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Redrake's IWD Fixpack / Update
« on: September 28, 2013, 04:46:46 AM »
In the past year or so, I made some updates to the mod.

Unfortunately, the weidu version has one major flaw. It used the beta version of my mod, which caused a crash when entering level 4 of Dragon's Eye. A faulty eldathyn cre caused the crash.
It also failed to include some of the more recent additions to the mod after it was fully released.
In the next few weeks I'll release an updated version of the mod. No weidu, but I'm also going to include the already released g3 mod regarding UB, so its dialog.tlk is compatible provided that my mod gets installed last.
As for updates as I made them, I focused mostly on items and spells.

One huge bug that I noticed were the weapons that supposedly granted bonus against certain creatures. In effect, those bonuses were missing. A lot of weapons, like Love of Black Bess, Pale Justice or Pig's Eye had no such bonuses. I changed them so that they actually benefit from them.
One weird item was Conlan's Hammer. According to its description it's supposed to grant +5 against Iron Golems, but it fact it's a +5 weapon against any enemy. It is impossible to create a bonus against just Iron Golems though, so I changed the description too, so that it grants +5 against all golems. Otherwise it's a +3 weapon.

And now for a list of fixes done or to be done in addition to the existing list.
Item fixes:

- Overall fixes for all weapons that grant bonus against creatures, alignments and classes. The weapons affected are Bonecleaver, Axe of Caged Souls, Evil Spider Crusher of Doom, Guktok's Chopper, Misery's Herald, Selune's Promise, Giant Killer, Trollslayer, Alamion, Pig's Eye, Wind of Heaven, Hell's Bane, Conlan's Hammer, Pale Justice, Dead God's Dreaming, Kondar, Inconsequence and The Mace of Weal and Woe. The only weapons in the game that grants bonus are the Three White Doves and Giant's Sleep.

-Two Handed Sword +4: Life Giver was a very powerful weapon. A +4 weapon with healing chances when it hit the enemy and regeneration as well. Thus I wrote a description for it and renamed it Palaestra
Code: [Select]
This weapon was created by the dwarves of the clan Fireaxe for one of their long-standing friend the paladin Erwin Carmoth. Erwin used this swords for many years and when he retired in the town of Beregost he passed the weapon to his daughter, Elliana. Elliana made further enchantments to the weapon with the aid of a transmuter in Baldur's Gate. Particularly, the sword was enchanted using troll blood and unicorn powder to enhance regeneration and healing. It is said that the greatsword actually heals the wielder in combat.
Unfortunately, the weapon was stolen from the transmuter before Elliana had a chance to wield it. The traces of the thief were never found.


Damage:  1D10 +4
THAC0  +4 bonus
Damage type:  Slashing
  Increased Regeneration rate
  5% chance to heal 1D20 hit points to self
Weight: 12
Speed Factor: 9
Proficiency Type: Great Swords
Type:  2-handed
Not Usable By:

- Ankheg Plate Armor and Beetle Shields are now usable by druids. Those are not metal so that's strictly within the rules.

- Mithral Plate Armor is back to being non-magical. It is also lighter than the more common Iron Plate. In the original IWD Mithral Plate Armor was one of the best armor to be had, as it was no magical so you could equip a ring of protection +2 with it. In HoW they made it magical so it's just as common as Iron Plate Armor, which grants the same AC 0, but while Iron plate weights 35, Mithral weights 70. I changed it so that Mithral is once again not magical and it weighs 30.

- Pestilent Dawn morningstar was supposed to grant immunity to disease. This has been fixed.

- Slightly altered the list of available items from Jester's Bag of Holding. Some more gems and common items can now be found. I also removed the duplicates.

- Three White Doves was not granting 5% chance of slaying outer planar creatures. This has been fixed.

- Symbol of Corellon Larethian now grants +2 THAC0 against orcs as it should from its description.

- Bardic Horn of Valhalla now summons beserkers with barbarian animations, like it does in IWD2.

- Arrows of Slaying was available to buy in Lonelywood, but it was bugged. It crashed the game when used. That's because the weapon is designed to kill Ogre Mages, but Ogre Mages do not exist in IWD1. I fixed it so that it slays Ogres.

