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Title: Neh'taniel
Post by: Kitanna on August 12, 2009, 06:18:49 AM
 I want to thank CoM for welcoming Neh'taniel to the community! I took over this mod as the author was unable to complete it. Neht is an unusal NPC and though it is playable through SOA, it still needs some work and polishing. Berelinde has offered to proof-read the archaic for me and again, many thanks. Lava is writing a friendship track and is close to being finished, The romance I'm unsure about, I've had both positive and negative feeback about a romance with an undead wraith :P  Anyway, I'm going to post the readme and a download link.  I'm very new to modding so bear with me, it may take some time to get this mod done through TOB. Parts of it are a bit hard to write for me.
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Post by: Amy on August 13, 2009, 03:51:02 PM
Looks like an interesting mod. Good job. :)
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Post by: Ankhesenpaaten on August 13, 2009, 08:15:38 PM
I've been waiting for the Neht romance for about 5 years or so.  PLEASE do it!  As I always think; if someone doesn't want to play the romance they don't have to.  

But I'm so glad Neh't seems to live again and may have his story finished.  And hopefully some lovin' will be in there.  

That's my 2 cents.   :)

I played Neh't years ago and was so bummed that he was dropped by his creator.  But it is wonderful that he is revived.  I can't wait for a new version.  And did I mention a ROMANCE would be great?  I know I've wanted it for years. 

I've always remembered his unique character, story, history and especially what he "becomes" in the Underdark.  That image still makes me smile.   ;D
Title: Re: Neh'taniel
Post by: Kitanna on August 14, 2009, 09:18:07 AM
I can't take credit for Neht up to this point except for fixing some bugs but thank you :)  Yes he is being worked on as best I can.  Lava is helping me by writing the friendship track and has given me 3 more talks which I am looking over. I will attempt the romance, I know many people have waited a very long time for it.  It will come, eventually. I'm taking it one step at a time and trying to finish the SOA content that the mod is missing and fix the remaining bugs first. I've had complaints that some of the banters already in the mod are not in character. I have to admit that I myself have not had a party with most of the bioware NPC's. Edwin is the only one in fact I always have so, the banters will be my biggest challenge at the moment. I feel that this is such a great mod that it needs to be finished.  If anyone has any thoughts, ideas or whatever they want to contribute... please feel free. Writing flirts for an undead wraith is a challenge so, ideas there also would be welcome. Thank you to the ones who love Neht and still stand by waiting for him to be done. 
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Post by: Lava Del'Vortel on August 14, 2009, 10:41:24 AM
Well, if someone is looking for Lava Del'Vortel, he (I :P ) can also be found on CoM :P

Friendship path with Neh'Taniel won't be a long one, I try to make him a bit... you know... He is a "memory of the world that died a long time ago" and now he enters a different, changed world... I hope some of you will like the talks. There will some something like 10-13 talks... not too big ones, but I think that also not too short... Well, you will see :P

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Post by: Ankhesenpaaten on August 14, 2009, 01:45:30 PM
Oh this is all wonderful news!  And 13 talks will be more than worth my while to add him to my install list at any given time.  And you do such wonderful work Lava as I've already tried to express in my pale attempts to let you know in a few PM's to you.  Having you help Kitanna will be just...just...terrific!   :lilly

Yeah, I'm sure the romance will be a challenge, Kitanna, but he's just so lovable that I always imagined giving him hugs when I played with him (no pun intended) in the past.  Plus, the fact that he's in a new world should be amazing for him even when it is sometimes sad for him.  I would think he'd adore love.  And we all know that at the end of TOB anything is possible.  Heck, look at the ending for Xan bonded path for non-ascended pc. 

I for one really appreciate  you taking up his banner, so to speak, to finish him.  He was one of my faves and to have him "die" really bummed me out.  But seeing his revival really surprised me and delighted me. 

There are a few modders here who are hard working and I want to say again that I for one really appreciate it and will play and enjoy your efforts.  And I will keep your mods in my pc so when I break the game out when I eventually quit it again (as I done over the years a few times) will reinstall and play them again and again.  Your efforts do not go unappreciated.  I just wish more people would show support over here. 

Anyway, good luck with modding and of course with RL.  All of you.   :wub
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Post by: MajorTomSawyer on November 10, 2009, 12:36:45 PM
I might not play many 'male' romances, but I truly want to encorage you to forge ahead with the romance path if writing that appeals to you.

I have always prefered unusual things. I imagine this will be very diffrent then the standards that float around, and to be honest, that will make me give it a go at least once.
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Post by: Kitanna on November 10, 2009, 01:40:02 PM
I have indeed decided to write the romance and thank you for your kind words. It is in the process of being written now. The friendship track has been finished, written by Lava, and is being tested now. It will indeed be very different from other romances, Neht being undead and no corporeal body made sure of that. LOL. Anyway, through out SOA he will be opposed to the idea more than not but close to the end, he begins to warm up a bit. As for an actual much as there can be with someone like Neht
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Post by: Ankhesenpaaten on November 16, 2009, 08:22:44 AM
Not trying to be dumb on purpose here as I'm not really familiar with D & D type of rules and such, but if he is incorporeal how can he wear armour, wield a sword, and such things?  And take potions? 

