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Infinity Engine Modding News / Zyraen's Misc Mods V2.0 RELEASED!
« on: November 08, 2006, 07:52:02 AM »
Here's a collection of quite a few of my Miscellaneous Mods since I started working on them ;)
UPDATE v2.0 - now separated into 3 Groups - Convenience, XP Management and Balance.

Alternate, Accelerated Ust Natha Route (Convenience)
At long last, players who hoped for "DBG for the Underdark" have a solution. This mod makes it possible to complete the Underdark sequence of Chapter 5 much more quickly, in a hopefully seamless fashion ;)

Improved Statue of Riddles (Convenience)
This component makes it possible to complete the Statue of Riddles puzzle without so much extra clicking.

Transfer Yoshimo's XP (XP Management)
This component makes it possible to "transfer" Yoshimo's experience either to Imoen, or to the rest of the party in the event Imoen is dismissed from the maze.

Solo With a Party AI Script (Convenience)
This Mod is for those who want to try out a Solo game, yet also wish to enjoy party banter, have someone to disarm/detect traps, or romance an NPC. It is also for those who import a powerful PC and don't wish to babysit their party members on a playthrough with a new NPC, and hate having to lug the slow-moving party along.
UPDATE v2.0 - no longer interrupts spellcasting, and is applied to Individual Party Members.

Item Nerfs & Balancing (Balance)
This Mod aims to weaken the items in BG2 : SoA & ToB to provide a greater challenge in gameplay.
Note that this Mod does not reduce the quality of items, such as their enchantment level, but mainly focuses on their abilities as a candidate for reduction. The Mod is divided into 3 components, as follows.

- Primary Nerfs - Reducing Overpowered Items
- Secondary Reductions - Instant Kill Reductions
- Periphery Tweaks - Less Noteable Items

Remove Alignment Restrictions for all Items (Convenience)
Since BG2 seems slanted towards Good Guys, and the Alignment checks for item usage are at least a little inconsistent, this component completely removes all alignment restrictions for all items. Class restrictions remain.
Note that this component is a patch, and as such only affects Items which have been installed before this component.

Stage Based XP Cap (XP Management)
This Mod aims to return some challenge to SoA and ToB by setting different XP Caps for different stages of the game. For SoA, the stages of the game are denoted by varying Chapters; for ToB, the stages of the game are denoted by Challenges in the Pocketplane. There are 4 sets of XP Caps - Easy, Normal, Hard and Very Hard.
These XP Caps, combined with the right difficulty setting inside the game, should be able to make even Spellhold a decent challenge for most, and the players may choose to leave some quests or parts thereof for Chapter 6.
During gameplay, every time a party member exceeds the XP Cap for that stage, the person loses 50,000 XP. This loss is clearly shown and will serve as notice for the gamer that it is time to "move on" to the next stage.
There's also an XP Restorer for those who are concerned about long-term "wastage" of XP ;) though it does make things somewhat easier.

Uber Weapon for Testing (Convenience)
This is just an item that kills every enemy within a 30' radius or so of the wielder when equipped. It is intended for use by mod developers and testers, but it is yours to use or abuse as you see fit.

Expanded Spell Progressions (Balance)
This component expands and enhances the spell progression for higher-level rangers and bards, to give them access to more and higher-level spells. Separate Components for Bards and Rangers.
NEW v2.0 - Added Component for Paladins


Hidden Uber Kit - Reaver Kit
An uber kit that can do all the functions of a Fighter, Thief and Mage, and to some extent, of a Cleric and Druid. It advances as a Thief so its pretty quick. Read the Readme to learn how to get this "Hidden" Kit. With this Character, you don't have to worry about Party Composition anymore, just take whoever you want, when you want.

Auto-Sell Script (Convenience)
No more worries about Reputation, or running back to the town to sell something. Just get the Bag of Selling from Sister Garlena at Watcher's Keep, then use this script and you can sell items as you go, even while you're fighting!
NOTE : May not be advisable for SLOW systems.

XP Evener Script (Convenience)
Hate doing NPC Quests because the said NPC is too low level? Dislike baby-sitting low level NPCs? This script brings the NPC up to within 300K of your character's XP level, so no more worries about leaving NPCs out of Quests. XP-wise, you can just take whoever you want, whenever you want.

Item Stat Bonuses (Balance)
Changes Set Stat items like Crom Faeyr and Ring of Human Influence to provide a bonus instead. 18-19 converted to +2, 20-22 converted to +3, and 23-25 converted to +4 Stat.
2 Separate components, first for STR-setting Items, other for items that affect all other Stats.

