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The Mighty Pen / Great Tolkien Books
« on: July 11, 2012, 06:43:42 AM »
Posted: Fri Feb 06, 2004 3:15 am    

I first had the hobbit read to me when I was 7, and I was totally captivated by Tolkiens world. Luckily both my mum and dad loved LotR, and we always had copies of Tolkiens main works in the house (we used to listen to the Radio 4 version, with Ian Holm as Frodo. The scream of the Ringwraiths gave me nightmares for weeks...!). I used to love sitting and looking at the cover of LotR (it wa the old 'green' one with The Shire on the front and Mordor on the back) and just imagine what weird and wonderful creatures inhabited such a land...I first read the whole of LotR when I was 10, but didn't really understand it. I tried again at 12, and the rest, as they say, is history. I actually studied the trilogy for my English A Level (much to the annoyance of my English Teacher....according to her 'Tolkien wasn't real literature'...hmmmm) but I stuck to my guns and actually got a good mark for it! With that and the fact that it has inspired a million pictures in me; some are good, some are not, but they are all looked at with fond memories and new inspiration.

The Silmarillion is my mothers favourite Tolkien book, and so will always have a special place in my heart, because it has prompted many an evenings discussion over a bottle of wine or 3...and, of course, the eternal arguement over whether who's the hottest; elves or men?

Tsujatha Melalor Romance / In Search of a Portrait
« on: April 05, 2012, 10:54:42 PM »
Posted: Sun Apr 25, 2004 12:32 am    

Hey there!

You know ages ago I did that Tsu sketch for you (I emailed it over) - well I coloured it today
(to full view just click on the image)

I've linked it here and to your Gilalion website - hope thats OK!

It 'tain't perfect... like I said on the picture description, the paper went a bit dusty and woolly, making it really hard to work with. I now have some much better quality paper...after reading the books, I'm definitley drawing more of him for you icon_biggrin.gif

(Edit - had to change the link because for some reason the image wasn't uploaded properly.)


Tsujatha Melalor Romance / In Search of a Portrait
« on: April 05, 2012, 10:54:41 PM »
Posted: Wed Apr 14, 2004 3:14 am    

Wow! I know I did that portrait for Sillara, but thanks!! icon_biggrin.gif

And Sillara...I haven't forgotten your other picture...I've just had so many requests and stuff to plough through recently, I haven't finished him! (this is what you get for promising people dragon pictures for their, but time consuming!!)


Tsujatha Melalor Romance / In Search of a Portrait
« on: April 05, 2012, 10:54:35 PM »
Posted: Sat Mar 13, 2004 8:25 pm    

Hi! I've posted that Tsu portrait I did for you on my DA page..

and linked it here. Do you want me to link it to your other website?

I'm still working on the other one...what with the dreaded virus and all, I've been a bit busy this week! I'll send it over to you when I've finished it


Fade Romance Mod / Randomosity Corner
« on: April 05, 2012, 10:54:20 PM »
Posted: Fri Mar 12, 2004 2:54 pm    

Yay!! I have a shiny, healthy computer! No more nasssty viruses, precious. I now have a new harddrive and everything! Getting the virus was actually probably a good thing in the end (apart from that evening of 'oh, hell.....nooo!' and threatening to throw things... icon_rolleyes.gif ) as it made me totally update everything; I must admit, I was getting complacent about updates and the like. I needed a re-format anyway...and my lovely, clever husband has managed to retrieve ALL my files, including dowloads and saved games (they were clean) from the old hard drive and stick them on to the new one!!! Hurrah hurrah hurrah!!! But he's also installed a bunch or new things I don't know how to use properly yet, a new operating system and everything is in different places from where it was before....still, at least I shall be wandering around with a *happy* bemused smile!

Fade Romance Mod / Randomosity Corner
« on: April 05, 2012, 10:54:17 PM »
Posted: Thu Mar 11, 2004 2:58 am    

RRRAAAAARRRRGGGHHHHH!!!!! icon_evil.gif icon_evil.gif icon_evil.gif

I have contracted a VERY nasty computer virus today...luckily I have been able to back up all my mod stuff and get in here to leave this message (there are some very good points to being married to a computer engineer, you know... icon_biggrin.gif ).

So...I now need a complete sytem clean up and re-format...I've lost all my save games etc...I am not amused to say the least!! So, depending on how corrupted everything is, I may not be around for a bit. Hubbie says it could be done in a day, or it may take ages...I'm now going off to have a little cry now. icon_cry.gif

All I can say is thank the Lord for small least I hadn't started coding, and everything I've written so far is backed up!!

