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Neh'taniel / Romance Path help for v.3?! [may contain spoilers!]
« on: November 02, 2010, 06:21:58 PM »
 :wall This question is on behalf of my little sister, who asked me to find out why she seems to be "stuck" on the romance path. Now, I have SoA and ToB on my own computer and haven't downloaded this yet (though my sister's winning me over, damn!), so I'm not familiar with the ins and outs of it on her copy of SoA and ToB. The problem is this: she's completed the Unseeing Eye quest, the Lich quest and the Temple of Aumanator quest, then decided it would be fun to read ahead through the dialogue files.......[spoiler]Now she's hit Spellhold and wants to know how to get Neh'taniel to be mortal again.[/spoiler]

She has the Ctrl+Y-kill enabled so I don't know if that's delaying it or what. Probably raced too fast through stuff...ugh  ::)

If anybody could help, that would be awesome. I'm about ready to use my scroll of Power Word: Silence on her!  :whistle:

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