Halves To Hit & Damage Bonuses (Balance)
The ridiculous number of +2 and above items makes Melee combat in BG2 full of absurd bonuses. This component halves all the bonuses they give in To Hit & Damage calculations. Enchantment remains the same so that they can damage those creatures that they need to.

You can see further details on the Homepage - :)

Beyond the Law / BTL Romance - Serious Bug Alert
« on: April 06, 2006, 12:30:08 AM »
Just wondering, has anyone got the conversation where Kiyone and Kova agree to be friends, and KKRomance is NOT 2 after the conversation is over?

If it remains at 1 after the conversation is over, do set it to 2 before going to Suldanessellar.

Please if you encounter this problem, post it on this thread. I'll look into the matter ASAP.

Beyond the Law / BTL Quest Difficulty
« on: April 04, 2006, 09:49:19 PM »
Just wondering, to those people who are playing or have finished all of BTL quests, could you rate how difficult it is? And give comments as well.

In general, I guess the measurements would be on a scale of 1-10, and the elements covered would be...

Quest Flow - knowing what to do next (Higher the more difficult)

Storyline - (Higher the better)

Combat Difficulty - (Higher the more difficult)

Overall Challenge - (Higher the more challenging)

You can compare it to standard Bioware work, which would be probably something like 4/10 for Quest Flow difficulty. Feel free to include other comments :)

Beyond the Law / Kova's Death @ Gaelan's w/o 15K
« on: March 09, 2006, 07:04:57 PM »
Currently, Kova is going to die if you step into Gaelan's house without at least 15K gold on hand, regardless of what you try to do.

Do you guys think this auto-death should be removed? The idea is that Gaelan's house is one of the most dangerous places for Kova to be in, and that he can only survive the visit if and only if you are present and have the dough on hand to bail him out.

This also is intended to cement Kova's gratefulness to you for most of the rest of the Mod.

Beyond the Law / Doodles of Kova and Kiyone
« on: March 09, 2006, 08:44:22 AM »
Just for Fun :)

These are very dated pictures of Kova and Kiyone in the original Darkness & Light (D&L) :) Most of them were done during the 2001-2002 period of time.

Bear in mind that the Kiyone and Kova are from the anime concept that I had in mind back then, and have some anime characteristics. Naturally, they look nothing like what they look like in BTL :) Still it's fun putting pictures up so others can laugh at how horribly I draw, lol. Meantime, I suppose it's also an appreciation of how far they have come... I never did finish the romance for them that I started in D&L, and finally with the SoA release of BTL, I think I've done them at least some degree of justice, that they can be happy together, as they never were in D&L.


This is a more recent pic, ie from when my drawing was better, but Kiyone as usual looks surreally thin and elegant, more like an elf than a human :) But she looks good. In the original D&L the first time Kova saw Kiyone was in a photo of her, during which he sort of "fell" for her :) So this pic is her pose in the photo, and sure enough, she struck bullseye...

This is a more dated pic of Kiyone, but it is pretty nice I think, elegant and cute in its own sense, though her body has a very waifish appearance. This was meant for the ending of D&L, after Kova died, and Kiyone would have retired and was walking along the beach, enjoying alone the place that she and Kova had wanted to go together. She has a pencil in one hand and some paper in the other. Bosom aside (I'm really not too good with that, and female body proportions) I think the pic is quite nice, though rather than depicting the beach it mainly just shows Kiyone with her feet in some water.


This is the most recent pic of Kova, with him and his weapon of choice in D&L, in a fairly aggressive pose. In D&L he plays a villain of sorts, and this pic depicts him as such. Though he never really is a villain proper, nor is he in such a pose before, this was drawn as a foil to Kiyone's first picture with her weapon of choice. Overall, one of the best drawn pics of Kova I ever did, especially given it was one of my first few experiments with shading his hair (all other pics are unshaded)

Not really that good a picture, with a oversized upper torso and a small head that doesn't carry most of his characteristics, but the expression here is quite typical of him in his dealings with people. This picture is noteworthy as it captures best the essence and basis of the character, though the discretion of the character isn't brought across that well. Even though in BTL he is completely different in many ways, the characteristics here were carried over fairly well, I think. Especially the haunted look and the sophistication.

This picture is noteworthy because it is so ludicrous, lol. Let's just say he won't be caught dead like that on any occasion. Also noteworthy as my first decent looking profile picture of anyone, ever, and some feeling of wind blowing through.

This would be Kova in his tenure as a scientist of the Science Academy, in D&L. The smirk and veneer of sophistication, as well as the tinge of sinister intent, are all intentional. This would be an example of a picture the Galaxy Police had of him when he was on the Galaxy's Most Wanted list.It also depicts well the outward showing sentiments of Kova - to say this would be about the same attitude he had when meeting Kiyone and <CHARNAME> in BTL, except in BTL he probably would be more humble.