Spell fixes:

- Infravision moved to level 3 as it is in PnP.

- Added 2 additional spells to mage arsenal. Protection from Evil 10' Radius at level 4 (PnP means level 3, but I would also need to edit the priest spell for level 3 and it would make the game easier) and Meteor Swarm at level 9. More spells might be added. It's easier to simply import them from BG2, although the bams from that game are not in par with how good they look in IWD1.

Class and races fixes:

- Fixed bard spell levels to be in par with PnP. They are no longer able to cast spells above level 6. Considering that IWD1 sets spells to be cast at caster level and a bard levels up faster than a mage at high levels bard are over-powerful compared to mages.

- Fixed pickpocket bonuses for bards. PnP rules state that pickpocket bonus increase with 5% each level. However in IWD1 a Bard starts with 35%. Add to that 15% from Half-elf racial bonus and you could get a 50% chances right from the start. As such, pickpocket is extremely easy. Now the skill starts at 16%.

- Halflings no longer get -1 Wis. Only -1 Str.

Creature fixes:

- Overall fixes of certain enemies. Shadowed enemies in the Hand are undead, which can be turned, but they are also racially, eleves, orcs, goblins etc, so they are not spectral undead.

- Some of the Trial of the Luremaster creatures had no races assigned. This has been fixed.

- Unique items. Removed a lot of the duplicate items found on various creatures. It is no longer possible to gather 10 Rings of Free Action.

- More stealable items on various creatures. Nothing overpowered.

- Changed Frostbite into a larger Wyvern, as it is their leader in Wyrm's Glacier. Wyverns also drop heads when they die.

- Adinirahc is mentioned in Note to Krilag as being the leader of the drow mercenaries in Upper Dorn's Deep. However he's not there. I added him. He's somewhat powerful.

To be added:

- More descriptions for various weapons that I think they deserve a unique status.

- New items, mainly the items that you can find described in Easthaven in Tempus Temple. My idea is to create those weapons, but they will be available after you defeat Pomab, as that pesky guy stole those items from the museum. Thus they are not available from the start of the game, but they can be used in HoW and maybe in Heart of Fury mode.

- New spells, imported most likely from BG2 and maybe IWD2 (if at all possible).

- Far less empty chests. I aim to add items and miscellaneous stuff in now empty places, such as chests, cupboards and so on. I found a lot of items that are also orphaned having been absent in the game.

IWD2 Tweaks / IWD2 Tweaks
« on: April 28, 2012, 02:47:21 PM »
I started (for quite some time actually) working on some fixes and tweaks for IWD2. Some are made to bring IWD2 in par with true 3E rules. Others are fixings for released mods. And yet again others are convenience changes to make the game more enjoyable.
I'll start by enumerating the things I've done.

- Paladins:
Replaced the common names, Paladin of Ilmater, Mystra or Helm with others.
As in
Paladin of Ilmater is changed to Paladin of the Golden Cup

The Order of the Golden Cup is often charged with the protection of Ilmaters Healers when their missions would take them to the most hostile of places. Serving as faithful guardians, these questing knights swear to many of the same vows as the Healers, though with some differences. They carry enough gold to keep arms and armor, as well as other relevant equipment. They will provide food and supplies if needs be, but beyond this do not keep gold or wealth. The Knights of the Golden Cup use violence only when absolutely necessary to protect their charge, whose zeal for helping often lands them into danger. They will not turn a blind eye to the suffering of others however, but will show restraint, understanding that the Healers cause is vital.

Paladin of Helm changed to Paladin of the Red Falcon

The Order of the Red Falcon is a fellowship of crusaders, warriors, and a few paladins who serve the Red Knight and Lady Bloodhawk. Small in number, the elite knights of this order are dangerous opponents who have triumphed in the face of overwhelming odds on numerous occasions. Based in the Citadel of Strategic Militancy, many of the knights serve as instructors in the Red War College. Other serve stints in various armies throughout the Realms training the officers in military history. On rare occasions they are all summoned back to the Citadel and led into combat by Lady Bloodhawk herself.

