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Noobers Dwarven Hammer / Re: Missing People?
« on: August 22, 2017, 10:39:55 AM »

Noobers Dwarven Hammer / Re: The Cafe of Broken Dreams
« on: August 22, 2017, 10:39:10 AM »
Now, here's a blast from the past.

I came back...


Haven't played any IE games in the past 4 years.

And just 2 weeks ago I started playing BG2 with an older character from BG1 TuTu. A Kensai dualed to cleric..

Dark Horizons / Re: Dark Horizons General Chat
« on: November 15, 2013, 10:34:09 PM »
Say, I killed Nikita (she was hostile) in Section base in Beregost. Does this kills my attempt at Oversight?

Noobers Dwarven Hammer / Re: Missing People?
« on: November 14, 2013, 04:17:29 AM »
I received that e-mail. But I was already around. ;D

Dark Horizons / Re: Items questions
« on: November 13, 2013, 03:14:32 AM »
Not cool at all. Dreadful...
I had to sell so many otherwise good items, because they were bugged.

Dark Horizons / Re: Items questions
« on: November 12, 2013, 11:14:11 PM »
I also found plenty of bugs, while on my current run through Tutu with Dark Horizons.

The issue is that I have a duo of characters, a kensai and a monk and there are a lot of items that can be used by them, even though they shouldn't be.

Najara's helm is usable by a kensai and a monk, plenty of chainmails usable by monk, gauntlets and other helmets too.

And that ankh... For a long time I was unable to understand how Yeslick became TN. :o

I'll post them later today.

The Undying / Re: Version 3 Progress
« on: November 11, 2013, 01:27:40 AM »
If he isn't a knight, no one would want him.  :crybaby:
Even if he's a knight (and you basically need to kick his behind to make him advance), I never would've imagined Nina's tastes could go so low. ;D

She should pick Minsc. Can't go wrong there... :paranoid:

The Undying / Re: Version 3 Progress
« on: November 10, 2013, 11:32:09 PM »
If he isn't a knight, well no Nina for him.
That should be the logical conclusion of any BG2 run. :evil:

In about 2 weeks, I'll finish playing my BG1 Tutu run. If you need a tester by that time I'll be available.

Return to the North / Re: Revival Possible?
« on: October 29, 2013, 12:37:41 AM »
I have IWD UB already installed in IWD1. Item Upgrade, no. I'm not a fan of it, as it is completely not compatible with my mod (some of the items that IU upgrades are already modified by my mod).
Thanks for the offer to be a guinea pig, but my mod is not Weidu (some part of it were added to IWD1 Fixpack from G3) made and while a Weidu version does exist it is old and when it was converted to Weidu, game stopping bugs were also added. So in other words, I am my own guinea pig, so I can fix the problems as I find them. When I noticed this thread, I was in a middle of an IWD1 game having gone through most of the game and being on the final part of TotLM.
You can check my mod thread to see what it does.

As for the Tutu v7 and the Tweaks, thanks. My address in :)

Return to the North / Re: Revival Possible?
« on: October 28, 2013, 09:38:03 AM »
Now, are you using v8, or v7.13?
V8. And I took the liberty of modifying the NPCs a little for my enjoyment. Made Ragnar a berserker (NG) with axes and crossbows proficiencies, Eloise a FMT elf and slightly tweaked Vilmar's stats. I might do some more of that once I get to Kuldahar and meet the next batch.

From what I've seen on the bug thread, there are some serious issues with CRE files. Maybe those are missing their suitable BCS files or were never translated properly from IWD1 to BG2. I'm not sure how they'll work with my modified CRE files. I fixed 99% of the CRE files in IWD1, so maybe there are no problems (wishful thinking).

Return to the North / Re: Revival Possible?
« on: October 26, 2013, 02:55:56 PM »
Well, no ofense to Kulyok, but his NPCs are not in style with my own playing of IWD 1 at all.

I installed IWD1 Tutu this morning and gave it a go. I can't say I am impressed with the NPCs in it either. Dwarf fighter using long swords and long bows? A dwarf is unable to even string a longbow (short arms) let alone fire one. Axes and crossbows are the way to go for a dwarf.