Any btw, if anyone else gets an email called 'introduction' followed by about 7 - 8 other ones...thats the virus. I don't even think you can avoid it by trashing them straight away...I didn't open them and it still got into my system. It also automatically sends itself to everyone in your address book.

*mutters under breath, looking VERY annoyed*

The Infuriated Elysia

Fade Romance Mod / Randomosity Corner
« on: April 05, 2012, 10:54:14 PM »
Posted: Sun Mar 07, 2004 5:18 pm    

Another update of sorts...

Working feverishly (well...ok, maybe that was a little over dramatic!) away at NPC dialogues at the moment...after having major writers block, I've had a flood of ideas over the last couple of days. Problem is, some of them clash with each other.... icon_confused.gif Ah well, I'll sort it out in the end! I've also been trying to sort out romance conflicts - I had no idea just how hard this would be! So the big question today is...
1) Bicker?
2) Keep quiet? (no conflict - I know some people don't like them)
3) Fist fights? (so far, in my many incarnations of these conflicts, Fade has fought with Viconia and punched Anomen! icon_razz.gif )

Maybe I should release an 'added violence' pack as well as a flirt pack....

Fade Romance Mod / Randomosity Corner
« on: April 05, 2012, 10:54:12 PM »
Posted: Fri Feb 27, 2004 12:34 am    

Okay...another update of sorts. The tail stays! It actually works quite nicely with some of the dialogues, so....

Anyway, I'm still busy writing dialogues at the moment, but I fear I may be falling into 'I want to get in all the info' trap... some of the dialogues are quite lengthly at the moment, but they are the crucial ones, and I want to give lots of options to pick from! Oddly enough, I'm finding the lighter, more playful dialogues harder than the serious, heavy stuff...never thought I'd say that!! I'm the queen of ditzy-ness, after all... icon_rolleyes.gif



Fade Romance Mod / Randomosity Corner
« on: April 05, 2012, 10:54:09 PM »
Posted: Sat Feb 21, 2004 1:04 am    

Another kind of update....

Still slogging away at the LT progression...NPC banters are giving me hell though! Doesn't help that my boss keeps coming in and expecting me to do work...I mean, what does he think I'm there to do?? icon_lol.gif icon_biggrin.gif

Still panicking about getting all this coded...I do sometimes sit there and think 'what the hell am I thinking!?!? I know nothing about computers! My CATS know more about them that I do! (well, they know how to wander over the keyboard and send people pages of nonsense over MSN.... icon_confused.gif ) Still....thems that do don't try, won't get (sorry, having a 'Granny Weatherwax' attack there! icon_wink.gif ) It's early days at the moment, and I've got plenty of time to learn, screw it up, start over again, screw it up again, infect my computer with something nasty and complain like hell until my husband does it for me.....( icon_cool.gif I wish. Unfortunately he has already told me that 'he does enough of this thing at Uni everyday' fair!...)

So the big question much to people want to see? I'll stick some stuff up anyway (mainly to make sure I'm not totally screwing up - NPC banters immediately spring to mind!)...but how about crucial stuff?

Oh, and the tail thing. Is it;
a) A Good Thing - makes her more interesting!
b) A Weird Thing - ummm......
c) A Don't Even Go There Thing.....ewww!

It's just, in my infinite wisdom ( icon_eek.gif ) I actually have a flirt that does involve her twining her tail around the PCs leg. Then I realised that, although quite funny, it's also a little on the...weird side. So, is it an oddity that people can live with, or does the idea of bedding a chick with a tail totally freak people out??

(This is where you raise your eyebrows and give me 'that look'. I know what look it is. I get it a lot.... icon_razz.gif )


Fade Romance Mod / Randomosity Corner
« on: April 05, 2012, 10:54:05 PM »
Posted: Sat Feb 14, 2004 1:17 am    


All Fey'ri can speak Abyssal. Does anyone know if there are any 'official' lines on the abyssal language (a la Drow and Elven)? I just think abyssal would be such a cool language to curse in! If not, I'll have to make to with Black Speech or something. Or just make something up.....

