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Tsujatha Melalor Romance / not much ?
« on: August 12, 2007, 07:13:29 AM »
I was wondering , why there isnt much said about this mod ? is it because it is old ?
Or all the great discussion are still on the old forum ??
From my part , i installed again this mod and how much i forget that it is a great mod . Actually , it is the only one so far that have great discussion and dunno...but the one who modded this , made everyone more brainy  :lilly wich is great  :lilly
So my question would be (unless you can point me where i can read the answer if it is already been asked )
1- What is the best party group that i should bring along with Tsujatha ?
2- is there any member who gonna start killing him ?
3- I like to have Viconia with me , but is there any way that the evil one like her and edwin dont leave because im famous ? cose all the way , even in ToB , Sarevoke start whining... :'(
4- Im installing this also with Tsujatha :
-Dungeon Begone
-Unfinished Busness
-Do Quest
-Banter Pack
-Ease of use
-Flirt pack ( i read the warning about multiple romance )
Is there any other mod , that could make the game worth it more...sorry im not so good at this mods things :D i just play the romances cose they are all greats .
But beyond that , im sure there are other mods worthie...that i never tried...any idea ??
Thank you for your time :D
P.S: any idea if the modder of this mod take feedback for Tsujatha or not ? i know it is kinda old..but still...i didnt give my 2cens yet  :whistle:

Saerileth Romance / TOB quest
« on: July 27, 2007, 02:43:52 AM »
Hum taking a chance if anyone is alive around here... :whistle:
I have a question . For Saerileth mod , i played it so many time , but heck it just jumped in my face recently..(go figure ::))
Anyway , it say in the ReadMe that Saerileth has two SoA quests, and a ToB quest.
The thing is..i never saw the TOB quest..dunno if i was going too fast or anything..or maybe is it the Watcher Keep ? is that her Quest ??
If there is a Quest for her in TOB , can anyone tell me..what are the signs...the biggining...even spoiling a little..doesnt matter..plz...

Thank You  :)

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