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Mod Room / Soul Exchange Mod Forums
« on: August 31, 2017, 02:23:42 PM »

Mod Room / Soul Exchange @ BWL
« on: June 13, 2013, 02:42:28 PM »
Soul Exchange has been moved to BWL.

Mod Room / Volcano Productions - An independent BG2 modding site
« on: April 25, 2011, 12:23:35 AM »
For those that aren't aware of its existence:

I run an independent BG2 modding site called Volcano Productions. Its flagship mod is "Soul Exchange", a mod that prevents the Bioware NPC's from joining the party, and introduces an entirely new cast of joinable NPC's, each with their own personality, voices, possible friendships, at least 6 romances (4 heterosexual, 1 gay, 1 lesbian), quests and more. There's also the Expansion Pack which adds additional NPC's, romances, animal companions, and more.

Other mods that are hosted at Volcano Productions include Coondred (male raccoon fur druid, introducing furries to BG2), Volcanic Armoury (item pack), Crusader Pack (an old obscure mod updated by me).

In progress are: Lockheart (sweet female vocalist/bard, lesbian romance with PC, close friendship with Aerie), Aerie Relationship (adds friendship track, lesbian romance with PC, and a new quest to Aerie), Wikaede Revisited (my first mod, a One-Day NPC, created anew and expanded), Korgan Romance (Korgan x PC romance), Nicholas (male bunny fur with friendship and possible gay romance with PC), and more.

If you're interested, the forums with all mods and progress are found here:
And the main website is found here:

Mod Room / Volcano Productions reveals first mod
« on: February 09, 2010, 01:00:38 AM »
Volcano Productions has revealed its first mod in development. It is a big one, and very ambitious. However, it can be done. It will just take a long time. Though perhaps things can be speeded up a bit with some help.

Soul Exchange is a mod I have thought of during 2008, and I have been very fond of the idea ever since. It's no secret I'm a big fan of NPC mods. Most NPC mods add a new character or two, that blends into the game world, bantering and interjecting, sometimes even romancing another character or the PC. They add a new story, some quests, and so forth...

But what if you get tired of the default Bioware NPC's? Tired of reading the same character lines, hearing the same voices, experiencing everyone's interpretation of the existing characters? From that thought, Soul Exchange was born.

Its aim is to disable the Bioware cast, and to introduce an entirely new cast of characters. There will be a total of 18 characters (6 good-aligned, 6 neutral-aligned, 6 evil-aligned) of various races and classes (gnomes are the only absent race), making sure one can form a completely evil, neutral or good party, or a combination of them.

Aside from the standard banters and interjections, it will feature 6 romances (3 for male PC's, 3 for female PC's, divided between good, neutral and evil, including 1 gay and 1 lesbian romance).

There will also be character-related quests. Flirts, friendships and voicing will be included as well.

The mod is in open beta, and new versions will be released when new content has been completed. Anyone may assist in the testing. Any other help is welcome too, be it writing, coding (definitely coding), voicing or anything else.

The mod can be found here.

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