Check The Bodies 1.13 (Mirror)
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Description: Check The Bodies 2003, 2004 Charles Bisson. Thanks for playing!

Check the Bodies

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This mod adds:
- 525 Items
- 450 Creatures
- 275 Spells
- 160 Areas
- 15 New Areas
- 25 Stores
- 24 Quests
- 11 New Creatures
- 6 New Songs
- 1 New NPC
- 1 New City
- 1 Movie

Quests List:
- Holly The Elf
- Ryberg and his Uncle
- Fifty Gold Fine For Littering
- The Marriage of Surayah
- Feed The Birds
- Den of Nightly Brawls
- Expanded Company of Eight
- The Subdual
- Melynda
- Assassination Attempt I
- The Academy of Kuldin (not really a quest)
- Captured!
- Of Elves and Artifacts, or: The Maltese Artifact.
- Horton Spots A Who
- The Ancient Library (not really a quest)
- "An Unsanctioned Use of Magical Energy"
- "Spellfire" (not a quest)
- "Tis Pity She's A Wench" (not a quest)
- Civil Disobeidance
- Death And Taxes
- Assassination Attempt II
- Got Ice?
- The Master Vampire
- Close To Home
- The Secession
- Dungeon Crypts of Hlondeth (not really a quest)
- A "hidden" quest for: Bards, Barbarians, Druids, Rangers, Mages

This version includes:  Check the Bodies Chores 2.1

- The "tutorial" area of Candlekeep
- This is the very first thing you'll notice about Check the Bodies. It is not an optional quest, and takes quite some time to complete.
- There are four chores that must be completed each day. At the end of the day, if you've completed the chores, of course there's a nice reward for you.
- Once you've finished with the Candlekeep introduction, things will progress back to the normal BG II introduction and you're on your way to becoming a skilled adventurer.
- This version of Chores is a way much entertaining than the original, so you should check it out!

Also included:
Candlekeep Chores Fast Forward, Version 1.1(by hlidskialf)
If you don't want to mess with Bhaalspawn's childhood - install this, speak with Gorion and ask him to "skip" the lectures and chores. It should work at almost any point along the days of chores, so long as they are not done for the day. The rest should be pretty straightfoward. I left in CBisson's rebuilt cutscenes from BG1 as I respect the work he did for the mod, as well as it's just a cool series of flashbacks. I hope this will help others enjoy the mod without having to endure the labors of childhood in a cRPG.

description from Spellhold Studios and CtB readme
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