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Saerileth Romance / stutter bug-how do you get rid of it?
« on: July 25, 2012, 08:20:18 AM »
so i finally encountered the infamous stutter bug. it is so annoying. i tried using the suggestion i found here.

that didn't help. i didn't get "running block of such and such" but i know what is causing the problem. it is her checking for items constantly in my inventory. i don't have any evil items anywhere and i still get the stutter. but i have a bag of holding, 3 gem bags, 2 scroll cases, the ammo belt, and the potion case. whenever i remove those things from my inventory, the stuttering stops. whenever i remove saerileth from my party, the stuttering stops.

let me clarify the stutter bug: every 1/2 second to 1 or 2 seconds (depending, it varies), the screen stops and then skips forward. then it repeats over and over.

how do you get rid of this bug? i tried removing everything from the containers and then placing things back in to see if its any single item. but it seems like a gradual build-up as she checks more and more items. it gets worse and worse the more containers i put back in my inventory. but its not like I have a ton of items, except ammo--i do have a lot of koa-toa bolts and bullets +2. i like to hoard ammo, so right now i have about 1300-1400 ammo. but the ammo isn't by itself the problem, because when i remove just that it still stutters, and it's just as bad as before.

and just when i think i have figured out if a particular item(s) is causing the stutter, it starts up again after i save and reload.

all i really know for sure is when saerileth isn't in my party, there's no stutter. or, when i have no containers in my inventory, there's no stutter. everything else is fair game.

btw, i know that this is the third post i've done in 2-3weeks. sorry, but thanks.

Saerileth Romance / help with saerileth lts
« on: July 12, 2012, 12:42:20 PM »
hi again. i'm having a hard time with the saerileth lovetalks. according to shadowkeeper, my romance is still active. but i haven't had any for a while. the last one was something about the road that we tread. i've completed the druid grove quest and went into the 1st level of watcher's keep to pick up the quiver of plenty. then i went to brynnlaw and still nothings happening--no lovetalks. i can't even force talk her via the cluaconsole:advancerealtime(99999), and she won't initiate any dialogues by pressing ctrl+i.
additionaly, i loaded an old save before that lovetalks and i still can't forcetalk any of her lovetalks past the "raod we tread" one. is there some trigger that i'm missing?
any thoughts?

Saerileth Romance / Throwing weapons inconsistency
« on: July 05, 2012, 12:31:54 PM »
hi, i just downloaded and installed the saerileth mod and so far i've really enjoyed it.

edit: i'm sure this topic has been discussed to death, but i'm having a hard time finding an answer

question, though. why can't she use hangard's axe or the azuredge? she says it's because she only fights face to face. but she can use nonmagical throwing axes and throwing knives no problem. i also used shadowkeeper to put tob ranged magical axes in her inventory and she can use all of those fine, too. she can also use all throwing daggers except firetooth in tob, but there are lots of other throwing daggers.

why the restriction against just these 3 throwing weapons and not any other throwing weapons? or why the restriction at all?

thanks for a great mod. she's a very in depth character

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