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Yoshimo Romance / Some Thoughts and a Possible Bug
« on: May 10, 2012, 06:57:29 AM »
So :D

First, I am a long-time fan of your mods^^ I loved them all, mostly the quest mod which are ALWAYS in my installation. They are pratically canon for me xD

This being said... I have mixed emotion about Yoshimo Romance, which might become the third in the list of Mods I Didn't Complete (I am thinking about uninstalling it)

You write him very well, indeed. He is believable and I understand your reasons.
But still, a mod in which you can't win make me frown a little.
Even the Xan Romance Mod, in the Bonded Path, had a not-reversible death. And it killed me inside a little, but in the end they went to Arvandor, so, it could be understood. And it was flawlessy canon, so, I got it.
In YoshimoRomance Mod... you just lose.
Now, I understand the idea "life is like that sometimes" and "it is the character". I really do. But this is not life but a game, and make a game in which you always lose make me a little bit confused.
Since I play for fun (while mostly we live because we have few other choices), I don't really get it.
I would like to note that I feel "cheated" just the same when you can't lose. You have to have both the opportunities for the game to be possible.
When I find this kind of mod (that I dearly enjoed, but I know the ending would be, in my opinion-, a lose-lose situation) I usually... well, I cheat a little and change the epilogues :P I do it often, mind you, even when the characters have an happy ending, mostly because I have very clear in my mind what my charname and the npc will do, so I change a little bit to incorporate it.
But here I can't find the .tra files, and so, not even that -bad, bad- way to continue the mod is possible.

I understand that it is a matter of taste. And that not-anybody would agree with me. But I thought that some costructive criticism would be understandable, yes?^^

So, off to unistall. And I hope you understand.
You are a great modder^^

About the bug: Yoshimo didn't appear after the fight with Irenicus in Spellhold. I don't know if it is normal or not :)

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