Also, one major issue. No bard in Easthaven, so no proper solving of the Aihonen quest. I had to create my own PC as a bard.

And one other thing, so far I had no issue in having the mod work with my IWD mod (and newer modded things) installed.

Return to the North / Re: Revival Possible?
« on: October 24, 2013, 11:18:57 AM »
Since doing Auril's Bane, I really don't like modding on the IWD version of the IE engine. What the designers did with the game to put it bluntly was stupid. Don't get me wrong, IWD is at the top of my favorite game list. But when it comes to modding, its near the bottom. That being said, if there was a IWD EE or they get that IWD "tutu" out of beta and at the level of the Tutu and BGT conversion mods in regards to almost bug free and stable, then I may be more interested.
That's true. I spent most of my modding years fixing IWD1. I for one have a fixed working version, which I use for my games. Didn't know anyone was still interested in IWD1. I'll have to take a look at IWD in BG2.

As for what I did lately, I basically fixed all CRE, item, 2da and are files (in addition to what my mod originally did and also the fixes added by G3 fixpack and UB). All that is left is adding new things to the game like items, spells and creatures (and I've done a bit of that too).

One question regarding IWD in BG2 though. Did the bard songs carried on? It is my honest opinion that bards are the best class to use in IWD1, but in BG2 they are most useful support characters.

Redrake's IWD Fixpack / Update
« on: September 28, 2013, 04:46:46 AM »
In the past year or so, I made some updates to the mod.

Unfortunately, the weidu version has one major flaw. It used the beta version of my mod, which caused a crash when entering level 4 of Dragon's Eye. A faulty eldathyn cre caused the crash.
It also failed to include some of the more recent additions to the mod after it was fully released.
In the next few weeks I'll release an updated version of the mod. No weidu, but I'm also going to include the already released g3 mod regarding UB, so its dialog.tlk is compatible provided that my mod gets installed last.
As for updates as I made them, I focused mostly on items and spells.

One huge bug that I noticed were the weapons that supposedly granted bonus against certain creatures. In effect, those bonuses were missing. A lot of weapons, like Love of Black Bess, Pale Justice or Pig's Eye had no such bonuses. I changed them so that they actually benefit from them.
One weird item was Conlan's Hammer. According to its description it's supposed to grant +5 against Iron Golems, but it fact it's a +5 weapon against any enemy. It is impossible to create a bonus against just Iron Golems though, so I changed the description too, so that it grants +5 against all golems. Otherwise it's a +3 weapon.

And now for a list of fixes done or to be done in addition to the existing list.
Item fixes:

- Overall fixes for all weapons that grant bonus against creatures, alignments and classes. The weapons affected are Bonecleaver, Axe of Caged Souls, Evil Spider Crusher of Doom, Guktok's Chopper, Misery's Herald, Selune's Promise, Giant Killer, Trollslayer, Alamion, Pig's Eye, Wind of Heaven, Hell's Bane, Conlan's Hammer, Pale Justice, Dead God's Dreaming, Kondar, Inconsequence and The Mace of Weal and Woe. The only weapons in the game that grants bonus are the Three White Doves and Giant's Sleep.

-Two Handed Sword +4: Life Giver was a very powerful weapon. A +4 weapon with healing chances when it hit the enemy and regeneration as well. Thus I wrote a description for it and renamed it Palaestra
Code: [Select]
This weapon was created by the dwarves of the clan Fireaxe for one of their long-standing friend the paladin Erwin Carmoth. Erwin used this swords for many years and when he retired in the town of Beregost he passed the weapon to his daughter, Elliana. Elliana made further enchantments to the weapon with the aid of a transmuter in Baldur's Gate. Particularly, the sword was enchanted using troll blood and unicorn powder to enhance regeneration and healing. It is said that the greatsword actually heals the wielder in combat.
Unfortunately, the weapon was stolen from the transmuter before Elliana had a chance to wield it. The traces of the thief were never found.


Damage:  1D10 +4
THAC0  +4 bonus
Damage type:  Slashing
  Increased Regeneration rate
  5% chance to heal 1D20 hit points to self
Weight: 12
Speed Factor: 9
Proficiency Type: Great Swords
Type:  2-handed
Not Usable By:

- Ankheg Plate Armor and Beetle Shields are now usable by druids. Those are not metal so that's strictly within the rules.

