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Baldur's Gate - Enhanced Edition / Hows Mod Compatibility?
« on: December 02, 2012, 02:10:45 PM »
So, EE is out and for those that frantically went to play it, how is the mod compatibily? I heard they are encoraging the modding community but i also heard that many mods dont work with EE.

As for mod makers, how are things? we gonna have to learn new things or modding is still the "same" procedure?

As much as EE seems nice, graphics is something i really dont consider when evaluating a game. I will be playing it only for the new NPCs & Quest if not many mods work with it, because BG without mods now just seems quite bland  :P

Other Games / The New X-COM Game
« on: October 15, 2012, 09:54:19 AM »
So i recently got the new X-COM game gifted to me, having read that this game was a downgraded version of the original, made for consoles, i obviously was dubious of this game initially, but was suprised to discover Firaxis really did a good job on it, being good reboot/remake of the series (something that i find REALLY rare).

Combat is much more fast paced (an improvement over the old one, IMO) and with more tactival possibilities (there is cover and new abilities for your soldiers). Everyone got alot better at hitting things, so no more spending 4 rounds of missing each other only to have the alien killing you by a lucky "16% hit chance" shot.

The enemies from the original are back, but with a fresh look, which is always a nice thing. Customisation of your soldier is really good and you get the same weapons from old game (laser weaponry still being the best cost effective).

Something that i understand many didint liked was that the game has a much "lighter" feel to it, whereas in the original you had a feeling of fighting a losing war as further the game went, this one is quite the opposite, as you progress, humanity (only X-COM, really) start to really beat the aliens back.

But of course this game has flaws, most being minor IMO, such as not having the aliens assaulting your base (something which i always prevented in the original) or the game using low money values (such as an laser rifle costing only $21 instead of a $6000, and your monthly income being like $500 instead of millions).

Also this:

See how many references you get from those names  :P

So any fellow X-COM commanders share my thoughts?

Mod Making Discussion / Dynaheir in BG2
« on: August 31, 2012, 08:46:44 PM »
Well guys, i forgot we had a "mod ideias" section  ::) so i will just repost what i did on SHS

Well, i know this might be considered beating an dead horse (i have seen some topics about this that are a couple years old) but since we already have the "Khalid in BG2" mod, i was wondering if anyone is currently or interested in bringing the Rashemen witch to BG2 (i did read something about "dynaheir" being the next project in the Khalid mod topic, but i suppose that was never mentioned again.)

I have no skills with IE modding (the only thing i ever did was to edit some dialogues in already done mods) but from a storytelling perspective, bringing her back shouldnt pose much of a problem, especially since shes barely mentioned at all by anyone except Minsc.

Couple ideias that would be explored in this mod:

-She would be spared by Irenicus because of her Divination powers ( such as Irenicus forcing her to discover what CHARNAME is draming about, and lets be honest here, if Irenicus didint killed good old Minsc, he would have spared her, since she can be much more useful to him)

-More insight of Rashemi culture (such as the Iron Lords or the "long hair = respect" subjects, in case your wondering)

-Giving people Lawful good pure mage, for those who dont like Edwin.

-Dynaheir would assume the role of CHARNAME's mentor/counselor (i always thought BG2 needed someone like this. Some can say jaheira has such role, but instead of druidic/true neutral speech, Dyna would give more situational/down to earth advice, always trying to lead the bhaal child away from his dark origin)

.-A possibility to continue the romance for those that played the BG1 NPC mod (i belive only Ajantis has an romance that spams all the BG games, an addition to him would be nice)

As for an explanation for her evading her self aware fate (as hinted by her dialogue in the NPC mod), it can be explained that by being in contact with (or maybe by the action of) the bhaal child changed her fate. This could be also used as an personal quest, maybe some Wychlaran really dont like those that escape fate and dyna gets in trouble for that.

Maybe i am just rambling on and nobody actually has any interest in the Rashemi witch, but i hope maybe someday such mod will see the light.

What you guys think?

What i forgot to explain to support my "The bhaal child's presence can save Dynaheir" theory is that Dyna (being one of the Wychlaran) can see (by physical contact) peoples dreams. With that said we could had an background where Irenicus forces Dyna to look into CHARNAME's dreams (for his EVIL research or whatever), but somehow that triggers an "soul" tranference between Dyna & CHARNAME (like with Sarevok) , this event would either change her original fate (to die), as apparently bhaalspawn arent affected by what the gods want. We can also have the explanation that this soul "power" helped her survive Irenicus tortures, thus providing another reason for her to be alive and in the starting Dungeon as a prisioner.

I am currently learning how to mod in the IE engine, if ever get good at this, i might try to do such mod, but if anyone is interested in picking up this ideia, please go ahead!  ;D

EDIT: forgive if my spelling is lousy or lack of more complex info, i am writing this at almost 2 AM here  :P

Dark Horizons / Question about Section
« on: August 26, 2012, 08:47:07 AM »
Hey guys,

Just finished the section dungeon (damn that was hard, i went half assed equipped there, expecting an average dungeon, i was wrong) and couldnt help to noticed that the whole organization seemed a reference to something (the voice clip "Never again will you breach the walls of this fortress" is also familiar, where is that from?) especially the dialogue between the Section leaders. Can anyone tell me if i am right?

I also didint finished the mod yet, there is still the baldur's gate quest, so that might help explaing the whole deal with Section.

Ye Gate House / Mr. Colquetle and his Butler
« on: August 16, 2012, 06:06:39 PM »
After running around Beregost for a while i decided to do the traditional "explore all houses" (i was tottaly not using Imoen to pick the places clean btw :P) and then i came across Mr. Colquetle, he says that hes worried about his son and his wife, that they havent returned yet. I did some research and it seems this is an unfinished quest. I already have the UB mod & Q&E mod so it seems peope forgot about this guy. Isnt there any mod that restores his quest?

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