzar and Montaron
- Added the final dialogue of the protagonist with Montaron with an active romance, after defeating Melissan
- Added new interjections for Tiax and Quayle during the ToB storyline (in dialogues with Abazigal, Baltazar, Yaga-Shura, Draconis, Ravager and others)
- Added a new dialogue between the protagonist and Montaron in the second half of the ToB
- Added Xzar's reaction to the death of Draconis in ToB
- Added Quayle's reaction when visiting the location of Abazigal's lair
- Added Montaron's phrase when first meeting Melissan in Saradush
- Added ToB scripts for Tiax, Quayle and Montaron

Thanks to sarevok57 for proofreading new texts in English! The texts were originally written in Russian.

BG1 NPCs for SoA / Re: UPDATE: EE-EET-compatibility +TRA-ifed version
« on: January 14, 2021, 02:18:11 PM »
Added 14 new lines to Tiax's ToB dialogues, including the final dialogue with Melissan and Solar. Now Tiax will not be silent when the player makes a decision at the end of the game!
Thanks to sarevok57 for proofreading new texts in English!

BG1 NPCs for SoA / Re: UPDATE: EE-EET-compatibility +TRA-ifed version
« on: January 13, 2021, 01:13:25 AM »

A very serious bug was found and fixed - in the component "Tiax and Quayle in ToB", all of Tiax's short remarks (interjections) were mistakenly attributed to the 7XQUA25J file - and as a result, Tiax did not participate in the ToB story, and if Tiax was in the group at the same time and Quayle, then Quayle would speak Tiax's lines.
This has now been fixed and Tiax can comment on ToB story events!

BG1 NPCs for SoA / Re: UPDATE: EE-EET-compatibility +TRA-ifed version
« on: January 12, 2021, 11:53:31 AM »

Proofreading of new texts (epilogue of Tiax and dialogue with Skie at the Tree of Life) completed, thanks to sarevok57 from the Beamdog forum! This was necessary because I do not speak English and the texts were written in Russian and then translated.

BG1 NPCs for SoA / Re: UPDATE: EE-EET-compatibility +TRA-ifed version
« on: January 10, 2021, 02:47:13 PM »
UPDATED!!! Version number updated to v11, link updated!

1) An epilogue for Tiax has been written and added to the mod! Previously, there were no epilogues in the mod for any NPC.

2) A command has been added to the 7XQUAY.baf script that will make Quayle start a dialogue with the player after his disappearance trick (as soon as the player leaves the circus tent and sees Quayle outside).
Also added a string-head line with the main character's comment about Quayle's disappearance. Now what happened looks more logical - the hero does not ignore it.

3) Improved the way of coding the Quayle dialog - instead of copying the quayle.dlg file to the override folder, now the ADD_TRANS_ACTION command has been added to the 7XQUAYP.d file, which adds the required command in a less risky way. The old method could lead to bugs if some other mod also supplemented the Quayle dialog earlier and this file had already been previously processed by another mod before copying.

4) Fixed a bug due to which Tiax, after joining Quayle to the group, could start endlessly initiating dialogues with all members of the group (now the WEIGHT is fixed in the required dialogue with Quayle).

BG1 NPCs for SoA / Re: UPDATE: EE-EET-compatibility +TRA-ifed version
« on: January 10, 2021, 12:45:56 AM »
Added dialogue between the protagonist and Skie at the Tree of Life (before the final battle in SoA). Previously, such dialogues were created for all NPC except her. I wrote the dialogue (as best I could) and coded it. The Smiling Imp didn't mind that.

BG1 NPCs for SoA / Re: UPDATE: EE-EET-compatibility +TRA-ifed version
« on: January 09, 2021, 05:32:50 AM »
- Added full Russian translation (except for a few optional item descriptions)
- Added cross-mod compatibility with Kulyok's Xan. Now, if this alternate version of Xan is installed instead of the version from this mod, then other Smiling Imp’ NPC will communicate with Kulyok's Xan. The texts of these banters were created by Smiling Imp without Kulyok 's participation (but her consent was received by me now).
- Updated readme file, added full update history and notes about cross-mod compatibility.

Please note that alternative mods must be installed earlier than this one so that all checks work properly and there are no two versions of the same NPC in the game!

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