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Ye Gate House / What IE games are you playing and where are you at?
« on: January 08, 2007, 07:51:30 AM »
I'm playing BG2, and this is how things went and go:

My PC: I started out as a Swashbuckler and raised my pick pocketing skill to 225, for reasons you‚??ll see shortly. I put *** in Two Weapon Style in * in Katana‚??s. 

I took Minsc, Jaheria and Yoshimo with me.  I used SK to change Minsc into a Berserker and give him ***** with the Spear and * with the Halberd. Jaheria had her proficiencies jiggled around too, with ** in Quarterstaff, Scimitar and Sling. Yoshimo was Dual Classed into a Fighter with **** in Axes.

Once out of Chateau Irenicus, I used my pick pocketing skills in Waukeen‚??s Promenade to claim my five fingered discount on a wide range of goods. At the weapons shop in the just past the Adventurer‚??s Mart and the Mart itself, I got two +1 Slings, a TON of bullets, a bunch of scrolls which included Limited Wish, and a scroll case. Before leaving the Promenade, I visited the Den of the Seven Vales and took a few potions and coins from the group of people on the first floor. After the obligatory visit to Galen, I went to the Government District to pick up Shar-Teel and returned to Galen‚??s house to visit his fence where I packed every inventory slot I had free with +1 Chain Mail and Splint Mail armor, as well as +1 Katana‚??s, Halberd‚??s and Two-Handed Swords. For some reason the fence won‚??t accept fenced goods so a visit to the Docks was in order where the Shadow Thieves fence had no such problems and I walked away with a large amount of coin.

After that it was off to Trademeet by way of the City Gate (where I grabbed Kagain‚??s Troll Cinder Axe) and I picked up Tashia, who will be both my magic user and romantic interest, before taking the Druid Grove quest which got me up to level 10 as a Swashbuckler. I then Dual Classed to a Fighter and put my initial **** into Katana‚??s, and because I have a +1 Katana as well as the Shield of Harmony and a few other trinkets to get an AC of -9 I felt primed for the rest of the game.

I completed the de‚??Arnise Keep, picking up the Flail of Ages, the Frostreaver Battle Ax, the ‚??Giantkin‚?? War Hammer, the Elven Court Bow and the Axe of Resistance. Yoshimo got the axes while Minsc got the bow to make him my back-up missile weapon user.

Right now, I‚??m poised to undertake the Rescue the Slaves quest in the Copper Coronet.

My Party:

My PC: Swashbuckler Level 10 Dual Classed to Fighter, Level 7
Yoshimo: Bounty Hunter Level 10 Dual Classed to Fighter, Level 8
Shar-Teel: Blademaster Level 12
Jaheria: Fighter/Druid Multi-Class, Level 8/10
Tashia: Sorcerer Level 11
Minsc: Berserker Level 9

Ye Gate House / The music in IE games rocks
« on: January 04, 2007, 05:28:50 AM »
Really, it does. The music for all the games adds so much atmosphere and depth. Whether it's the gentle music of Easthaven at the start or the despairing music of Easthaven at the end of the game, IWD's music is superb, with the best of the bunch being the theme for Kuldahar. BG 2's music is fantastic as well, with the introduction music to both SoA and ToB being amazing and the romance themes being hauntingly beautiful; Viconia's is the best one and puts the romance over the top as far as being the best of the bunch.

Saerileth Romance / A question about Saerileth and the wedding ceremony
« on: January 02, 2007, 08:43:06 AM »
Does it actually happen? I finished SoA and when Saeriletha asked Ellesime, Ellesime said she would bring a Priest of Tyr to perform the ceremony, but then nothing happened. I spawned in a Priest of Tyr, but he won't speak to either my character or Saerileth. I've really enjoyed the Mod so far and I'd like to conclude the SoA part on a high note.

The Darkest Day / A Darkest Day problem - Characters not moving properly
« on: November 09, 2005, 05:58:52 PM »
I installed TDD and it was working fine. But out of nowhere Viconia and Jaheria stopped moving properly. I'd click to move my party somewhere and everyone else would move as they should, but V and J would move a few steps then stop moving completely. If I want them to go any distance I have to keep clicking on the spot I want them go to, over and over again, to get them to get there. Has anybody else had this problem, and does anyone know how to fix it. Thanks.

Alora / Installing problem/readme.txt
« on: November 07, 2005, 08:31:28 PM »
Oops. I pulled a Minsc. Heck of a way to make my first post.

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