- Mithral Plate Armor is back to being non-magical. It is also lighter than the more common Iron Plate. In the original IWD Mithral Plate Armor was one of the best armor to be had, as it was no magical so you could equip a ring of protection +2 with it. In HoW they made it magical so it's just as common as Iron Plate Armor, which grants the same AC 0, but while Iron plate weights 35, Mithral weights 70. I changed it so that Mithral is once again not magical and it weighs 30.

- Pestilent Dawn morningstar was supposed to grant immunity to disease. This has been fixed.

- Slightly altered the list of available items from Jester's Bag of Holding. Some more gems and common items can now be found. I also removed the duplicates.

- Three White Doves was not granting 5% chance of slaying outer planar creatures. This has been fixed.

- Symbol of Corellon Larethian now grants +2 THAC0 against orcs as it should from its description.

- Bardic Horn of Valhalla now summons beserkers with barbarian animations, like it does in IWD2.

- Arrows of Slaying was available to buy in Lonelywood, but it was bugged. It crashed the game when used. That's because the weapon is designed to kill Ogre Mages, but Ogre Mages do not exist in IWD1. I fixed it so that it slays Ogres.

Spell fixes:

- Infravision moved to level 3 as it is in PnP.

- Added 2 additional spells to mage arsenal. Protection from Evil 10' Radius at level 4 (PnP means level 3, but I would also need to edit the priest spell for level 3 and it would make the game easier) and Meteor Swarm at level 9. More spells might be added. It's easier to simply import them from BG2, although the bams from that game are not in par with how good they look in IWD1.

Class and races fixes:

- Fixed bard spell levels to be in par with PnP. They are no longer able to cast spells above level 6. Considering that IWD1 sets spells to be cast at caster level and a bard levels up faster than a mage at high levels bard are over-powerful compared to mages.

- Fixed pickpocket bonuses for bards. PnP rules state that pickpocket bonus increase with 5% each level. However in IWD1 a Bard starts with 35%. Add to that 15% from Half-elf racial bonus and you could get a 50% chances right from the start. As such, pickpocket is extremely easy. Now the skill starts at 16%.

- Halflings no longer get -1 Wis. Only -1 Str.

Creature fixes:

- Overall fixes of certain enemies. Shadowed enemies in the Hand are undead, which can be turned, but they are also racially, eleves, orcs, goblins etc, so they are not spectral undead.

- Some of the Trial of the Luremaster creatures had no races assigned. This has been fixed.

- Unique items. Removed a lot of the duplicate items found on various creatures. It is no longer possible to gather 10 Rings of Free Action.

- More stealable items on various creatures. Nothing overpowered.

- Changed Frostbite into a larger Wyvern, as it is their leader in Wyrm's Glacier. Wyverns also drop heads when they die.

- Adinirahc is mentioned in Note to Krilag as being the leader of the drow mercenaries in Upper Dorn's Deep. However he's not there. I added him. He's somewhat powerful.

To be added:

- More descriptions for various weapons that I think they deserve a unique status.

- New items, mainly the items that you can find described in Easthaven in Tempus Temple. My idea is to create those weapons, but they will be available after you defeat Pomab, as that pesky guy stole those items from the museum. Thus they are not available from the start of the game, but they can be used in HoW and maybe in Heart of Fury mode.

- New spells, imported most likely from BG2 and maybe IWD2 (if at all possible).

- Far less empty chests. I aim to add items and miscellaneous stuff in now empty places, such as chests, cupboards and so on. I found a lot of items that are also orphaned having been absent in the game.

So you were a beta tester? Then tell me one thing.

Is it true that when during the beta testing a blackguard would become fallen if his reputation dropped? :P

BGEE uses the ToB version of the game engine. So anything goes when it comes to items. The one thing that you don't need to do any more with items is put down the Usable By:, Unusable By: part of the description. The game will automatically do this for you.
So in other words, you set the classes, alignments and races that can use a certain item and the game automatically includes those in dialog.tlk? Sounds like a nice feature. ;D
How does it look, though? It shows only the classes, races and alignments that can use it?

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