I'm confused.   :-[

Anyway, do the romance any way it can be done, please please please!  Like MTS said, it is so unusual even a man would give it a go.  And he should know about unusual because I'm still looking forward to the completed Shy mod. 

We need more unusual.  At least those of us who play the game over and over.  Thanks for all your work in taking over this mod.  I had a feeling over at BlackSheep that it would never be finished.  I'm so glad someone took it over.   :)
Title: Re: Neh'taniel
Post by: Kitanna on November 16, 2009, 10:09:01 AM
Maybe this will clear things up a little for you :)

Class: Judicial Knight*
Race: Wraith*
Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Starting Lvl: 15**
HP: 80
Effective AC: 6

STR: 16
DEX: 14
CON: 13
INT: 11
WIS: 19***
CHA: 17

Fire: 100
Cold: -50
Magic: 20
Magical Fire: 50
Magical Cold: -50
Immune to Level Drain
Immune to Hold creature
Healing spells harm instead of cure*

Beginning Abilities:
Wraith Drain**
Fiery Hands***
Minor Regeneration  *****

*Back in the days of Netheril, Judicial Knights were a faction of the Syndicate of Celestial and Righteous Lawmakers (group of about 70 paladins who worshipped Amaunator because of his love of law). The Judicial Knight's job was to seporate truth from falsity (either in a disputed contract, basic lying at a court, or to help enforce that once a certain thing is said by a ruler that must be done, it actually gets done.) As far as Neh'taniel knows, he is the only Judicial Knight, much less part of the Syndicate of Celestial and Righteous Lawmakers, left. (Note: the Judicial Knight is something I personally made up, but there is indeed a group of paladins called the SoCaRL according to Netheril - Empire of Magic book)

* A wraith in an undead very similar to a ghost, but with a few differences. Especially in this mod, a wraith cannot touch corporeal objects unless the objects are either 'plane touched' by the Plane of Shadow or even from  the Negative Energy Plane (which is why Neh'taniel is only able to hold little in his 'pack' beyond his starting equipment in the game, despite what his actual str stat says). Also, over time a wraith might be able to touch objects that are infused with any type of magic since--for the purposes of this mod--wraiths survive by draining magic, or for another way to put it.... the 'essance' out of others. Depending on which rules you follow, wraiths either have a hard time out in sunlight or become outright destroyed like vampires. While Neh'taniel is indeed a wraith, he is also under a subclass called a Fire Wraith, which means that while heat (ie, the sun) will not bother him, he does not get exactly the same resistances that a typical wraith does. It is much the same as calling an undead a vampire, and then using the subclass Gangrel Vampire to be more specific.

** His starting level is adjustable to be closer to that of the PC's.

*** Despite how his looks, Neh'taniel is quite old, and with age usually comes wisdom. If I went from a purely technical point of view(ie, what he is supposed to get for being an ancient elf according to the Complete Book of Elves before he died), his wisdom would be around 22-24ish, but with all the other things Neht comes with a 19 seemed enough to get the "I art wise" point across.

*In a typical 'sit down around a table with dice and play" D&D game, negative energy creatures can be harmed by positive energy (ie, healing spells), adding this to the mod was just something to help balance out all the nifty things Neh'taniel can do and is already immune to.

** An attack that lets him feed off of enemies.
*** All undead have a harmful touch, and being a fire wraith makes him no different.
****Random teleportation to nearby enemies. Also makes it harder for him to be hit since he constantly fades in and out of sight, only to appear and attack at a different angle.
*****A typical wraith can regenerate their wounds the day after receiving them. To mimic this for the purposes of the mod Neht just has an incredibly slow regeneration rate, which helps to (slightly) balance out his inability to use healing spells. 
Sir Neh'taniel Bio:

SIR NEH'TANIEL gazes at you for a moment when you ask him about his past. He decides to relate to you the shortest part of his existence-when he was still alive. He tells you he used to be an Ithil'quessir, a Moon Elf born in Ascalhorn in the Year of the Humbling Heavens and remembers very little of his parents. He became an explorer as soon as he grew to man-hood and was one of the last to go out in search for one of the Nether Scrolls that became lost in a section of High Forest. Neh'taniel tells you that while he was a Moon Elf he had very little aptitude towards magic and sought to learn 'human magic' to make up for this disability. He never found the Nether Scroll and returned to the city Ascalhorn in defeat.
Several years later while walking along the banks of the river Delimbiyr he met a far traveling Sunpriest of Amaunator who came from Mistymoon, but back then Mistymoon hadn't been much more than a smaller city. He no longer remembers the Sunpriest's name, but the words the priest spoke led him to investigate further in the god of sun, law, and order..... Neh'taniel trails off, suddenly lost in his memories of wizards and knights, legendary heros and infamous villains who were very real to him. Memories of gods who rose and fell after several thousands of years only to be forgotten. Shaking his head sadly, Neh'taniel returns to telling you of how he came into the service of Amaunator--unheard of in his younger days for an elf-and became one of the first of their paladins, in that day called Judicial Knights. But even this small sect of paladins became forgotten as time moved on. Before Neh'taniel wanders off again he tells you this: "I have existed for so long I cannot remember my full elven name anymore.....tis a sad thing to know that oneself will out-last the god thou hath honored with thy deeds for so very long.....and know that thou will never be able to rest in the Kingdom of the Eternal Sun."
How Neh'taniel thinks he became undead:

