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Graphics, Music & Sounds / Copying Soundsets?
« on: March 13, 2007, 12:12:45 PM »
I was unsure if this subject was best posted here, or in Q&A, but I give it a shot here. This might have been discussed on other sites, but I have yet to find it, so I try again.

Is it possible to copy the sounds from BG2 NPCs into IWD2, or would it require to create a mod first, and store them there? I'm new at all this kind of stuff (and my non-modding skills is a practical 20 on the 1-10 scale), but good on messing up my game folders and sub-folders.

The portraits would be easy enough, I think, but soundsets have always eluded me. At best I have managed to get the Aran Linvail soundset for BG2.

I'm appreciating any help, any answer, even if it's a "no, you cannot do that unless you want a serious game crash."  ;)

Mod Making Discussion / Area Mod
« on: January 21, 2007, 02:44:19 AM »
Would it possible to add new areas in SoA, like those in BG? The thing that annoyed me the most is how the character goes from one place to another, without having to take them through the wildlands first. My BG2 works fine, BG does not, and so I play BG2, but oh, how I miss those ambushes in the pass, or the bandits in the forests.

It would be great if you at least had to walk through a forest and a small mountainpass before reaching Nalia's keep the first time. But maybe coding of this variation (if it is do-able), just takes too much time when it comes to connecting areas? I know nothing about coding of this type, so my view is kinda fogged.

Neverwinter Nexus / NWN Editor: FAQ
« on: January 13, 2007, 04:09:31 PM »
I'm not sure if anyone here is playing with the scenario editor of NWN now when NWN2 has been released. Me, I have never played NWN2, and I don't think I will. I prefer creating minor scenarios and see how they works. In case a professional modder is hiding somewhere around here, I thought this would be the best place to ask. (I've been checking around on Bioware's threads, but I couldn't find this problem.)

When using an area transition with a Waypoint as a landing area, my Henchman's (not sure about familiar or summoned pets) stats all drops to 8,8,8,8,8,8, and I have to release them from the party, then take them in again for it to be back to normal. Never happens with normal doors. Anyone who knows about this, or knows where I could find the answer to this 8 problem?

Mod Making Discussion / New ToB Areas
« on: August 19, 2006, 03:38:15 AM »
Maybe I'm the only one who will think this is a good idea, but I have always thought ToB does not have enough battles. Sure, there are plenty of them, but first you fight against Illasera and a small group of hers (that's all she got?), Then you go into Saradush, and fight against Gromnir. So good, so far.

But then you leave Saradush, and meet up with a few of Yaga-Shuras soldiers, before you reach Bhaals Temple, where you fight a couple of shades. Then we go straight to Yaga-Shuras home, invade it, go back to a now destroyed town, and right into battle with Yaga-Shura himself. We kill him, and then hurries to the bases of Illasera and Abazigal.

My point? There should be more trouble! Tethyr should be nearly destroyed and crippled by armies of the Bhaalspawns. I held hopes for a major battle where you would have to aid the King of Tethyr himself, and get a little reputationboost in the eyes of the people. And at least two more areas where you have to break through the enemy barricades. It's supposed to be a war, and the characters just goes to their goal, noone trying to stop them.

So, I'm done.

Heck, even Nalias keep could be used as a background when you fight against Fire Giants, Drows and other things to save some of the last survivors.

There, now I'm done.

Edit: I made this, since SoA is all about the story, ToB should be more about heavy battles. I have always wanted to break through a palisade with 12 or more Fire Giants and human soldiers. I even evaded Yaga - Shura once, just to keep fighting his soldiers over and over and OVER again! It was fun!

There is a few things I always have wondered about. I didn't succed to ponder it all in my head so I write it down.


Ao, the overfather made him and a few other gods into mortals during the time of troubles. Now, which level was Bhaal by then? He and the other gods started to struggle (I guess) to get their hands on each other's portfolios? Now, here's my question: Did Bhaal have all the powers Melissan aquired in ToB, or was he the pathetic shade from Jon Irenicus forced dream who ran to Melissan to help?

Melissan and the Bhaalpriests

What exactly did she do when Bhaal came to her? Does she command the other priests of Bhaal, or did she kill them for still following him (you don't get to see any Bhaalpriests except the dead ones)?


The one who killed Bhaal. If Bhaal have his powers, how strong does that make Cyric, and why should he be worried about another "Bhaal" coming back to haunt him, unless he won by trickery and deceit? And is Cyric aware of Melissans plot? Does he care?

Ye Gate House / Backstab Effect?
« on: May 02, 2006, 04:04:10 PM »
Wasn't sure if this was the right topic to post this subject, or even the right forum, since I got the component from from G3. But I try, anyways..

I have the mod component that made Imoen into an Adventurer/Mage. Now, I have changed her into a fighter/assassin. I removed the "affect" that says that she is still an adventurer/mage, no matter what class you chose for her, and it worked fine enough, but yet, I cannot backstab, and my attempts to create (or remove) the affect that allows her backstab to work, only made her back into an adventurer/fighter. NOTE to myself, don't remove the IKNPCKIT affect..

Anyone who knows, I would be grateful, possible or no.

I like Neverwinter, specially it's editor, and to build my own game. I know it will never happen, unless a goodhearted soul with a lot of time and knowledge on his or her hands decides to do it, but besides Neverwinter and BG2, I have always been a Resident Evil fan, and my most secret dream would be to create some modules with the NWN editor, Resident Evil style. *sigh*

There, now.. put me in an asylum, if you wish.

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