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Dark Side of the Sword Coast / Re: Download the most recent version
« on: October 28, 2018, 02:22:24 PM »
Hi, Red Carnelian, probably NPC were maybe higher level than they are now, or they were deliberately overpowered  to be viable alternative to vanilla NPC but original author/s forget that they lose those abilities at level up.  ;D As for Thorfin and Skezzer they have default script but still they are quitting their current action and stay idle. Exactly the same thing is with BGT version too, I think there is some override stuff in their files which causes it. And yes, you are right, vanilla BG1 players are quite rare birds these days...   ;)

Dark Side of the Sword Coast / Re: Download the most recent version
« on: October 27, 2018, 12:17:14 PM »
Ok, I'm playing 1.06 version which is labeled beta in it's README on vanilla BG:TotSC. But I have few questions. For starters, why most NPC from this mod have buffed abilities like THACO, saving throws and number of spells which they can cast only to lose them on leveling up, in effect making them weaker when they get level instead of other way around? And what are those strange override scripts which make Thorfin and Skezzer to stutter and stop every round and terminate their current action in the middle of fighting, scouting or thieving? Very tiresome and impractical. Lastly what exactly do all those fighting scripts without description which are part of the DS I presume? 

Dark Side of the Sword Coast / Re: Crash in the battle with Davaeorn
« on: August 22, 2018, 05:19:48 AM »
You know guys, I don't know is it just me but I think download section is the mess and needs urgent updating. I was checking to see is it new, corrected version of DSotSC finally out. From what I see newest version here for downloading of BG1 version of this mod is 1.05. Version I have is 1.06 from I'm sure this is the case with other mods too although I didn't  checked. It is all little confusing.
P.S. I actually saw explanation for this post at the site news, so my apologies and this message can be deleted.

Dark Side of the Sword Coast / Crash in the battle with Davaeorn
« on: July 19, 2018, 11:14:53 AM »
I found many, many, maany bugs in the Dark horizons and DSotSC for vanilla BG:TotSC but so far none was CTD until I encountered this. It seems that his script is overridden by one of the scripts from DS, specifically mage9.bcs. Among other things ( yeah, it prevents his "bad guy" speech also) one of the spells which this script is force casting ( I really, really hate this kind of thing, instead of his memorized spells he got force spells which are  uninterruptible, if one of them is corrupted it is real pain to end this fight fast enough without some metagaming dirty tactics ) is spider summoning which is new spell coming in DS package. Problem with this spell ( from my testing ) is that when you summon low levels spiders ( huge ) there is no problem but if you reach high enough levels ( Davaern is 13th level ) then phase and sword spiders come into the fray. When that happens game crashes. Probably some problem with animation or very less likely, if two of them come instead of just one.

Dark Side of the Sword Coast / Re: Bugs
« on: April 23, 2015, 10:29:39 AM »
Agree completely. May I ask for approximate release time for another version? Also I am having problems with both my accounts here. Can't login, password incorrect, can't logout nor post anything. Could you please delete my both accounts (Greenhorn and Greenhorn2) so I can try again?

Dark Side of the Sword Coast / Re: Bugs
« on: April 21, 2015, 05:45:49 AM »
So why DSotSC EE changes proficiencies for axes and morning stars? I suspect that they use old vanilla category
because my paladin with two pipes in both have one attack  and no proficiencies bonus but no penalties too.
Culprit is the dsotscBGEE/itemsg folder. I had to manually remove items blun06 and ax1h04 from override to have normal game and I strongly suspect that won't be the last mistake. Any hints?

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