The sun god slowly died of neglect over an extremely long period of time--starting at the fall of Netheril. Because of this neglect the temples dedicated to Amaunator slowly lost their influence and power....Amaunator had less and less effect on Toril though the god still tried to help his worshipers as much as possible; which drained him even more because of this increasing loss of influence.

For a Sun Priest, the highest blessing as show for his dedication to Amaunator is to become an actual avatar of his god for a brief period of time-and only in great need. According to some old AD&D books, this kind of power that a priest can have was a big draw to worshiping Amaunator.

By the time Neh'taniel retired from his services to Amaunator and came back to Ascalhorn to live out his final days in 880, Year of Unfettered Secrets, the decline of that city to what is now called Hellgate Keep was well under way by the end of this year. (If you're not familiar with the story, a mage sought to control the city for himself, summoning tanar'ri to bend officials and persuading high lvl mages in the city to become liches. The mage succeeded in gaining control over the majority of the city secretly sometime between 880 and 882. Then of course, a few mages figured what was going on and tried to to stop the tanar'ri summoning mage by summoning baatezu to fight the tanar'ri and kill the liches. This plan worked too well.)

So by the time the main populace of the city found out what was happening--including Neh'taniel--it was too late. With tanar'ri and baatezu fighting over control with the most of the important mages transformed into liches--no help was going to come in escaping for the civilians.

So as a last action in his god's name, the now aged elf Sir Neh'taniel put on his armor and raised his sword to fight to free those civilians from the city. He called on Amaunator's name in what seemed such a hopeless situation and Amaunator granted him the greatest of his blessings while he still had the power to do so: Sir Neh'taniel became an avatar of Amaunator. Even an avatar can only do so much single-handedly when arrayed against such forces. After managing to free some civilians from the falling city Ascalhorn, Neh'taniel's now avatar-like body was torn apart by demons and fell magic.

Then, because his body at the time had not been his own when it died, Neh'taniel's soul became trapped on Toril since it wasn't technically 'his' body that had perished. In years to come Neh'taniel became a wraith and Amaunator weakened to the point that the god could not free Neh'taniel's soul from Toril.

Yet, that is not all... that is just what Neh'taniel personally believes. He has no real memories of what happened to him the first twenty or so years after he died. Whenever he tries to think back to then the memories become dark and vague; the remains of a nightmare far too ugly to seem real.

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Post by: Ankhesenpaaten on November 16, 2009, 03:14:06 PM
Oh.  Okay.   :-[  That makes sense!  Thanks!
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Post by: Kitanna on November 16, 2009, 04:44:58 PM
You're welcome :)
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Post by: Shilo on December 30, 2009, 01:06:33 AM
I just wanted to say how excited I was to find out this was still going! ;D I have always loved the ideas behind Neh'taniel and was very upset when I found that he had been left to gather dust. Yet you have picked him up off the shelf, given him a well deserved dust and popped him back on his feet - thank you. Just thank you :)

I must admit I am both surprised and overjoyed to hear that you are planning a romance for our wraith - I wish you luck on this endeavour and I for one will certainly bring him along with me with even more enjoyment when you do so.

Once again - thankies! :wub
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Post by: Kitanna on December 30, 2009, 01:16:23 AM
Thank you so much for you're kind words.  I have always been fond of Neht myself, though this mod is a bit overwhelming at times. When Amazor'dra announced she was no longer able to work on him...I just couldn't let him disappear.  He will have a romance of sorts, a bit hard with no body. But I promise a surprise in TOB that will hopefully please Neht's fans .... and make the week Berelinde and I spent banging our heads trying to make it work, worth every bit of it.  I hope to not disappoint!
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Post by: Raven on January 02, 2010, 12:42:40 PM
A unique character, looks good so far with what you have done with him. :)
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Post by: Kitanna on January 08, 2010, 12:29:30 PM
Thank you :)  I am trying but, lately I find myself saying... "Omg! What in the nine hells was I thinking!"  The mod should have came with a warning label.... "Warning, not to be attempted by a new modder who has never completed one of their own"   ;D  I'm very thankful to have everyone here and especially Berelinde and Lava to help me retain my sanity. I just hope when it's all said and done, that neht will be a mod people will enjoy playing.  :)
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Post by: Kitanna on February 06, 2011, 09:30:55 PM
I uploaded a new version, just updated to the newest weidu. I haven't given up on Neht, I'm just hard at work on a romance mod I started a few years ago and put on hold to work on Neht. I want him finished before anything else :)