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Kiara-Zaiya - the famous NPC mod by Alan MC, Seifer and Jesara - has been refreshed by Isaya.
This "grooming" was necessary to fix some texts conflicts for an install in a foreign language. We take the opportunity to fix some install's warnings,  to include our french translation (thanks to Elgaern, Bloody.Mary and Lothringen of the d'Oghmatiques), and to update the spanish one (thanks to Saemon from Clan Dlan).

We're in contact with Seifer and hope a future official update of his mod. But for the moment, we have uploaded it provisionally in our web space.

Download Kiara-Zaiya v1.6 Fr-Es-Ge (you must choose "Accepter" to be able to download the mod)
Original forum

Read the original article at Clouds of Exodus

Auril's Bane / Translations
« on: August 31, 2008, 03:19:06 AM »

I didn't succeed in contacting Grog (by pm) so I post. Besides, I just saw that you are co-author of this mod, Solaufein; I should post before. :-[

Morkhan translated Auril's Bane (TotL version) in french 3 years ago, but his translation needs an update: there's 3 strings that need to be translated in the TotL version, and the HoW version isn't translated.

Could you update these two versions of your mod if I'll send you a new update of .tra files?

Homeward Bound / Translations
« on: July 06, 2008, 02:02:19 PM »
Hello Berelinde,

I don't know if you have seen my pm so I post. :)
One d'Oghmatiques' translator is translating your mod in french. I read that version 3 will add the possibility to summon Bioware's NPC in Brynnlaw and Underdark. Could we have the update of .tra files if this version will be released soon?


Infinity Engine Modding News / BK: Triple New Year Release.
« on: December 31, 2007, 08:47:03 PM »
Visit and get these mods at the Download Center.


Touchstone v1.0: The mod contains a fully voiced joinable elven NPC: Touchstone. You can find him in the Docks District of Athkatla. He is on a mission, dare you help him?

V1.0 also gives the option of installing a Wild Elf Fighter kit. Otherwise Touchstone is a vanilla fighter class.

View the complete ReadMe.

Visit the Touchstone Forum.


BG2 Character Portrait Mod: This mod installs dialog (small) portraits for all BG2/ToB dialog characters that originally had no portrait assigned.

The portraits are installed into the portraits directory in the main BG2 folder.

View the complete ReadMe.

Visit the BG2CPM Forum.


WTP Familiars for BG2: This mod introduces an alternative version of the standard Find Familiar spell for mages.

Instead of being forced to take a Familiar based upon your alignment you will have a choice of three Familiars though the choice is still based around your alignment. 

View the complete ReadMe.

Visit the WTPFamiliars Forum.


Download any of the above mods at Download Center.

Tsujatha Melalor Romance / Bug Reports of v10
« on: July 15, 2007, 08:04:17 AM »

I'm analysing the .D files and I think there's some little mistakes...

Let's have a look :
1) In BFLAN.tra, the 32's string is strange :
@32   = ~My master, Sorkyst, instructed me to tell his men to meet him at a place called the North Forest.~ ~I cannot tell you where they are, for I do not know.~

I guess, it would be more something like :
@32   = ~My master, Sorkyst, instructed me to tell his men to meet him at a place called the North Forest. I cannot tell you where they are, for I do not know.~

You could see the same chain later with :
@69   = ~Yes, of course. My former master, Sorkyst, instructed me to tell his men to meet him at a place called the North Forest.~
@70   = ~I cannot tell you where they might be. I do not know.~


2) In BTSUJAT.D, you've got :
IF ~~ THEN BEGIN TsujathaLoveTalk21b
 SAY @53
 = @54
 = @55
 IF ~~ THEN REPLY @56 GOTO TsujathaLoveTalk21d
 IF ~~ THEN REPLY @57 GOTO TsujathaLoveTalk21d

IF ~~ THEN BEGIN TsujathaLoveTalk21d
 SAY @63
 = @64
 = @65
 IF ~~ THEN REPLY @66 GOTO TsujathaLoveTalk21h
 IF ~~ THEN REPLY @67 GOTO TsujathaLoveTalk21i

IF ~~ THEN BEGIN TsujathaLoveTalk21e
 SAY @68
 = @69
 = @70
 IF ~~ THEN REPLY @71 GOTO TsujathaLoveTalk21j

Here are the strings concerned (in red, the PC):
@53   = ~(There is a bitter curl to his lips as he speaks, but the poison of his look is not directed to you.)~
@54   = ~No, I was not born of the royal House of Tamar. I adventured with the Princess, and she swore the blood-oath of kinship with me.~
@55   = ~At the time we were aware neither of her true heritage, nor of my own.~
@56   = ~What do you mean? She did not know she was a Princess, and you did not know you were a commoner?~
@57   = ~Tell me more of this Princess. How long did you adventure together? What became of her?~

@63   = ~She did not know that she was a Princess, for she was raised to wield the sword.~
@64   = ~She was a warrior without peer. But as for me, my own blood is cursed. She did not know it, nor did I.~
@65   = ~I later learned that my father was the greatest traitor born to the Elves, a magician dead millennia before.~
@66   = ~Your father was a traitor? Whom did he betray?~
@67   = ~Dead thousands of years before?! How old ARE you?~

@68   = ~We adventured together for nearly a year.~
@69   = ~After we defeated the Dragon, the Princess left to marry a nobleman of another land, and I remained behind to be the High Councilor and Prince.~
@70   = ~I stayed until my heirloom, the RiosĂ© Sar, was stolen. Now I am on a quest to retrieve it.~
@71   = ~Somehow, I feel like there is more to this story. What was the Princessâ?? name?~
@72   = ~And we shall retrieve it, my friend.~

And I think that TsujathaLoveTalk21e should be linked like this (otherwise, TsujathaLoveTalk21e isn't linked !)
IF ~~ THEN BEGIN TsujathaLoveTalk21b
 SAY @53
 = @54
 = @55
 IF ~~ THEN REPLY @56 GOTO TsujathaLoveTalk21d
 IF ~~ THEN REPLY @57 GOTO TsujathaLoveTalk21e

The Undying / Translations
« on: May 28, 2007, 12:20:04 PM »
As I say in pm, we recover the old french translation of DoSv2.01 made by Egrevyn.

While I proofread it, I didn't find any new tra files for the new quest reported by you in the ReadMe : "There is a new quest that has been added. Seek out Lord Ashram in the Dwarven Hammer". Except a new string at the end of the ReadMe.
Is it normal ? And if not, I was wondering if you could generate these new tra files ?

Besides, I noticed 2 minor mistakes in the setup.tra :
@71 = ~The Amulet of the Magister was created by Nelnfaen Sauntarae, the @only drow magister to date. It is one of the few relics of this great drow magister to exist...

@505 = ~Ettin's Healing (Necromancy)
Level: 4
Range: Caster
Duration:  10 rounds
Casting Time: 7
Area of Effect:  Special Saving Throw: None  Ettin, a monk who lived during the Time of the Ancients, was also an adept herbalist who found many ways to heal the body.~

All in the same line...

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