Fade Romance Mod / Randomosity Corner
« on: April 05, 2012, 10:54:04 PM »
Posted: Fri Feb 13, 2004 12:29 am    

Ah...the joys of not having much to do at work... icon_wink.gif

I've actually managed to write down some kind of progression and linkage for Fades LTs now (and a few normal banters)- so far I have rough outlines for about 30 (these are just Fade initiated ones, including ones associated with quests. Add in the PC initiated ones, and I'm up to quite a few...) What I have decided to do is actually have PC specific LTs that can be initiated by the PC after Fade talks to them. Because she can be a little reticent about her past, if she gives you a hint, initiate a converation with her and she may share some more info with you. I thought it would be nice to make her whole romance a little bit more of a two-way street, rather than (I think) rather predatory way the PC is pursued by other NPCs. Sometimes questions will have a simple one line answer, but others may blossom into full LTs...well, thats my vision anyway! I wouldn't make the whole thing completely necessary for progression, I just thought it would be sweet if it seemed that the PC was taking an interest in her, like a 'proper' relationship would. Let me know if you think any different!

Fade Romance Mod / Randomosity Corner
« on: April 05, 2012, 10:54:03 PM »
Posted: Mon Feb 09, 2004 4:57 pm    

Thats what I thought. And Fade is more likely to ask the PC about them than talk about'll be legwork there, people! There is a huge element of wounded pride and shame to Fade, in an almost fragile but fierce way. She is ashamed of her past, but will go mad if the PC sympathises too much; she'll think that they are just mocking her. Part of the romance will be to show her that everyone is not just out to get a 'piece' of her, and that there doesn't always have to be an ulterior motive behind other peoples actions. I just don't want to fall into the trap of 'yawn....shes asking the same questions every single other NPC asks....'.

Fade Romance Mod / Randomosity Corner
« on: April 05, 2012, 10:54:01 PM »
Posted: Mon Feb 09, 2004 4:29 pm    

Good morning world!! Ahhh, days off from work rule so much....

Okay, a kind of update. I have decided at the moment to concentrate on the 'healthier side of Fades romance for the time being, as it struck me last night that I am, in effect, going to have to write 4 different romances for her (female fluffy, male fluffy, female evil and male evil...why do I do these things to myself??) However, evil fans, this does not mean I have abandoned the idea of having a corrupt relationship. I'm just not sure how far to go with it at the moment.

Also, how do people feel about 'standard conversations' (e.g. about Imoen, childhood etc). They seem to be a standard for all romances...are they an important and integral part of the characters getting to know one another, or is everyone sick of them? I have written a 'who is Imoen anyway' dialogue, but I have steered away from childhood as I feel that is something Fade would be a bit reticent about.

Fade Romance Mod / Randomosity Corner
« on: April 05, 2012, 10:54:00 PM »
Posted: Mon Feb 09, 2004 6:22 am    

Ughhh...complete lack of work today due to huge hangover. I had every intention of writing up some more dialogue and starting to seriously think about Fades main quest, but stupidly violent headache put a stop to that. Note to self...Chocolate Gin is the new official root of all evil. Yes, it may taste nice (in a kind of vaguely like cough syrup kind of way...hmmmmmm, cough syrup...) but I'm never touching the stuff again. Well, until next time, that is.... icon_rolleyes.gif icon_biggrin.gif

Nevermind. Gave me an excuse to have a 'delectable Johnny Depp' day instead.

Fade Romance Mod / Random thoughts on weapons
« on: April 05, 2012, 10:53:59 PM »
Posted: Sat Feb 07, 2004 3:51 pm

Urrrgggghhh...why is it that during the week, when I have to get up for work, all I want to do is lie in, whereas on a Saturday morning, I'm up bright and early, unable to sleep? So totally not fair...

Anyhoo...random idea time. Fades weapons of choice is a shortsword and (I would like...) a bladed gauntlet. Does it sit right that the bladed gauntlet could be made an upgradable weapon using dragons' teeth? There's enough of them about...

I don't know how easy it would be to implement the bladed gauntlet, anyway. It would be under the same proficiency slot as the shortsword (it does D6 damage, same as a shortsword, so it would make sense to put it there, shame the exotic weapon proficiency doesn't exist...ahh well!), and to use it she would have 2 weapon fighting. Graphically it would probably end up looking like a dagger (it would be the easier option!) unless I get brave and try to pull over the graphics for Annahs punch daggers from Torment. I'm actually beginning a new D&D campaign with my roleplaying buddies soon (I've got a male elven fighter - rolled up fantastic stats for him (18, 17, 16, 15, 14 - on proper dice rolls no less! None of this generator nonsense...) until I rolled the 7...oh well, he's horribly scarred then! But I digress....) and his weapons of choice are the longsword and bladed gauntlet, I wanted to try it out to see how effective the combination would actually be. So, I might change my mind....

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