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I am sorry to bother you, Kitanna, but I have a small problem with Neh‚??taniel. As soon as I enter Umar Hills, or the temple area for that matter, Neh‚??taniel starts the: ‚??Over there. Do you see that cluster of flowers?‚?Ě dialogue, and it just keeps on repeating.

I have made a fresh install and started a new game, in case that was the problem, but to no avail.

Here‚??s my new install:

SoA, ToB
Official ToB patch.

Only added mods are:

BG2 fixpack
BG2 Tweaks ‚?? (No NPC or Romance cheats enabled).

Everything was installed in that order.

Is there some line I could put in to skip this dialogue?


And if anyone else knows what I should do, please don‚??t hesitate to pitch in ‚?? I would like to resolve this ASAP.  :)

Kitanna, while I‚??m here, I just wanted to thank you for this mod. It‚??s great. Neh‚??taniel reminds me of Tsujatha, in that he brings much needed freshness to the game. I am very caught in his story. The character is wonderful and very touching. Nice work.


EDIT : Interestingly enough -- just thought I should mention this --, If I pick Neh'taniel up in a game where the temple ruin quest has already been done, I don't get that dialogue bug... I could always skip this with him; but the problem is, considering Neh'taniel's nature and faith, I assume it would be important for him to do that quest.  
Apart from that little bug, he is behaving wonderfully: did his quest with no problems at all, everything else is great.  :-\

EDIT 2: When I enter De'Arnise grounds, Neh'taniel goes through the "flower" dialogue, but only once -- still bugged after that for the other 2 areas.

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