Paladin of Mystra changed to Paladin of the Mystic Fire

The church of Mystra sponsors a knightly order of paladins and a small order of rangers. The paladins, the Knights of the Mystic Fire, are granted their spells by Mystra. They often accompany members of the clergy on quests to locate lost hoards of ancient magic and also form the cadre from which the leadership for the small groups of armed forces who guard Mystra's larger temples and workshops is drawn.

- Slightly changed the description of Morninglord of Lathander.

- Dwarves are now racially proficient with axes and hammers.

- Drow are no longer racially proficient with bows, but instead with crossbows.

- Fixed some of Weimer's added IWD1 items so that they can be used in IWD2. Previously some of the armor he placed in there disables spellcasting like it used to do in IWD1.

- All scimitars in the game benefit from keen effect (x3 critical).

- Restored content: Component of would be UB for IWD2. Fixed Druids of Shaengarne Village quest, with an alternate way of solving the problem with Shaengarne village.

- Halflings get Luck of Heroes feat for free at first level.

- Half-elves get +2 Cha. This was made because 3E utterly messed up this race. Is now basically without any benefits. However in 3E Half-elves get a small bonus to Diplomacy and Bluff, bonus which can be covered by +2 Cha.

- Monks were getting axes as class proficiency. This as been removed. They are also no longer proficient with crossbows, unless they are drow.

- Rangers and Druids get Forester as a starting feat (no one would actually take that feat anyway).

- Rangers and bards get a slight increase in skills x6 instead of x4.

- Dwarves received 3 ranks of Toughness at the start.

- Bluff is no longer a skill available to paladins (Lying paladins?).

- Minimum stats are fixed at 8 instead of 3. Obviously this goes to 6 or 4 depending on various races penalties.

- Restored content: Ubchug Babblemug a half-orc crazy cleric in Severed hand.

- Restored content: Goublika leader of fomorian giants in the Western Pass can be talked to, for a different way to solve the problems in that area (essentially he'll attack Andorra).

Redrake's IWD Fixpack / Weidu version
« on: November 12, 2011, 10:09:27 PM »
Thanks to Prowler now we have a Weidu version of the mod. Download is updated to it.

Be advised that for now it was not playtested with any of the other mods for IWD1.

The Undying / Shi'nayne Accent Discussion
« on: July 06, 2010, 01:38:45 AM »
Now Shi'nayne on the other hand, I'm debating what type of sound set to give her. Drow or someone that speaks Scots (dwarven).
Female drow soundset from IWD2. That fits nicely I think.

Other Games / Dragon Age Screenshots
« on: November 30, 2009, 10:54:00 PM »
I agree. Dwarf tossing is... bad!

Other Games / Red Alert for free
« on: September 04, 2008, 02:44:19 PM »

The page is dedicated to Red Alert 3, but they've made Red Alert available for free. Is even patched for XP.

Ye Gate House / IE games and newer graphics cards
« on: May 02, 2008, 12:36:36 AM »
I reached to the conclusion that my new graphics card (Geforce 8600GT) sucks royally when it comes to older games. Almost no old game works as it should (IE games included). Strange black boxes, crashes and various other atrocities. I messed around a bit with IWD2 (since it is the last IE games made) trying different configurations. The best I could do to make more playable was to disable direct draw acceleration, enable Software Transparent BLT and play it on 1024x768 resolution. It is however quite slow at some points.
Here's how it looks without the configurations:

This should serve as a warning to people looking to upgrade their systems. New games (NWN2) might run without any problems but the older ones (BG2 included) are going to become unplayable.

Noobers Dwarven Hammer / iGod - Talk to online God
« on: February 21, 2008, 03:10:18 AM »
Repent made easy

is there a God?
Of course I believe in God, .
Is he omnipotent?
Signs point to yes. Ask Dancing Alice if it is.
If he is omnipotent can he make a rock even he can't lift?
I don't follow your reasoning.
of course not
Are you serious?
Indeed it is so.
if God can't lift a rock then he's not omnipotent
Some things will always be a mystery.

