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Title: Help Wanted
Post by: Annabelle Rose on September 06, 2016, 02:33:54 PM
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So, I have decided I want to try to finish up some content for the Shy mod.
At the very least, I want to get the store up and running.
So I need an .are for the store, plus a little help on coding a few of the items. I have some lovely new .bam files for the already.
The store will not be accessible in the standard way, I have an idea that will be a little different (I think, been retired for quote a while, someone might have done it by now). I don't want to spoil it unless I have to spoil it.
Some of the items (pretty sure I have spoiled this in the past) are piercings. I am wanting them to work like the Grimaurs mod, where you "quick slot" the item, click, it goes away, and you get a permanent bonus.
Detailed list of the things I need help with:
• Coding and creating an area for the store.
• Coding items files.
• Helping me hide a few mini-quest items throughout SoA.
• Creating the rewards (again, trying to avoid spoilers).
• Dialogue writing - At the very least I would like to give Shy a few more lines. Pretty sure I am scrapping the romance angle, unless someone is willing to do a lot of writing.
That is all that comes to mind currently.