Beyond the Law / Beyond the Law for SoA - Released
« on: March 04, 2006, 10:23:37 AM »
Well, Beyond the Law SoA is released :)

Overview -
Download -

ReadMe file -

It includes Interjections for WK and Epilogues in ToB.

:)  8) :)

Thanks for reading this, and hope you guys enjoy the BTL Mod.

Beyond the Law / Reviews of BTL - SoA
« on: March 04, 2006, 10:17:36 AM »
Just what the topic says :)

Post your Reviews here. For spoilers, just give sufficient Spoiler warning. Do comment on aspects like Quest, Personalities, non-joinable NPCs, etc :)

Look forward to hearing your feedback!

Beyond the Law / BTL Epilogues
« on: February 20, 2006, 12:33:49 AM »
Just wondering, what do you guys think is ideal for an epilogue? Currently the Epilogues of BTL are done coding in, and the issue here is their length. Their epilogues are definitely far longer than a normal NPCs, but I guess what really makes me enjoy reading them (though I've read them many times before) is the flow of the stories and how they tie in together.

That being said, there is the frustrating thing I feel when reading the epilogues in the game, that is the scrolling speed (argh so slow!! but the speed surely varies from person to person...) and the sheer volume that even 1 paragraph presents in a TextScreen (the epis are each about 6-8 paras...).

As such, looking for feedback on this matter. Those who do not mind being spoiled (not that it actually spoils anything in-game), or simply don't really care for the Mod much, lol, can PM me and I can show them the original Epilogue for their comments. If it is the presentation of the epilogue in the game that keeps the player from enjoying reading them... any ideas?

Those who have seen the original epis, feel free to comment here as well.

For those who don't know, there are 4 epilogues, 2 for each character - married vs unmarried.

Beyond the Law / Feedback : Non-Party NPCs of BTL
« on: February 04, 2006, 10:13:53 PM »
Just a topic for commenting on the Non-Party NPCs of BTL.

This includes the expanded roles of the following NPCs and IF they fit in well with their original personalities

- Bylanna
- Chief Inspector Brega
- Corneil
- Renal Bloodscalp
- Jermien
- Gaelan Bayle
- Aran Linvail

And the (more or less original) personalities of
- Inspector Dayven
- Myroven
- Arledrian (does that name ring a bell, to anyone?)
- Kharen

This is mainly for discussion of the NPC's displayed Personalities and the Feelings / Impressions evoked in the Player. Please try not to post spoilers ^^;; you can PM me on them, though.

Mod Making Discussion / BTL Spin-Off : Intrigue Among the Cowled Wizards
« on: January 19, 2006, 11:19:43 PM »
I've been thinking, after finishing BTL SoA, to take a semi-break from BTL and do a stand-alone Mod that provides an alternate path to Spellhold.

This path involves a deeper painting of the picture presented in the background of BTL, and can be taken without having Kiyone or Kova in the party (or in fact, without having BTL installed). BTL itself focuses to quite a large extent of the involvement with the Shadow Thieves, but for this Spin-Off, it'd focus on the Cowled Wizard side of the events concurrent with BTL.

It's meant to be a teaser as well for people who will not otherwise be interested in BTL to have a glimpse of the backstory behind BTL. For players of BTL, it would be a chance to see more characters that are by and large only referred to by name and to experience certain plots that are only faintly alluded to in BTL.

There is of course, the intention to seamlessly integrate it into BTL, when both the Spin-Off and BTL SoA are installed together.

I haven't really decided on the title yet, so feel free to put suggestions on this thread :) As well as Comments (including the usual - do BTL ToB first before doing this!) Probably I'll be doing BTL ToB interjections and epilogues first, but for adventures / side-quests in ToB it will probably wait till after this Spin-Off is done.

Scripting & Dialog Editing / Banters in ToB
« on: December 28, 2005, 06:25:11 PM »
I've been thinking on this for a little while I guess...

How many Banters are a good number for ToB ?
(separate into NPC-PC and NPC-NPC banters)
How should they be triggered - event based or time based?
(if event, which events? if time based, how long between each banter?)

From observation in playing unModded ToB, it seems that for most part the banters for Bioware NPCs are all event-triggered, and only occur under certain circumstances (such as say, after killing Yaga-Shura).

There also seem to be, by default, almost 0 NPC-NPC Banters (not counting other people interjecting in an NPC's banter)

So yeah, mainly just wondering - what do you guys actually do about the ToB portion of the game in general?
How many Banters (of what sorts) and at what events / intervals?