I managed to confuse an online deity. :lilly

Noobers Dwarven Hammer / Funny Images
« on: February 17, 2008, 12:26:28 AM »
TFN is not very used these days, so why not start a new thread here? :lilly

I'll go first with some old news. ;D

Neverwinter Nexus / NWN1 Screenshots
« on: December 12, 2007, 03:02:35 AM »
This subforum is supposed to be about NWN1 and 2, but there's no NWN1 thread.
Here are some screenshots freshly taken from my game. Blackguard part 3. I'm such a villain. I killed a large number of nameless paladins and soldiers of light sacrificed children to Talos, desecrated the altar of Mielikki, sent several celestials back to Tyr and Tymora, I even killed Storm Silverhand and Drizzt (plus his cat). But the most evil thing I did was to kill Deekin. :lilly

Ye Gate House / Favorite Medium Level Arcane Spells
« on: December 04, 2007, 10:56:21 AM »
Part 2, this one dealing with level 4-6:

Level 4:
Ice Storm - Amazing spell and if you are lucky the enemy gets hit twice by it
Stoneskin - One of the best defensive spells available
Emotion: Hope - Great defensive spell
Emotion: Hopelessness - The opposite of Hope and a great spell for disabling enemies

Level 5:
Cloudkill - One of the best aggressive spells, a must for any decent wizard
Chaos - Confusion spell with high chances of confusing the enemies due to the penalty to STs
Summon Earth Elemental - My favorite Elemental summon. Very though and very damaging
Lower Resistance - A very good spell especially when it comes to fighting dragons
Ball Lightning - For IWD2 only, a good offensive spell, you get 1 ball per 2 levels and you throw them with 5 balls/round

Level 6:
Chain Lightning - The big brother of Lightning Bolt. A very good spell when it comes to fighting multiple enemies (especially undead)
Globe of Invulnerability - One of the best defensive spells available, a great one to have
Tenser's Transformation - Best spell for a fighter/mage or cleric/mage
Power Word: Silence - An amazing spell, you can silence an enemy mage without the need of a ST

Ye Gate House / Favorite Low Level Arcane Spells
« on: December 03, 2007, 02:54:09 AM »
Inspired by a thread on another board.
So what are your favorite low level spells in IE games and why.
For me:
Level 1:
Chromatic orb = Wide range of effects and one of the best spells available
Shocking Grasp = An underrated spell but only efficient in IWD, because it grows with level and it always hits
Shield = Best magic missile defense available
Armor = Great spell to use on any mage but especially on the multiclasses. It also has long duration (8 hours)

Level 2:
Snilloc Snowball Swarm = The sister of fireball and very large range
Aghnazzar's Scorcher = Amazing against trolls when you get them down. It also a very good spell to disrupt spellcasters
Web = One of the best spells for disabling the enemies

Level 3:
Fireball = Enough said, one of the most damaging spells in any IE game
Lightning Bolt = Takes practice to learn how to use it due to pinball effect, but one of the most destructive spells. In BG1 is a real killer.
Flame Arrow = A very good spells that never stops to grow in strength with higher levels
Skull Trap = Another spell that grows in strength and due the fact that it does magic damage very few enemies can avoid the damage
Haste = Amazing spell, but not for IWD2 since in that came is for only one character
Dispel Magic = The bane of any magical effect

Noobers Dwarven Hammer / Youtube Mania
« on: November 12, 2007, 11:06:50 PM »
Funny youtube links should go here:
Here's one ferocious cat:

Noobers Dwarven Hammer / Weather talks
« on: November 08, 2007, 09:54:50 PM »
Thread started to leave the Cafe free of weather discussions. ;D
It's cold here, but no rain or snow.  ;)

Noobers Dwarven Hammer / What movie do you plan to watch on Halloween?
« on: October 30, 2007, 10:12:39 AM »
Halloween is nearly upon us. So what horror flick do you plan on watching? I for one, I think I'm going to rewatch Mermaid Chronicles Part 1: She Creature. ;)

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