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Dark Side of the Sword Coast / Crash in the battle with Davaeorn
« on: July 19, 2018, 11:14:53 AM »
I found many, many, maany bugs in the Dark horizons and DSotSC for vanilla BG:TotSC but so far none was CTD until I encountered this. It seems that his script is overridden by one of the scripts from DS, specifically mage9.bcs. Among other things ( yeah, it prevents his "bad guy" speech also) one of the spells which this script is force casting ( I really, really hate this kind of thing, instead of his memorized spells he got force spells which are  uninterruptible, if one of them is corrupted it is real pain to end this fight fast enough without some metagaming dirty tactics ) is spider summoning which is new spell coming in DS package. Problem with this spell ( from my testing ) is that when you summon low levels spiders ( huge ) there is no problem but if you reach high enough levels ( Davaern is 13th level ) then phase and sword spiders come into the fray. When that happens game crashes. Probably some problem with animation or very less likely, if two of them come instead of just one.

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