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Neh'taniel / Bug? Or...a funny thing happened on the way to Gromnir's
« on: December 05, 2012, 06:30:56 AM »
I'm not sure if this is a bug, or if it *is* a bug, it's necessarily Neh'Taniel's fault, but...

The first problem I had was in the prison on the way to Gromnir's pad. Twice I tried to finish the headless skeleton mini-quest. Twice, Neh'Taniel...froze? It was weird. He was still in the party, his pic was fine. BUT his figure didn't show up body, no green circle. I was able to access his backpack, but unable to put anything into it; I got the wonderful "too far away" message. So...huh. Not sure if there was something "tweaked" in the prison that involved Neh'T or not.

I was able to work around it, I just didn't finish that quest. Lemme tell you, I was freakin' out...because I was worried I wouldn't be able to get Neh'T where I wanted him...;-)

So...that all went well. UNTIL...Amkethran. I talked to Marlow, Neh't's warning cued...and then he disappeared. Whoosh! He was gone. I thought maybe it was intentional, after all he'd pulled this sort of thing before, although there were always reasons for it before...(ahem). I thought maybe I'd find him outside the inn, but nope, not there. I thought maybe I'd find him in the cemetery or something. After all, there was a lich, maybe there was a mini-quest there, too? But no...I find him in Marlow's pad, Marlow is gone, the daughter is asleep on the bed. "Neh'Taniel has nothing to say to you" when I click on him, so he won't rejoin the party at this point.

To be fair, it may not be Neh't's fault. I've got Sola and Ajantis in the party as well, and they've been annoying me anyway. It was just...a bad idea. Neither of those boys know when no means no... ::) So it might be a mod-on-mod conflict of some kind.

Knowing y'all are rather busy, I'm just going to start another playthru with Neh't, with no other modded NPCs...and see what happens.

Oh, and on that note...I've been keeping track of some typos, grammatical oopsies, and spelling mix-ups...wouldn't want to reveal "spoilers" however, so...would you want me to email them? Not sure how to hide spoilers here...

AND DESPITE ALL THIS...the frustration IS TOTALLY WORTH IT. In fact, it wouldn't *be* frustrating if I didn't absolutely adore Neh't.   :wub Yeah, he's worth the effort...and then some! So thank you, kudos, and brava to all the people involved in his creation.  :lilly

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