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Infinity Engine Modding News / Re: Wings for BG2:EE
« on: March 19, 2016, 05:49:53 PM »
I'll post this on other forums a well, but unfortunately I don't know if I'll ever get to finish this mod.  I'm busy on so much other stuff and working on my own original fiction as well, which is making so much happier than I've ever felt in years so I don't know that'll I'll ever have time to get back to this (and to be honest, I've almost completely forgotten everything about writing mods for this game, and never did figure out how to script fights anyway...)

As it is, this mod adds quite a bit of dialogue for Aerie, as well as her familiar, so it just means I won't get to make up any major quest for her along the lines of Neera's etc in BG2:EE.

But, if you would like to contact me to ask any questions or whatnot, it's best either to contact me via, as I just happen to be on there more often than any other site, or you can if you want cut out middle men entirely and just e-mail me:

(The reason for it being only for EE was that it was all I had when I was making it and I don't know how to make it compatable with the original.  One of the characters uses an item from another mod that's already integrated into BG2:EE as well.)

Infinity Engine Modding News / Wings for BG2:EE
« on: January 31, 2015, 06:24:49 PM »
This mod adds quite a bit of extra content for everyone's favourite wingless wonder, Aerie.


So far, she has a new banters with most of the other NPC's. I also added a component to 'restore' some banters that were present in her B file, but lacked triggers.

She also has a friendship path for female PC's (or really anyone who isn't eligible to romance her). Or if you are eligible but don't, you have the option of coninuing to be her friend.

There is also a little sub-event/quest, where Aerie may acquire her own familiar.

Still to come/being worked on:

A mini-quest for both Minsc and Aerie. She is his witch, after all, so they need to have more interaction.

A main personal quest for Aerie. This will involve Aerie facing off against the slavers who first captured and broke her before selling her on to circus. It will hopefully be a chance to actually see her grow as a hero and adventurer.

Infinity Engine Modding News / Re: Tenya for BG:EE and Aerie Cameo
« on: January 25, 2015, 07:55:47 AM »
Links are down.

Some weird thing happened of repeating the http... they seem to work now.

Infinity Engine Modding News / Tenya for BG:EE and Aerie Cameo
« on: January 24, 2015, 09:41:32 PM »
Hello.  I only started modding some time after Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition came out, trying to learn things as I went along by referring to other mods and tutorials.

This was the first little mod I ever attempted.  It basically just adds a little cameo from Aerie at the Nashkel fair in BG1.  She says that her visited there on occasion, so why not.  She has a couple small things you can help her with, and then she effectively opens a store inside one of the tents.  Orginally, I had been considering adding little cameo appearances from other BG2 npc's to BG1, like coming across Mazzy and her group out adventuring, or Keldorn and/or Anomen out on a mission.  But then BG2:EE came out pretty fast and I lost interest.

Since it was my first mod, I kind of got carried away and put in a lot of silly banter.  I recently rewrote most of it, trimming the dialogue down and cutting most of the silliness.

Tenya for BG:EE is my first attempt at an actual NPC mod, taking one of the minor characters from the game and turning her into a party member.

Tenya is the twelve year old priestess of Umberlee you encounter north of ankheg country, whose mother has been murdered by fishermen and she is determined to get back the bowl they stole from her.  At first I thought I would make her just a funny character, mostly, referencing characters like Hit-Girl or Arya Stark... but, she's actually kind of grown.

She has banters with all the original and EE NPC's (I tried to make them short, usually just two or three lines, to be more in keeping with the original games banters), and a few interjections with other characters around the world.

The player can interact with her as well, check on how she's doing or ask other questions. And also, as her guardian, you will get the chance to make use of her bowl of water elemental control... there's just a little mini-quest to do first.

I changed the stats of the original Tenya creature a bit, giving her more dexterity and wisdom.  I also changed her alignment to Chaotic Neutral, as I feel that better reflects her personality.  She can be quick to anger, abrasive, like many children will at times test the limits of the people around her to see how much she can get away with.  But at other times, she can be surprisingly helpful and even nice, on occassion.

What she doesn't have is voice acting.  She has about two spoken lines in the original game and to be honest I don't think the voice really fits her character... but it's what we've got I'm afraid.  Here is a very big portrait though:

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