Beyond the Law / Perceptions of Kova's Personality
« on: December 26, 2005, 08:18:48 PM »
Since I'm lying around waiting for the Service Shop to get back to me on my laptop's status, I guess here's *yet* another topic...

To hear your impressions of Kova's Personality and your Sentiments about him ;) Think of it as the reverse of an "Ask" thread - instead I'm asking the Player to describe his impression of my NPC. By the way, it is likely that opinions may differ to varying extents, so it is probably a good idea to type your own views and opinions before reading the other Notes in this thread :)

For the details I hope you will include in this thread, the General Details will be...

- KKRomance Value - either 1 or 2

check the Global Variable "KKRomance", and put it's value down here.
If your KKRomance value is still 0, it's probably a good idea to wait till it's either 1 or 2 before commenting on this thread, but if you want to comment still, that's cool ;)
If you want to quicken the interaction between them in the Beta, it's probably best to use Ctrl-I.
Alternatively, if you don't want to look up the Variable
Stage 1 begins when Kova thanks Kiyone for believing in him
Stage 2 begins when they agree to be friends

- Personality Description

This basically is YOUR Description of the NPC, based on what you perceive. There can be more than one Description, to capture how differently you perceive Kova as you get to know him better.

- Sentiments

This basically is your Feelings/Views towards the NPC. You can have a few different Sentiments corresponding to each Personality, but it'd be nice to have an overall idea of how you feel towards Kova :) and how you'd compare your Feelings for him with your feelings for Kiyone, if you wish to compare.

Beyond the Law / BTL Cutscene - Spellhold
« on: December 26, 2005, 08:03:48 PM »
Just wondering, has ANYONE seen the Post-Spellhold Cutscene? It is only available as the result of handing Kova over to someone who is looking for him.

Please only respond to the poll if you have played through at least past Chapter 5 in BTL. If you have seen the cutscene, please provide feedback here :) and please do not post Spoilers here in this thread.


Noobers Dwarven Hammer / How can We make CoM a Better Place?
« on: December 18, 2005, 06:46:42 AM »
I had an interesting conversation just a while ago where a friend of mine commented "CoM sucks". A short while later, my friend quantified it with "I was just joking" comment along that line.

Barring any further comments on the identity of the Originator of the Comment, this set me thinking... After all, with the recent Moongaze Fiasco, I think at least some of us have some rather unhappy feelings.

How can we, as a community (not as a Staff, please if you have suggestions on who to hire/fire, on Forum Discussion / Banning policies, please do NOT post it to this thread. try PMing Revan or some other Admin for that), make CoM a better place?


If it is to improve the probability of our mods being completed successfully, of our ideas being developed fully, how can we work towards that?
Is there something we can do collectively to help reduce probability of "abandoned mods" and ideas? Like sharing how we finished things?
Are too many of us running on the initial "rush" of enthusiasm and then just "fading out" as the enthusiasm and energy levels run low?
If we commit to something (especially helping someone's Mod) eare we willing to keep that commitment without turning away at the next mood swing (though RL problems are real...)?
If we are facing a technical problem, can we ask on Q&A ? Can we have a place to meet with our friends from here to ask them for technical advice? Or even through PMs?

If it is to give better feedback and criticisms, how?
Are we afraid to give criticisms, and if we do give criticisms, are we able to give them politely and civilly, without making it Personal Attacks?
Are we giving too many praises and too little meaningful notes that can help people improve and work towards completion?

If it is to better receive feedback and criticisms, how?
Are we going to get all over-sensitive and defensive and angry and upset over negative comments? Or are we really going to try to improve?
Meantime if the author chooses not to act on a piece of feedback, can we accept that instead of insisting that somebody ELSE do up HIS own work OUR way?

Can we take things less personally?
Can we forgive rather than be so eager to stoop to a lower level? Must we flame someone because they flamed us first? Must we insist someone be banned because they sent us an offensive PM, or even two, or hound us in some other forum?
Must we hate someone just because they disagree with us sometimes, or even if they seem like they disagree with us ALL the time?
Are we able to accept that two Different Views on the Same Subject might BOTH be right?


Any other suggestions and thoughts are welcome to add to this thread.

PS : This is just about what we can do as a community. Of course if situations like accidents, exams, illnesses etc happen in RL there is little we can do about it, so let's just keep it to Msg Board Setting within CoM, primarily the contents of our posts.

Beyond the Law / BTL Interjections - Too Many?
« on: December 09, 2005, 06:41:55 PM »
For those who have played the game only ^^;; please do not poll if you haven't tried BTL and finished at least a few quests in it.

Interjections refer to interjecting into Quests that are unrelated to the main Quest of BTL.

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